Friday, December 10, 2010


My second layout of Zubaydahh's photos just after purchase. When I started on the her other layout I happened to look at the journaling paper. The back was so pretty but the journaling paper just kept begging me to us it. December arrives and I see the ACOT's Sketch Challenge for this month. I've been wondering how to do the next five photos. I'm a person who likes a single photo layout. But I looked at the sketch and looked at that journaling paper. I played with the photos. Through it to the side. Came back the next day and tried again. Through it to the side....why do I have trouble with multiple photos? Picked it up again on Monday....and it fell together by midnight in my on the table. Everything I need but the ribbon. I'll find it in the morning. I inked the edges of the photo and went to bed. Then next day my creation!

As I posted this layout to my Facebook page and started to write the caption I thought about how much trouble I have had trying to get my mother to understand what journaling is on a layout. I may have found the solution because she doesn't get it when I say there is a story behind every photo or series of photo. It's not just a who and when thing. It dawned on me. My mother has always written detailed instructions. Called overboard on folding the clothes or linen napkins after ironing along with the instructions on ironing. I laugh now even thinking about it. Whether it was our chores after school if she wasn't home when we arrived or how to feed each individual horse. And it always seemed there would be at least three different rations in the barn. Now I'll tell her, 'Mom write detailed instructions about Zu!' I'm laughing thinking about those instructions.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Mothers & Daughters

I wish I could have had plural, 'daughters.' But I had a son and a daughter. I remember Lynn saying one day when she was 8 or 9 about wishing she had a sister because on that day James was driving her nuts. I looked at her, smiled and said to Lynn, 'Brothers are an absolute pain in the derriere until they are 14 or 15. Get use to it, been there done that with two brothers, not one like you have. If you had a little sister, when you get older she would get all into your makeup, hair brush and all kinds of things you wish she wouldn't. And that would never quit!'

So I imagine my nieces were like that, I talked with Jessie about it, but never Dana. I do know that my sister-in-law is blessed to have two daughters.

I love this photo and got a block in scrapping it. I was back to wanting white space but get the feel for fall when the picture was taken without it being a fall layout. On Scrapbooks, etc., March 2007, p 120; designer Christy Tomlinson, I found a layout I wanted to lift. I always like it when a designer gives me permission to try something new. I free handed the swirls with Stickles. Do have to try more of that.

This layout was my entry into the Supply List Challenge for of course ACOT Nov. Challenges. I had to use a stamp so I made my own. I used this netting which was on a bottle of Meade for my stamping! I painted the paint on a piece of card board then transfered it to my page.

Once in a while everyone should try something new!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Scrappy Stuff for 12/2/10

One of the ladies who posts on a regular basis on the message board over at ACOT is having 12 days of Raks. How cool is that. I'm not one to go running to participate in a RAK because I have been blessed to have a huge stash. I always think someone else deserves it more. So ladies visit Shayla's great blog and leave a post for today and scroll down to see her great layouts! I'm now officially a follower!! The winner is announced tomorrow. You can find her thread at ACOT here. Even better come follow our wonderful friendly community at ACOT!

I promised to publish my layout for this week's sketch at Pencil Lines, #215! I once again used Sassafras Lass Indie Girl for this layout. The papers are just so feminine. When they arrived I thought this was just perfect for this photo. The papers just speak about my MIL, second mother. And I love this photo with my BIL, Danny! I chose the blue Bazzill cardstock to frame the layout because of Danny in the picture with his mother. I just loved loved this sketch and most likely will use it yet again. I also entered into the layout into ACOT'S Novemeber Manufacturer Challenge.

And my take:

A huge thank you to Pencil Lines for the inspiration and to the girls of ACOT's Community and Creative Team for the wonderful support I receive in my life and hobby. I just smile each time I see this layout! One of my new favs! I am blessed beyond measure to have the loving family I have!

On to that thing called legal stuff: The sketch for Pencil Lines #215 is copyrighted by Jennifer Matott!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Life Just for Today

I hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving! I know we did getting to spend time with my husband's family! I'm back into swing of normal ranch life and getting our show string into the routine of what they will experience at a show. They all must come in the barn to have halters on to eat, washed and blow dried and in February each one in turn will get to experience a few days with total dependence on me. They will get lead to water, eat when I allow them to eat, and all the grooming that goes on during the show.

I've also made myself stay off of "Facebook!" I've gone back to my other love. Scrapping in any spare moment I have. I'm loving it and a much happier person staying away from the political issues of agriculture. I still keep up with the issues, but I'm not letting them consume me.

This week I made it back to one of my favorite sketch sites! Pencil Lines! My first creation was using Sketch #212.

And here is my creation!

I am so proud of myself for not reaching for the Basic Grey Stash. I used Sassafras Lass Indie Girl line. This is part of an album I'm doing for my mother. She had all of her Arabian photos in one of those magnetic albums. This is Zubaydahh (Ibn Morafic x Surrayah), a Straight Egyptian just after we purchased her. Tomorrow I'll show you the next creation using the same line.

Final reminder with the legal stuff: This Pencil Lines sketch # 212 is copyrighted by Sasha Farina!