Tuesday, February 5, 2008

San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo

Hmm, morning after, very tired!! The San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo started this past weekend and will run through the Feb. 17th. The whole city is geared to their celebration of Texas' Agriculture Industry. This was our fourth or fifth time to have entries at San Antonio and I must admit one show we will remember for a long time.

First, I have to thank our fitters Darrell and Shana Pitchford for a job well done. Our assoication with a wonderful couple I wouldn't trade for anything in the world.

Once again we showed the two heifers, Jillian and Angelica. The depth of their class was amazing once again. My knees gave me fits over the weekend and Angelica although calmer then Nationals was still not the animal I need to be on the lead with. So I showed Jillian and Lynn was on Angelica's lead. I suppose I have no confidence in our animals and how good they really are. I suppose too, I keep my expectations low so I'm thrilled when they prove to me how good they really are. In my eyes I think Angelica is better. Now two judges think Jillian is better. That's ok, just the difference in opinion. I think, at least for me it is what draws me to showing. It is the opinions of the different judges that helps reaffirm we are headed in the right direction with our breeding program.

As a mother and really prefering to be a "Show Mom" I was so thrilled for Lynn. Jillian was pulled first for her class and Angelica pulled fourth. Now for the Division Championship Class for Heifer Calves I could be the "Show Mom." I held my breath. Lynn took her calf to Reserve Champion Heifer Calf. Wow!!!! As I said I keep my expectations low, so I was so thrilled for my daughter. Even Larry was excited when we talked to him on the phone. He was unable to attend because he had Jury Duty. We caught him during a break in what he described to be a very dull day.

Gee, I wish one of us had taken a camera. Well at least we have her Divison Reserve Championship Picture if it came out. In the middle of the Grand Championship Class, Jillian had had it. She decided she was done for the day! She became fidgetty and refused to stand still for me. Lynn was on the lead of a calf for a cow/calf pair in the Grand Championship Class so I had Jillian's lead. So that is why the picture may come out.