Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cloud Gazing

Whoop two posts in one day!!!  This one is for this month's Imaginisce Blog's Monthly Challenge!  I am so excited about this one!  No red!  Tough to do in the month of love, but hey when your following the rules it's easy!

1. Create a layout/card, etc using the sketch above as your inspiration.
2. Use THREE different patterned papers.
3.  NO RED is allowed on your project.
4.  Theme: LOVE
5.  Remember you must use at least 75% Imaginisce product on your creations.

Here's the sketch!

With a 5x7 photo to scrap I dropped it down so I could build my own thunderstorm going on in the upper right hand corner!  I used papers from the Love You More Collection and Hippity Hop Collections!  I get to see so many things happen around me at the ranch and it reminds me why I love being a rancher.  One week after I graduated with my Masters (Summer 1982) I went through my first hurricane, Alicia.  I've been asked over and over from my urban friends what I would be if I wasn't ranching.  If I had to choose as I think back it would have been meteorology, the study of weather.  Yet when I analyize it the catalyst that sent me down the path to my love of  BAD weather was Hurricane Alicia.  They say you forget the true sound of the wind after seven years.  Yes, at around seven years I stopped waking up in the middle of the night when the wind picked up, but the sound I have not forgotten.  The images out our windows I do not forget.  Feeling the slab of the house vibrating I have not forgotten.  In the late 90's I remember seeing my first tornado up towards Sugarland and I was living in Rosharon at the time at the Darrington Unit.  I had been trained as a storm spotter while I worked at TDCJ.  My second tornado was a storm I chased down the road from the ranch two days before the killer tornado that hit Joplin in 2011.  The next day I had to leave our ranch because of a super cell that produced F1 tornadoes that touched down on TSTC's campus in Waco and the other in downtown Groesbeck.  When I left the ranch I stopped in Groesbeck to pick up a Doctor Pepper and headed south to Thornton where I came out from underneath the cloud deck to see one of the most amazing super cell thunderstorms I had ever seen.  I was memorized and wishing the mesocyclone on the south side of the storm would have dropped a tornado, but it didn't.  And yes our ranch was ok upon my return.

Last week a line of storms developed to the east of us and I sat on the porch after dark watching the light show occurring some 50 miles away.  I got to see my very first positive lightning bolt.  That was so cool!

This is not a picture of the storm that day.  I was so stunned by the shear power of the storm I forgot completely to pull out my camera.  This storm is to the NNW of our ranch about 30 miles in the summer of 2010.  It was popping lightning like crazy and so pretty at sunset.  To even get this photo I had to turn on the flash or the cloud was drowned out.  I added the chipboard key painted with Tattered Angels Pink Lady Glaze to get the exact effect I wanted and to portray that a farmer or rancher is very in tune to weather because we rely on rain to grow your food.  Then the bunny added is to remind me of all the great wildlife I get to see on the ranch including the cottontails and jack rabbits. 

Our ranch just off the peak of the highest hill in the county allows me to truly enjoy my passion for bad weather.  At the same time I am overly mindful of just how dangerous bad weather can be because I have had that hair raising feeling just before a lightning strike.  I head for indoors or the car quickly, but I spend the entire time running from one window to the next to watch the clouds.  Living in Cental Texas allows me to enjoy my passion for severe storms.  And some day I want to do a tornado chase vacation...bucket list!

Thank you for taking the time to look at my layout!

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo ALR Display International Room

It's been a busy week at the ranch with our first guests arriving tonight to lay over cattle waiting for Friday and move in day for the Lowline Angus.  I was up early this morning to get the American Lowline Registry booth up to the International Room!  A huge amount of credit goes out to Paula Kluding for getting this great display together.  What a thrill to walk into the room and realize only two booths already set up by the Charolais and Braunvieh. The Red Brangus was in the process of being set up.  I was thrilled to have a wide choice of places to set our booth up!  The Ag Economist mind kicked in and we truly had the best spot when walking out of the registration area where international guest enter and exit the room.  The Red Brangus had claimed 'the' best spot as their booth can be seen from the whole room.  Next year instead of 10:00am I'll be waiting at 8:00am!  I'd like to thank the volunteers of the International Committee for all of the tremendous work they do for visitors and for those breed representatives assigned to promote their breed!

I would like this opportunity to welcome all visitors and exhibitors to HLSR, but especially to our International Visitors.  We are so excited to be welcoming the Big Island Lowlines owned by the Gottas' of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada as exhibitors under the capable hands of Murray Skippen.  Other Lowline visitors will be representing Australia, Costa Rica and Belize.  Welcome once again to the largest and greatest international livestock show in the world, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!  Houston is Rodeo Proud for the next three weeks!  The largest social event in the city!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

FJL Alabama & Miss FJL Got Clout

I am truly excited about Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!  More of our genetics are headed to HLSR under the capable hands of the Teague's!  Larry was super excited when James' past Brahma show heifer had a gorgeous half blood bull, FJL Alabama 58/4Z!  He is sired by RDM Megamark out of Horsegate 529.  Robert called a couple of days ago really excited about Bama's (as he's called) visit to the vet for his health papers for HLSR at Gulf Coast Large Animal Clinc.  Apparently several people were there with cattle for various reasons.  There was a couple of offers to know what he could be purchased for.  I wish I had a photo of this young bull to share as of this post.  You'll have to wait until after HLSR when we have a show photo of him.

The second calf being shown by the Teague's is Miss FJL Got Clout 59.  I knew from the moment she was born, the first person to show up at the ranch looking for a show heifer she would be snatched up.  Sure enough she went home with the Teague's!  Andrew was so excited at the 2011 TJLA Fall Classic when the judge gave her a hard look for Grand Champion against all breeds.  What an honor for a Lowline to receive that nod.  Their moderate size for many judges is just not something they can even begin to consider when shown against other breeds.  Again I do not have a current photo of this dynamite Purebred  Lowline Heifer but will after Houston.  Yet I do have a couple of photos to share with you.

Above is our foundation sire LTL Peyton (LTL Dillon x Miss Jet's Rapheal 258K).  Peyton is shown here at five years of age in March of 2010 as a 4 1/2 year old having only hay through the winter.  He's correct in structure, wide, long and sires pretty calves with superior temperments.  He's also a heifer producing bull to a rate of 3 heifers for every bull calf born.  His sire Dillion is a National Champion Bull by the great bull, Nevada.  His dam was one of the most prolific flushing embryo cows in the breed.  It's easy to see why Miss  Got Clout has the pretty feminine features she has.

I did a post on this layout a couple of week's ago.  Miss Got Clout's dam is in the lower right with the other pictures her half sister.  EZ Miss Clout 390M is sired by the National Champion Bull ALM Clout 27H who holds Registration #9.  He is sired by the great bull Admiral out of a Quartermaster daughter.  Miss Clout is shown here as a seven year old and at the age of 13 is expecting another calf this spring.  She will be re-bred to Peyton this year.  Miss Clout shows excellent longevity in the pasture, a trait highly sought after in the breed.  She has excellent efficiency in the pasture always keeping her weight and produces loads of milk.  We hope Miss Got Clout will show the same.

I personally would like to thank the Teague's for representing our genetics in Texas Junior Livestock Assoc. shows.  Stay tuned for this heifer's show photo from HLSR.

Please stop by if your attending the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo between Feb. 28th and March 4th.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I love roses!  My favorite flower.  As a member of Delta Zeta my passion was sparked for roses with the Killarney rose as the flower of my sorority.  At our Houston area home I built a rose bed and love caring for the roses.  Most individuals think roses take to much time.  Once planted it takes about 15 minutes a week and 30 minutes the week you fertilize each month for 10 bushes.  Twice a year on the Upper Texas Gulf coast you do a severe prune on Valentine's Day and a minor prune in September to enjoy year round roses.  The no fuss rose are the Knock-outs.  Knock-outs are a Rose for Dummies.  Beautiful plants and one you can enjoy with no fussing.  My favorites are the t-roses!

In 2008 my permanent home became the ranch.  Without me at our Houston area home my rose bed suffered.  I took these photos to document the shape of the bed.  After HLSR I'll be redoing the bed so I don't have the grass problems I have had.  My husband and son don't take an interest in the roses so I'm down to four bushes.  Thus with this layout I named it Neglect.  I liked the colors of the photos to document how frustrating it has been for me.  Yet it is the care of the cattle at the ranch which is more important for me.

The layout was done for Nuts About Sketches #253.  I loved the hexagons in this sketch.  Three weeks ago I placed an order to get some more adhesive from Creative Memories.  As always I took a peek at the rest of the tools.  I love their Patterns for circles and other shapes.  I found the Limited Edition Jumbo Hexagon Pattern and it was a had to have item for me.  My first use of this pattern was to use a partial hexagon in place of the partial circle above the photos.  My hexagon punches from CM came in handy to finish the layout.  I laughed as I pulled the few scraps out I had left of the Crate Paper Brunch line which if I remember right dates back to 2007 or 2008.  It was the first line I purchased outside of CM and I haven't looked back.  I still have a few scraps left for yet another layout waiting in the wings.  The rest of the layout is PB&J and some Bo Bunny Dotted Swiss cardstock.

Stop by and visit Nuts About Sketches and play along with us this week!  Then don't forget to stop by and play along with the Heritage Challenge at ACOT where you get an extra chance to win the gift certificate if you use one of this month's sketches to do your layout!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Texas Wildflowers

I'm just wild about flowers.  I love flowers!  I am head over heals over is my Great State's wildflowers and roses as my favorites!  Lady Bird Johnson was instrumental in providing Texans awareness of just how special our wildflowers are.  Much has been done to preserve their beauty across our state for the incredible spring we get to enjoy each year.  It's a right of passage to have your children sitting among the bluebonnets and a photo taken.  We are having an early spring and I can not wait until two weeks from now as the bluebonnets start to show their beauty to the world along with the Painted Brush and a host of others.

I did this layout using Nuts About Sketches #223!  I used Basic Grey Sweet Threads and loved the results.   Taken along the county road our ranch is located on I really enjoyed taking these photos in 2009!

One last photo from a email blast I get from a Houston Talk show host.  Sorry not our ranch!  We have our ranch entrance up but the details are not yet finished on it!

I hope y'all consider a trip to Texas in mid-March to see the glory we enjoy each year in our beautiful wildflowers!  I have a bad case of spring fever right now with the early spring we are having and the need to see my state turn absolutely gorgeous!

Friday, February 15, 2013


A little more of the work going on at the ranch!  It's Stock Show Season around the country.  Yesterday the Iowa Beef Expo Lowline sale was sponsored by the Midwest Lowline Assoc. in Des Moines.  Some nice cattle sold in the sale.  Unfortunately I don't have the sale report.  The San Antonio Livestock show is in full swing and we are exactly 2 weeks away from move in at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

The work we do is enormous to get the cattle ready to strut their stuff in the ring. The cattle term is "fitting".  The person who "fits" is called a "fitter."  Fitting a calf for show encompasses nutrition, grooming (clipping, training hair on English and Continental breeds), and every day wash or rinse and blow.  Yes, there is that word "blow" not "blow dry."  Of course we teach the heifer, bull, or steer to lead and place feet to best present the animal to the judge.

FJL General Beauregard as six month old is in the trim chute with Lynn fitting the halter to his head.  We switch out halters quickly in the ready area so we need to know where the buckles need to be before showtime.  The photo was taken in February 2010 when The General was five months old.

If your attending HLSR from February 28th to March 4th please stop by and say hello at our stalls!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Home from the crop one would think I would be tired from playing with paper, but I always need to be doing something with my hands.  If I'm not doing house or farm chores you can usually find me at the computer or tablet in hand or scrapping.  Monday and Tuesday watching TV I was happily playing with Imaginisce Love You More Collection and Martha Stewart's Circle Edge Punches!  So here's the 6x6 cards I created!

For the love of my life, Larry!  His valentine card!

My playing with Unscripted Sketches # 197 and my very special daughter's card:

And then some playing with ACOT's February Card Challenge and my son's card:

I'm so hooked on this line!  And of course the amazing Martha Stewart Circle Edge Punches!!!

Now off to make another card for Mom!

Enjoy your Valentine's Day with the ones you love!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

BV 2U aka Bonna

Hehe!!!   I truly rested from my weekend long crop the last two days, thus no blog posts.  But also played with making some Valentines cards. Hint....come back tomorrow.

In early October of 2008 we purchased a heifer at the Get Back to Grass Sale who later received the barn name of Bonna.  In the early summer of 2009 we sold her to Raincross Ranch in Hearne, Texas.  As I was looking for photos to work with Nuts About Sketches # 252 I came across these photos of Bonna.  Bonna was one of my first subjects to begin to practice taking photos of cattle.  I was studying angles.  Of the 32 photos I took these were my favorite five.  The best one and most striking just wasn't a close up shot so cut it down for the layout.  It's obvious of her standing behind the grass and mesquite bush.  This is the one that has show heifer written all over her.  The pictures were perfect as I was also thinking about how Bonna will be representing our genetics at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Last year we had Bonna return to our ranch for two months to be bred to FJL General Beauregard!  Bonna is entered in the Senior Cow/Calf class and consigned to the 2nd Annual International Lowline Sale at Houston.  She sells as a pair with her 2012 Heifer.  Bonna is a 3/4 Lowline Cow with nice size frame and has huge amount of efficiency in the pasture.  She is a BR Absolut 1L daughter out of a half blood Lowline/Gelbvieh cross cow.   Bonna's 2012 December calf is a purebred daughter of FJL General Beauregard (Ardrossan Neron x EZ Twyla 61T)  The General's calves have fast growth, correct structure, and a quiet nature.  The General has several division championships including the 1st International Champion Senior Bull.  He's highly efficient in the pasture correct structure and easy on the eyes.  So easy on the eyes you'll take a second glance at this "pretty" boy!  In fact he even thinks he's pretty and has had a theme song given to him, 'Sexy and I Know It'!  Remember if your at Houston make sure you take a good look at Lot 37, BV 2U.

International Lowline Angus Sale Catalog, March 1, 2013

Please check out our Bull Page for more information on FJL General Beauregard,  Flying J&L Ranch!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Photos - National Western Livestock Show

I wanted to start this post by thanking all of you who visit my blog!  I'm amazed I routinely hit 20-30 views a day now!  So thank you for stopping by.

Last year after viewing "I Am Angus" tribute video to the National Western Stock Show I could not wait to arrive!  When I did make it just past the Yak's pens I was stunned as I made a 360 degree circle standing in the same spot of the Yards!  Finally I have made it to DENVER!  I took the whole view in with awe at how great it was to be showing at the GRAND DADDY of all livestock shows, the National Western.  It was the last major I needed, and now one of those individuals who can say I've shown at the Big 4!

This year we didn't show.  But I had fun with my new Nikon D3100 camera!  And then not so much fun with the new camera, new telephoto lense and some real frustration!  Of the 50 or so photos I took I probably have a dozen or so I like.  I definitely have to learn and practice!  An I really should have had my other lense!

My favorite is this photo of the People's Choice Champion with her youth owner.  She went on to be Lot 1 in the sale and sold for $5000.  I saw her earlier that morning in the Pens and was smitten.  It was fun to see her go on to win People's Choice.  Thirty six heifers were in this small arena at one time!  Amazing anyone could choose their top three picks.  Lynn and I helped with the votes so Larry vote on our member number.

In the next photo is Lynn, Doug, and Larry talking cattle.  Stretch big Lynn!..She'll die when I scrap this photo!

Below is Rick Dodd, Brian Walters and Larry.  Rick on left and Larry on the right are current American Lowline Registry Board Members.  Brian is a Past-President of the Board.  Talking cattle or politics....probably both.

The next photo is of the main alley in The Yards.  I took it because it's the behind the scenes crew who keep  us going with all the work they do.  Here's one of the maintenance vehicles.  But I also took it because you can see the catwalk coming from the Sale Arena Building and the Stock Exchange Building in the background!  Denver has kept their history alive!

The next two photos.  Another favorite competition of  mine is to watch the herding competition.  The dogs competing are amazing to watch and the vast majority are Border Collies.  I'm always spellbound by the connection this breed has with their human friends and coworkers!  They will pen cattle with quiet skill and ability second to none!

I had so many other great photos that for whatever reason came out fuzzy!  But next time I'm at the National Western I won't have that problem!  I'll have learned to use my new lense!

I hope you have enjoyed the images and stay tuned to the photos I post of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in March!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Couple of Winners!

I've written in the past I host the 4x4 Challenge at A Cherry on Top.  I also host the Heritage Challenge.  I love both of these challenges and I submit an example each month for the challenges.  I hope you'll come join us in the great challenges on the message board.

The winners for the challenges each month are posted on the 1st and I'd like to share with you the winners of the challenges this month.

I choose the winner by a random number drawing so everyone has a chance to win!

The January 2013 4x4 challenge was won by retiree3 and I just love her creation!

The Heritage Challenge winner is sandi0805!  Awesome creation with a winter theme and a photo 10 years or older with a journaling of the photo!

Each of these ladies are receiving a $5 Gift Certificate from A Cherry on Top from me!

Come take a peek at the great challenges each month which are offered.

February 4x4 Challenge consists of two pattern papers and 4 embellishments.
February Heritage Challenge must use a Love theme and/or a photo over ten years.  
A couple of other items in the rules for each challenge!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"So God Made a Farmer"

On Sunday across our nation farmers took notice of a commercial by Chrysler.  A simple ad with beautiful photographs across this nation and the voice of Paul Harvey about farm life.  Even I have recently posted about one of the sentences in Paul Harvey's 1978 Speech to the FFA National Convention.  The web has been alive with the buzz of the Number 1 ranked Super Bowl Ad.

My favorite Agriculture blogs are from my daughter's age group.  The young to middle age 20 something.  Their enthusiasm for farming is just amazing to me.  I know without a doubt that this age a group is ready for the task ahead, to take over the family farm.  They will ensure continued supply of food into the future, just as Paul Harvey spoke to my generation in 1978.  That year I headed off to college with the excitement of studying what I love Agriculture Economics.  Now to share two of my favorite bloggers.

Ryan Goodman is working on his Masters at Univ. of  Tennessee.  He's the founder of the blog  He is also regularly featured on  I started following Ryan when there were few if any Agriculture bloggers.  His blog Sitting in the Pasture inspired me to blog.  Although he blogs less often on this Sitting in the Pasture it's a treat when he does.

Brandy Buzzard is another I follow with her blog tittle Buzzard's Beat.  Bright and intelligent she sometimes brings an amusing perspective to her life as it relates to agriculture.

Crystal Cattle is yet another!  I've followed her blog for at least three years.  She offers so much to information to first time agriculture bloggers via her pages.

Just one more wonderful blogger, Kelly Rivard working as a agriculture digital communicator.  Another bright witty blogger I have been following since she was in college.

I hope you'll visit some of these and other individuals who blog about agriculture and life on the farm.  Farmers bring food to your table each day and many are sharing via twitter, facebook and blogs.  Thank you again Chrysler for making 2013 The Year of the Farmer!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I just couldn't resist two posts for today!  I must be thinking spring!  This photo was taken an hour or so before one of those amazing Texas Severe Thunderstorms, and it didn't blow away this swarm!

I love the unique things I get to see living on a farm.  I've seen two swarms in my lifetime, the first back in the late 90's on a farm along the Brazos River in Brazoria County.  The second was out my bedroom window.  I just had to have a photo and headed outside to capture the image of the swarm.  From ten feet away I took a few photos. They stayed three days as the scouts looked for a suitable home!

When I received Little Yellow Bicycle's Garden Party I new exactly how to scrap the photo!  And I loved the result!  The difference in the real photo and taking a photo of a is amazing.

There is just one last tidbit of info.....I love being witness to Mother Nature in action!

Abcar Ibn Tammen

This is the second 8x10 sketch Shawn used on her blog!  I had this photo of AC, his barn name, ready to scrap for four months.  I was ecstatic when I received the February sketches to see this awesome sketch!  I had no papers pulled to use and thought I'd use fall colors since the leaves were turning in the photo.  November in Texas Upper Gulf Coast.  I chose to use Lilly Bee Design and Jillibean Grandma's Lima Bean Soup with a little Bazzill cardstock thrown in from my scraps.  I chose to use a few embellishments and alphas from my Paper Bakery October Kit along with some Prima from my stash.

All I can say is I'm so excited about this layout!  The photo just pops and I cannot wait to show my Mom as it comes from her album of our horses.  I know she will be pleased.

Abcar Ibn Tammen (Tammen x Zubaydahh) is pictured as a long two year old.  His show record includes numerous Top Ten Yearling Straight Egyptian Futurity Colt at the Egyptian Event in 1987, Blue Bonnet Arabian Horse Club Futurity Champion and several Amateur Championships and Reserves.

Now everyone has to give a great big wave to Dept. of Homeland Security.  AC's dam was bred & named by Tom McNair long time trainer of Glennloch Farms, Tomball, Texas.  Glennloch has since been sold and is now a subdivision of houses.  This was long before our government was able to kill the terrorist of the same name we purchased.  The first layout I posted of "Zu" as AC's dam was called, I finally decided to not worry about it because it's not my fault she had the name or Tom's.  By the way her name means 'by the book'.  Tom felt her conformation so close to what Arabian Horse Type was suppose to be that he gave her the name.  I accidently found out a week later as I went through the origins of visitors to our website I found DHS had visited!  So I want everyone to wave hello and realize they are doing their job to keep our country safe!!!  My hats off to DHS and a huge thank you!  And whichever employee is looking into it this time, I hope you enjoyed a layout of a very special horse in our family!  And laugh when you realize I'm just a person who loves my ranching lifestyle and I help feed our great country!

Thank you for taking a look at my layout and come join us at Nuts About Sketches!

Monday, February 4, 2013

International Lowline Angus Show at HLSR - Embryo Package

The first three months of the year is all about the four majors!  Other then the cattle themselves at the National Show in Denver the hottest topic was the International Show.  We move in on the 28th with six head.  In my heart Houston Livestock Show is home and my favorite.  I started showing at the age of 14 at HLSR.  For Lowline Breeders it has been 'the' show to find out more information about.  It's all about good cattle, hospitality, and great social events for the breeders of Lowlines!

There was great interest in Denver of the embryos we are selling in the International Lowline Sale.  This is an amazing lot of four Grade 1 Embryos sired by Elandra Park Zoom x Sunset Vicky 913W (shown below).

Vicky shown here winning her division at the 2011 HLSR.  Vicky has an amazing show record beyond just her Houston win.  Shown by Andrew Teague in 2010-2011 Vicky is the most winning Lowline Angus in the breed via her 48 Championships and Reserve Championships in Texas Junior Livestock Assoc shows.  She help propel Andrew to a Top Ten Overall Win in Points!  We can go even further into Vicky's pedigree to see her dam, SC Victoria S11 12J, has truly become a Distinguished Dam in her own right!  In the last twelve months alone Victoria is the dam to MRG Rusty (Canadian National Champion Bull and Senior Division winner at the US National Show), National Grand Champion Percentage Bull MRG Mojo, and National   Division Chmapion Senior Summer Heifer MRG Patty (a full sister to Mojo).   Wow!!!  Vicky is sired by by Bar J Tequila 6S39 a son of the great Brambletye Tequila who has sired more champions then any other bull in the breed.  On top of this Vicky is an incredible cow in her performance in the pasture.

Elandra Park Zoom's (Athanlee Herman x Trangie K0004) semen was imported this past summer by Rocking B Farms and Flying J&L Ranch.  The semen is not on the market.   He's is 52 inches tall and weighs 1800 lbs.  Zoom is a great bull for improving carcass scores in beef production and has an equally impressive show record.  He scored an 8 for feed efficiency and an 8 for tenderness on GeneStar in Australia.  He is in the top 1% of all bulls tested in the US.  Zoom offspring are proving themselves in shows and carcass competitions across two continents.  His size and fleshing ability will improve beef quality and efficiency in any herd.  This is the first lot of embryos from this bull to be sold in US!  To make this lot  even more tempting, the embryos are Export Quality and will be able to be shipped to Central, South America, and South Africa.  These are the only embryos that will ever be offered of this mating thus keeping the resulting offspring's value at a higher level.  Don't miss out as there was considerable interest at the National Western Livestock Show in these embryos.  And don't forget to contact us on how to acquire Zoom's genetics.  We pride ourselves in helping our customers to succeed!   I truly wish we had a better photo of Zoom.

Stay tuned for more as we lead up to our February 28th move in date at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pure Excitement!

Yesterday I became so excited when I took a peek at the Imaginisce Blog!  I'm surprised I didn't wake James up with all the noise I was making.  My entry, Friend, was chosen as the winner of the Imaginisce Blog Monthly Challenge.  I truly was outside my box, loved every minute of scrapping my layout and now am a committed Imaginisce Gal!  

I'm so excited to receive the Love You More Collection Pack!  

Thank you so much to Imaginisce and the Design Team for their continuing inspiration!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bo Bunny's Prairie Chic - A Review

From the moment I saw this line on Bo Bunny's Blog I was completely and hopelessly smitten by what I was seeing before my eyes!  This was the had to have line of everything that came out during Winter CHA for me!  And when I click post, I'll hit click and the whole line will arrive shortly in my home!


Now on to admonishing the company's who see the west as bucking broncos, rattle snakes, cactus and then have the gaul to put a Jersey Cow in the mix.  A Jersey Cow is a dairy cow not a beef cow.  Don't get me wrong Jersey's are my favorite breed of milk cows.  And don't get me wrong, I think those who own a dairy are amazing individuals.  Their work load in taking care of their herd of cows is incredible to bring you the perfect food, Milk!  I wouldn't know how to run a dairy if you paid me.  Bucking Broncos really irritate me!!! That's rodeo, that's not the ranch lifestyle or any way to train a horse.  If you are a trainer worth your salt then any horse you train never in his or her life offered to even pitch just one time.  The John Wayne movies, Lonesome Dove, etc just ain't (yep used the word for effect) what it's like on a beef cattle ranch of today.  At the same time I understand marketing and common misunderstood perceptions being an agriculture economist.  But I sure won't use those items.  Off my soap box.


Back to Prairie Chic!


The colors, the designs, the use of boots and flowers so reminds me of the country girl I am.  I love more then anything else being dirty from head to tail at the end of a day at the ranch.  Mind you it's a seven day a week job and sometimes a 24 hour day if you have an animal to care for or a cow your worried about her having her calf safely.  And at times not a pretty job when you fight tooth and nail to save a calf's life only to loose the calf.  It tugs at this ranch gal's heart strings in a way that tears are ok to let flow.  At the end of the day a good shower and fresh crisp clean clothes to have that very special husband say, 'We're going on a date tonight.' makes me realize Prairie Chic is that ranch gal's dream of the pretty that exists in everyone of us.


So thank you so much Bo Bunny for bringing the pretty of being a country girl, cowgirl and plan ole ranch hand into my heart!  I truly think this is the very BEST LINE you have created!  Now to line up all those boots of my country girl ranch hand daughter in a row and get that special photo to scrap with this line.  I guess it is my age, I just prefer my solid lacers that became so popular when I was my daughters age!  Oh, and those squared of toes!  Yuck!  Or pointed toes! Yuck!  Give me that softly rounded boot!  


Sure hope the other company's stand up and listen....there's the country gal and country boy who deserves the true west of today!  Including beef cattle instead of dairy!  Why not try a Red Angus or American Angus for a start!  And I own only two American Angus!  The rest are Lowline Angus and Santa Gertrudis with a few Longhorns for Yard Art!

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Friday, February 1, 2013

EZ Undercover Agent

I have been following Unscripted Sketches for the last four months!  We are so busy at the ranch this time of year I have yet to get a card posted on the blog in time.  I peeked on Monday to see the sketch for this week and oh what an awesome sketch!

Circles have been in my head all week.  I finished my Design Team work and took a look at the Challenges at ACOT!  Between the January Lift Yourself Challenge and this wonderful sketch I was off to the races and two hours later I was done!  I love this creation of EZ Undercover Agent!

When Larry purchased Agent I had a wonderful advertising logo for this bull which I never got to use or even get done before Larry sold him.  If I remember right he sired 3 or 4 calves for us.  But as my husband has a habit of doing he will sell all but a handful of the cattle on the farm if he has a chance to sell one at a profit.  Agent now resides on another Texas ranch as a senior herd sire.  As for the photos, I have no earthly idea why he didn't call me to blow him dry for him.  LOL....we don't blow dry cattle we use the term "blow" cattle.  Don't ask me why we use the terminology we do in the cattle world....LOL!  Thus agent is in the wash rack sopping wet wet when Larry asks me to bring the camera from the house.  On top of that when I arrive he has a show halter on.  Really.....Larry can be really good at adding to the work load on a rare occasion.  Now I have a wet show halter!  So the halter got oiled that evening.  It's one of those times where you just kind of laugh at yourself for getting aggrevated over something that becomes a funny memory a couple of years later when you print the photos.  It's exactly why I scrap!  It's about the memories!

Thank you so much Laurie who hosted the challenge at ACOT and Unscripted Sketches for the sketch!