Monday, August 27, 2012

Family Farm

I love I kiss a family farmer!  I have often blogged about family farms and how we are a family farm.  I am directly involved in the work here at the ranch and since last posting about the farm our daughter has graduated Texas A&M and joined us on the farm.  We pay her a salary and pay for most of her living expenses such as water and electricity.  She will pay for groceries when Mom and/or Dad are at our other home.  We are so proud of her with a Masters in Agriculture Leadership, Education and Technology.  I've also written about how we are incorporated.  We are a business just like any other business.  I wanted to share a blog post written by another farmer's wife which describes my sentiments exactly.  I also love the photos from this West Texas Farmer!

But let's not forget to share a photo from May on the birth of a very special little heifer on our farm!!!  Meet Miss FJL Texas Red Pearl 17 a fullblood red Lowline Heifer with a very rare pedigree!

And of course the day wouldn't be a happy day without seeing a layout I did of my son's show heifer way back when named Scout!

I laugh with a brahma in the photo and Holstein cow paper from Studio Calico!  And the cat squashed the flower which I have since fixed....have to love tissue paper flowers!  And I know my daughter showed her instead of son!
Have a blessed day!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

before and after....

Yesterday, Larry and I took the long way to the ranch through Waelder.  We had an appointment to go look at Red Kumamoto Wagyu Cattle.  They are so much nicer then the black Wagyu.  And taste of the Red Kumamoto?  Without a doubt the very best beef I have ever tasted!!!  So good we decided to purchase semen.  Seeing them in person, very nice structure on the profile.  Would give them some more width looking from front to back.  Good footed and bone.  Another five years to get this beef to the Farmers' Market.  So just stay tuned.

Today though it was good to be back at the ranch!!!  But typical summer heat pushing 100 and we hid.  Enjoyed Olympics and of course playing with paper.  Today's creation!  Of course Nuts About Sketches Week #224 Sketch!     Another layout sometime in the future since I have ugly courthouse photos of Leon County during it's restoration.

Off to scrap while I can because I have more work to do in Houston this week!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Whoop!!! I'm Excited!

Nuts About Sketches has posted the members who made the Sketch Team!  I'm stunned, EXCITED, and am so looking forward to sharing the wonderful sketches on my blog!!!   Come join us for some scrapping fun!  Sketch 224 is up and I'm looking forward to being at the ranch this weekend to work on it.

The first sketches I get to work with as part of the Sketch Team is in September!!!

I thought I would share this layout I did for the ACOT's July Die Cut Challenge hosted by retiree3.  I just love how it came together using a 4x4 challenge I participated in last year.  I used this layout as my example for a new challenge I'm hosting at ACOT called the 4x4 Challenge!  Hope you'll come view the challenge's there, too.

I love love my state's history and what better way to capture our state's history by it's statues, courthouses, and other historical sites!!!