Friday, December 10, 2010


My second layout of Zubaydahh's photos just after purchase. When I started on the her other layout I happened to look at the journaling paper. The back was so pretty but the journaling paper just kept begging me to us it. December arrives and I see the ACOT's Sketch Challenge for this month. I've been wondering how to do the next five photos. I'm a person who likes a single photo layout. But I looked at the sketch and looked at that journaling paper. I played with the photos. Through it to the side. Came back the next day and tried again. Through it to the side....why do I have trouble with multiple photos? Picked it up again on Monday....and it fell together by midnight in my on the table. Everything I need but the ribbon. I'll find it in the morning. I inked the edges of the photo and went to bed. Then next day my creation!

As I posted this layout to my Facebook page and started to write the caption I thought about how much trouble I have had trying to get my mother to understand what journaling is on a layout. I may have found the solution because she doesn't get it when I say there is a story behind every photo or series of photo. It's not just a who and when thing. It dawned on me. My mother has always written detailed instructions. Called overboard on folding the clothes or linen napkins after ironing along with the instructions on ironing. I laugh now even thinking about it. Whether it was our chores after school if she wasn't home when we arrived or how to feed each individual horse. And it always seemed there would be at least three different rations in the barn. Now I'll tell her, 'Mom write detailed instructions about Zu!' I'm laughing thinking about those instructions.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Mothers & Daughters

I wish I could have had plural, 'daughters.' But I had a son and a daughter. I remember Lynn saying one day when she was 8 or 9 about wishing she had a sister because on that day James was driving her nuts. I looked at her, smiled and said to Lynn, 'Brothers are an absolute pain in the derriere until they are 14 or 15. Get use to it, been there done that with two brothers, not one like you have. If you had a little sister, when you get older she would get all into your makeup, hair brush and all kinds of things you wish she wouldn't. And that would never quit!'

So I imagine my nieces were like that, I talked with Jessie about it, but never Dana. I do know that my sister-in-law is blessed to have two daughters.

I love this photo and got a block in scrapping it. I was back to wanting white space but get the feel for fall when the picture was taken without it being a fall layout. On Scrapbooks, etc., March 2007, p 120; designer Christy Tomlinson, I found a layout I wanted to lift. I always like it when a designer gives me permission to try something new. I free handed the swirls with Stickles. Do have to try more of that.

This layout was my entry into the Supply List Challenge for of course ACOT Nov. Challenges. I had to use a stamp so I made my own. I used this netting which was on a bottle of Meade for my stamping! I painted the paint on a piece of card board then transfered it to my page.

Once in a while everyone should try something new!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Scrappy Stuff for 12/2/10

One of the ladies who posts on a regular basis on the message board over at ACOT is having 12 days of Raks. How cool is that. I'm not one to go running to participate in a RAK because I have been blessed to have a huge stash. I always think someone else deserves it more. So ladies visit Shayla's great blog and leave a post for today and scroll down to see her great layouts! I'm now officially a follower!! The winner is announced tomorrow. You can find her thread at ACOT here. Even better come follow our wonderful friendly community at ACOT!

I promised to publish my layout for this week's sketch at Pencil Lines, #215! I once again used Sassafras Lass Indie Girl for this layout. The papers are just so feminine. When they arrived I thought this was just perfect for this photo. The papers just speak about my MIL, second mother. And I love this photo with my BIL, Danny! I chose the blue Bazzill cardstock to frame the layout because of Danny in the picture with his mother. I just loved loved this sketch and most likely will use it yet again. I also entered into the layout into ACOT'S Novemeber Manufacturer Challenge.

And my take:

A huge thank you to Pencil Lines for the inspiration and to the girls of ACOT's Community and Creative Team for the wonderful support I receive in my life and hobby. I just smile each time I see this layout! One of my new favs! I am blessed beyond measure to have the loving family I have!

On to that thing called legal stuff: The sketch for Pencil Lines #215 is copyrighted by Jennifer Matott!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Life Just for Today

I hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving! I know we did getting to spend time with my husband's family! I'm back into swing of normal ranch life and getting our show string into the routine of what they will experience at a show. They all must come in the barn to have halters on to eat, washed and blow dried and in February each one in turn will get to experience a few days with total dependence on me. They will get lead to water, eat when I allow them to eat, and all the grooming that goes on during the show.

I've also made myself stay off of "Facebook!" I've gone back to my other love. Scrapping in any spare moment I have. I'm loving it and a much happier person staying away from the political issues of agriculture. I still keep up with the issues, but I'm not letting them consume me.

This week I made it back to one of my favorite sketch sites! Pencil Lines! My first creation was using Sketch #212.

And here is my creation!

I am so proud of myself for not reaching for the Basic Grey Stash. I used Sassafras Lass Indie Girl line. This is part of an album I'm doing for my mother. She had all of her Arabian photos in one of those magnetic albums. This is Zubaydahh (Ibn Morafic x Surrayah), a Straight Egyptian just after we purchased her. Tomorrow I'll show you the next creation using the same line.

Final reminder with the legal stuff: This Pencil Lines sketch # 212 is copyrighted by Sasha Farina!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What's in the Shoe! ahhh Boot!

As a rancher of beef cattle what is in the footwear one wears. The first thought is a rancher wears boots. I smile as women want to marry the rancher but buy their food from a farmer. Even before I was high school graduate, I was a Wranglers and T-shirt gal. Hasn't change even after marriage. I love my Wranglers and t-shirts. I am even back to wearing men's Wranglers. Why, well I could go into all the economic gobbledygook about why, but lets just say I can't find my size anymore. I was blessed with a short waist and longer then long legs with needing a 36 inch inseam jeans. And as you can imagine I do not own a dress pair of slacks with needing that inseam. But boots....even getting me to ride with boots on unless I was in the show ring was not happening. More then likely you would find me barefoot as a teenager cleaning horse stalls and slip the tennis shoes on to ride. Sigh.....the joys of teenage rebellion. Tennis shoes even when riding until I went to work were State of Texas regulations required me to ride with boots on. Yep, my supervisor pulled that one on me. But if I didn't have a supervisor around on my weekend I had to work once a month, back in the tennis shoes horseback. Now happily turning 50 this year I look back and realize I have some real problems with my knees and ankles having worked with livestock my whole life. So now when I'm in the barn I look for a shoe which gives my ankles more support. Still no boots, but yep I have a pair for when I go to a cattle show. They are a pair of Ariat Lace Up. They are so uncomfortable and yet again finding my size was an issue, I wear a 7 1/2 C. It's that darn C width. Next pair of boots I'm going back to Justins! My work in the barn shoes are my US Polo Muckers. Oh My Gosh they are so comfortable! And then if it rains I'm back in what I call my work tennis shoes. So once again, I dispel the myth of all cattlewomen walking around in western clothes and boots like any of those old western movies. This gal loves her muckers and tennies in that order!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Choice In Food

My favorite place on Facebook to either read or participate is on The Truth About Agriculture page. One of the recent posts on the page was about Tasha and the realization of her personal journey as a human. I as an agriculture producer am very concerned by many previous posts I've done on Animal Rights Groups and their wanting to define animal agriculture production. But a personal blog post by Tasha I found was very interesting on an individual who was living a Vegan lifestyle. It's lengthy but I found it eye opening and a wonderful read on many levels. I am a person who believes in personal choice in many areas of your life. Those choices are afforded me, too, as a citizen of my country by our Constitution. So Tasha's choice to be a Vegan is fine with me. The only thing I don't like about some Vegans is the rants against Agriculture Animal Production. I care about the animals I raise to supply food for my family and extended family. I care about the animals who will leave my farm to another or stay to provide this country with the very best beef genetics of the two breeds we raise. I raise grass fed beef genetics and I don't like grass fed beef, which is my choice. Not liking grass fed beef does not mean I disagree with someone eating this type of beef. I blame it on being 50 years old and not wanting to change what type of beef I do like. I urge you to read the post all and the comments. The comments leave you understanding what she writes at the top of the post:

UPDATE: Thank you all for your comments, I never expected this post to get so much attention. However, I do not have the time nor the desire to continue moderating comments. Some of you have been amazingly supportive and have shared many thought provoking ideas, and I really appreciate that. Unfortunately, others have made threats against me and my family and that I cannot tolerate. So, thank you all very much for reading my post but I am going to be turning off the comments. I hope you can understand.

Why on earth would anyone want to threaten her life or her family's? I just do not get it. What makes her evil for choosing to change her diet from a vegan diet to a omnivore diet because of her health? I suppose one of the most common attack comments was saying she really was a meat industry plant. Ughhhh, the typical conspiracy theory when you have no other substantial science based argument. Really couldn't you come up with something more creative? Yet, Shannon if you want to be a vegan it is great, just let me and everyone else have their choice of diet.

From Shannon: '
You guys, this person is just a plant from the meat and/or dairy industry. It’s obvious because “she”talks about stuff that isn’t relevant to “her” supposed reason for writing this.'

The most interesting thing Tasha wrote was the following:

'First, I now no longer lie to myself about the fact that life requires death. Second, I am now healthy. Just like always, I still care intensely about the environment, the well being of animals, and the politics of food, but my ideas of how to do the most good and effect the most change have drastically transformed.'

I'm glad she has found a new purpose in her activism. At the same time I'm not expecting her to believe or think like I do about Agriculture. I don't necessarily agree with her on her beliefs but they belong to her and are a part of who she is as a human being. But ultimately in this post and the comments she received I have a better understanding of the vegan mind. For that I am grateful. And it isn't about putting a vegan down for their beliefs or activism, but maybe to find some way to have them understand the need for meat in our diet of those who choose to eat meat.

Thank you Tasha for a very insightful post and I am delighted you have regained your health! I look forward to reading about your continued journey.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Finding Total Relaxation!

Introducing Belle, my first Arabian and a professional photo taken of her in 1986 at Rinconada Arabians in Albuquerque, NM. She was there to be bred to Nabiel. For Challenge #4 of ACOT's Fall Crop I had to do a layout about myself. There is no journaling I can put on this layout, the simple "MY SOUL" describes it all! To read more about this layout you can visit here.

I haven't really scrapped much in the last six months. I do not know why but this month I have cranked out six layouts. Maybe because of ACOT's fall crop at the beginning of the month. As I started layout number 7 my Mojo came to a screeching halt. It has been almost two weeks and looked back at the challenge I was working on after deciding to set it aside for a week, but the layout should have been hidden. Then maybe it wouldn't have been taunting me. ;-) The challenge was the November 2010 Monthly Sketch Challenge at ACOT. Sketches are easy for me, maybe it was my choice to use the sketch with a single photo that caused that lack of MOJO! Any way I took a look at that sketch and the light bulb is on. So my goal is to make sure I get it done so I have time to do the Manufacturer's Challenge with Sassafras Lass products, arrival of those should be Tuesday! Then Wednesday my Basic Grey Curio and the first day Fed Ex Delivers after Thanksgiving should be October Afternoon Modern Woman and Cosmos Cricket Circa 1934. Yep, I went hog wild this past week! I'm actually impatiently waiting for Black Friday. I've never shopped on Black Friday, I hate crowds while shopping. But this coming Black Friday I'm hoping to find some irresistible goodies at ACOT. All from the comfort of home, family around and no crowds! Then I get to relax the rest of the month working on Christmas Presents and a layout here and there.

What have I created this month? Some layouts I love!

This was a labor of love, the second layout I did of my father since his death in 2005. When I posted it to my facebook wedding album a friend commented, 'Beautiful! Sometimes I think it's better to wait to do certain scrapbooks until the time is right. Yours will be so much richer after you've had time to reflect on everything.' Thank you, Sally! This was for the Fast Scrap #5 during the ACOT Fall Crop. One had to use a definition of a word on the layout!

I have since done a couple of other layouts for my wedding album. One of my Matron of Honor, myself and my mother. And the bottom all the wonderful people who helped and supported me while getting ready! It was my entry for Challenge #7 (Turkey Dinner Recipe Layout) during the ACOT Crop. One had to choose what they wanted from a list ahead of the deadline what they would have for Thanksgiving dinner. Then the list was matched with what had to be on the layout or card. This one of my loving husband of 24 years with his Best Man and our Pastor. I often laugh now when I think of Larry not having anything to do with the wedding other then the 'We will be married in Denson Springs.' I had no input on the church at all. And at the time it was not worth an argument. 24 years later, I love the fact we were married there! I did this for the Scraplift the ACOT November GCT Challenge.

I never stay within one album any more. I love to switch! The next layout I did for our Family Album. I've been scrapping my Larry's Brother's family during the Holidays in 2008. And my great-nephew is absolutely adorable and begged for me to use Basic Grey Lime Rickey! This was for Challenge #3 during ACOT's Fall Crop. We had to contact another board member and find out their favorite color which in her case was green and then add some bling! When the crop was over I won this challenge, and with it a ten dollar Gift Certificate! Whoo Hooo saving it for Black Friday!

My final layout is one I loved doing. It ties in my love of three things: my husband, my life on the ranch and scrapbooking. Simple layout because life is simple on the farm. It is the layout I did for Challenge # 2 Ad Challenge. You had to use photos forming a 1,2,3 sequence as in the ad. Perfect for this series of photos!

As always I'm hoping to become better at blogging, we'll see!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Is it June Already?

I simply can not fathom it is the sixth month. This year has flown by. As I sat this evening watching the young heifers we are retaining I looked at a show heifer and realized by the third week of June she had to go out with Peyton. My goodness she grew up quick!

I thought I would divert for a post on cattle. Oh yeah, I already mentioned them. Yesterday, I spent working on a couple of layouts. Finished them both and uploaded them to the Challenges I entered them in at A Cherry on Top. My last layout is my favorite of the twelve I did during May. My subject was AC, a gelding we owned a long time ago and is now owned by a good friend. He's 24 this year. His full brother is in our pasture here at the ranch along with another gelding hubby rescued. I don't talk very much about our horses, although they are a part of my soul. I could never be without one to love. Back to the layout. This is AC as a yearling being shown at a show under the capable hands of Tom McNair at Great Southwest Equestrian Center. He has a decorated career in halter as a colt and a couple of get on the ground. I used Basic Grey Lillykate Collection. I've learned over the last several months "AC" has a Black Beauty story over his life. I chose the paper because he is now in his forever home with lots of love. He deserves to always have green pastures surrounded by Texas Wildflowers.

AC aka Abcar Ibn Tammen (Tammen x Zubaydahh) who's name means "first born son of value." He's a straight Egyptian Arabian of Glennloch lines.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hanging Calendar!

Am I organized this year. Maybe for Birthday & Christmas presents! I've decided to make everything for Christmas this year! I completed my first birthday present. I have to give credit to A Cherry on Top and Jess for the inspiration of the perpetual Hanging Calendar idea! Jess is a member of ACOT's Fantastic Design Team. The photo and monthly calendars can be canbe switched out because you make your own photo corners. So cool! Oh did I have fun with this project and the end result I'm so pleased with! I have fallen in love with the Kaiser Craft Beyond the Page items. They make creativity so much fun! This gift is for my wonderful Mother-in-Law, Marion. You can see more photos in my ACOT Gallery of my calendar. She has wonderful porches to sit on where everyone enjoys bird watching and a cool glass of ice tea. So I wanted her calendar to reflect her love of her flowers and birds. What better way to do that then to use GCD Studios Artsy Urban line of products. Marion also loves antiques and the Artsy Urban Epoxy Stickers give a real flare for the Vintage feel! Thank you, Thank you GCD!!!

Who said you couldn't put a Christmas photo in this calendar. Hey my niece is wearing a sleeveless shirt. Ya know it can reach the upper 80's in December in Texas!

I so loved this calendar I'm making one for my mother and my scrap room.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Busy Weekend! - Cattle & Scrapping

Last weekend we started setting the cows up to be Artificially inseminated. CIDR's were put in and first hormone shot were given. Tomorrow I go to purchase and pick up semen at Camp Cooley for a Santa Gertrudis bull, Yogi. We have the semen we need to inseminate the Lowline Angus. Saturday morning CIDR'S will be removed, a patch to detect estrus will be adhered to the top of the hip, and another hormone shot. Sunday is yet again another hormone shot. Monday morning we AI. Then the girls go to the specific pasture where they will be with a bull in case they do not conceive using AI. You might ask why we do this. Artificial Insemination allows us to introduce a top bull in a breed into our herd that we do not own. This gives us genetic diversity which is very important in any purebred breeding operation.

I have another thing to do this weekend. I'm attending a National Scrapbooking Day Online Crop! This is my one year anniversary for attending A Cherry on Top's NSD Crop. A Cherry on Top is an online Scrapbooking store and community. They host four crops a year. So come join us for a great time of games, prizes, classes (great ones scheduled), and just plain fun scrapping! Make sure you have your digital camera handy to post your layouts to the gallery! If you have never scrapped, stop by anyway, you might discover through the gallery it is something you might want to try. I heart A CHERRY ON TOP!

Photo credit: Photos of my layouts shared at ACOT.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Need a bumper sticker?

My bumper is free to hold a bumper sticker and I decided I needed this bumper sticker. Today it is free for registering at Humane Watch! So you might now be asking, what is Humane Watch? If you have followed my blog for very long you know I am not in favor of "Animal Rights" groups. I find them to produce spin which makes them appear to be animal welfare groups, coin terms that become common terminology, and basically turn unsuspecting Americans against Animal Agriculture Producers like me. Over time I have been called an animal abuser, factory farmer and just plain demonized. A visit to the ranch would show I am not an abuser of our cattle. We work very hard to provide an environment beneficial to both the cattle and wildlife. Then there is those cattle I have an emotional attachment to who are very special to me: Peyton and May are two. If we overstock our cattle then the wildlife can not thrive. If I manage for wildlife then my cattle thrive. Come join me and learn just how "Animal Rights" groups are slowly chipping away at your right to own an animal as a pet, in livestock production or your ability to hunt at Humane Watch or HumaneWatch on facebook.

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Farm Vet

With the numbers of rural vets dropping at an alarming rate across our country, it was a great treat today to find this blog and their page on facebook. Do you often wonder what really happens on a dairy (cow or goat)? Do you wonder what equipment I use to protect my animals while we provide routine or critical care in a beef cattle operation. Now you have the chance to see just how important a vet is to our production of beef cattle. I hope you'll follow "A Day in the Life of a Farm Vet" to learn more about how livestock producers bring you the safest food system in the world! Photo Credit: A Day in the Life of a Farm Vet

Monday, February 22, 2010


This is Texas! This is ranching. Snow?! Wishing it wasn't to be. A Winter Storm Watch went up at 2:30pm yesterday. Forecast for Tuesday is 80% chance of snow to the tune of 4"-7". Ughhh! We are in the middle of calving. There is so much to do today for freezing temperatures over 36 hours. Water Troughs completely full then waterlines drained, go to the feed store to make sure I have enough feed. Bottled water for me because I don't trust the utilities! I started on the water troughs last night. Last Friday they were predicting a chance of snow so I started to let the larger troughs be emptied. I have two more to rinse and clean today. There is hay to put out today. I'm just thankful we won't have three days of below freezing weather.

Two days ago I opened the gate to the three cattle we have in the front pasture to allow them to eat the four inches grass underneath the mesquite trees on the lawn. Happy cows.

Texas weather is to guaranteed to change at a moments notice and sometimes drastically. Like yesterday when the Winter Storm Watch went up it was 75 degrees on the porch. By dark thirty when I got done at the barn the north wind was blowing at 15-20 and it felt like 45. I went out to the porch at 8 pm to find a 51 degree temperature. Wind still hollowing I was glad the porch faces south.

The photos I took yesterday. Warm and pretty still at 5 pm. This morning cloudy and cold! I love my life!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Greatest Fear

I love my land and the fact I produce a product all Americans need. A protein source. If you don't like beef or your a vegetarian or vegan that is ok. There are other excellent protein sources.

I wish I was eloquent with words. I wish I could paint a picture of my feelings for the land and my cattle. I care for each and every cow. I spend hours with my animals or for my animals. It is what I do and love to feed my family and the country.

So what is my fear....that someone who will not give my children the same right I have to choose how I make a living and raise cattle. I read a wonderful analogy about the Auto Industry and Agriculture. Our imports of food are increasing, we have organizations who wish to stifle agriculture on all sides of our sector of the economy. The press paints us as evil whether in grain, fruit, vegetable, or animal production. Hollywood has picked up on the theme with recent documentaries. I am fearful for my children and the ranch I so love.

Enjoy this great read by Mike Rowe, the Cable TV personality of World's Dirtiest Jobs. A wonderful analogy on the Auto Industry and Agriculture. He hits the nail on the head with the current state of the economy. Thank you, Mike, for supporting American Agriculture!

What is in America's Future? by Mike Rowe (from his blog)

I always believe in HOPE FOR THE FUTURE!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A brand new sketch site is up on Blogger! I'm so excited, Sassy 'Lil Sketches! One of my A Cherry On Top friends made the first Design Team for Sassy 'Lil Sketches! Congrats Heather! I can not wait to see the first sketch and participate!

The sketch at the left was one of the two sketches used for the Design Team call! I can not wait to use this one this week, a good practice one to get geared up to participate. So on to legal stuff: This is a Sassy 'Lil Sketches copyright sketch!

Don't forget to check out this Sketch Challenge Blog!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Sometimes there is just a moment in time when the world just seems to be a great place to have residence in. It isn't because of something one does, but what others do to recognize you. When this happens to me some where in my mind I get a "Why me?" thing going on. No matter how hard we try to say being recognized isn't important we all secretly love it. I always wish it was someone else who needs the happy face that day instead of me. I'd rather put the happy face on someone else and make their day. Making someone's day is more important to me then someone making my day a great one.

With all the philosophical stuff out of the way, Sarah who is a member of the A Cherry on Top Creative Team made me feel so good today by recognizing one of my layouts and put it in the article January Creative Team Spotlight. As I scrolled through the other members layouts also "Spotlighted" I really felt humbled. The incredible creativity of the projects, cards and layouts was just AMAZING. I feel so humbled to be placed next to these wonderful ladies who worked so hard on their projects. Congrats to you, too! To check out my layout what I used on the layout the link is: My Gallery, Blessings. I love working with sketches for my layouts and this one was no exception. I used the 2008 52 Sketches...52 Weeks Sketch # 48. 52 Sketches is no longer running but Julie produces the BEST Sketches on her blog.

Thank you to Sarah, all of the Creative Team Members and ACOT for being such a great community of scrappers! You put so much effort into making the board a "Happy Place" to spend time and get tremendous amounts of inspiration in scrapping!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Altered Box

I haven't posted much nor put up but one recent layout I completed.

I tried my hand last summer and fall and completed two chipboard Mini Albums. I fell in love doing Mini Albums. I just need more photos from family for the gifts of Mini Albums! This lead me to thinking about doing altered projects with paper. I thought a box would be best to try my hand at this new type of paper crafting. In December A Cherry on Top had for the Dec. '09 Altered Challenge to alter some sort of gift box. I decided I wanted to try a box that would have a gift for my Great Niece Harley, but she could use it later for her little treasures.

In order to get this box done I searched You Tube for a video to help me get started. And this is the video:

I then asked all sort of questions on A Cherry on Top Message Board as they popped in my head and again one more time when I had another while working on the box. What I learned was to be careful of folding the paper under the lid because of how the lid would fit. I spent an hour sanding and sanding and some more sanding & filing to get the lid to fit again. I think another thing one shouldn't do is use Mod Podge on top of a water base ink. But we learn from our trials and errors. I did find I love love Sparkle Mod Podge. In the pictures you can't really see how sparkled the box is. A fun project.

I liked altering the box so much I decided I'd do a Kaiser Craft Tic Tack Toe Board for my son James. He has transferred to University of Houston and I thought it would be a great conversation starter using U of H papers.

I have to admit I'm getting hooked on all sorts of Paper Crafting items!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I am an American Rancher

I love being an American Rancher. There is something about being close to the land, to wake in the morning and spend quiet time among the cattle. The arrival of a new calf brings hope for the future of our Lowline Angus and Santa Gertrudis breeding program. The spotting of a white tail, a skunk or any other animal is a site to behold on a quiet morning. I am proud to be an American Rancher.

On occasion I cruise through You Tube to see what I can find. This time it was The American Angus Association Channel called apicreativemedia.

This evening I watched four videos and I thought I would share two with you.

The second video is something I love to do, compete. We as a family have friends all over the nation because of our cattle. We see each other at Field Days, Production and Select Sales and of course Cattle Shows. The new year brings the winter show season starting with the Grand Daddy of all Livestock Shows the Great Western Stock Show. I was looking for the Lowline Angus National Show Results last night on the National Western site. On the AAA You Tube Channel I found the video of the Bull Show (This year it is the National American Angus Show). As I stopped the video to look at each Division Champion and look through them as if I was judging I had to go with the Junior Champion Bull.....and yep he was named National Champion American Angus Bull. Up came the Junior Reserve Champion and again hands down I would have had to place this Bull Reserve. Woot....I once again agreed with the judge as this fine Bull was placed National Reserve Grand Champion American Angus Bull. Treat yourself to watching a GREAT GRAND CHAMPION RUN! Only at the Great Western Livestock Show in Denver, CO. The Grand Daddy of all Stock Shows!

I am an American Rancher! aka Kim

GCD Studios Names a Winner of CHA Sneek Peek

So I was busy busy with work last week! I didn't get to show the remaining beautiful lines of Scrapbooking Supplies! Do check them out at GCD Studios Blog!

I'm so excited for Peridee! I hope she love loves her new goodies!

I've already asked Kendra, owner of Photolicious Scrapin and Gifts, to purchase the GCD Studios 8x8 Homespun Chic for me. I'm so excited about this line! If she gets any of the embellies I'll purchase them, too! Perfect line for my Gardening Album! The paper (shown) is just so beautiful from the collection! LOVE IT!

Made My Day!!

WOOT!!!! I LOVE THIS ARTICLE. I just need to find the US source!

USA - Alleged Animal Rights group pay top man $5,000 a week, Nice one!

There are only two things certain in life, as the saying goes, and a byproduct of one of them requires nonprofit organizations to file paperwork with the IRS. So now that the deceptively named “Humane Society” of the United States (HSUS) has submitted its "Form 990" for 2008, we thought it was time to take a close look. The tax filing itself is a bit more detailed than ones in the past, thanks to some new IRS rules. And more detail equals a clearer picture of exactly what HSUS is doing -- and what it's not doing -- with all its money. (more)

Of course there is this paragraph towards the end of the article. deceitful this organization is in their advertising!!! Ok, Fox News your getting an email from me and so is Rush Limbaugh who did those PSA's for HSUS!

With all the politicking going on, the animals—remember them?—seem to get lost in the shuffle. We added up the totals, and HSUS gave only a little more than $450,000—that’s just half of one percent of its total budget—in grants to organizations providing hands-on care to dogs and cats. That’s less than 11 percent of what it paid “ALF” (see above) just to count its money.

With a Happy Smile,


Saturday, January 2, 2010

GCD Studios - Independence Collection

I sat so impatiently this morning to get the peek at the next collection from GCD Studios. And here went another mouth opening response. The colors are deep and vibrant. To quote GCD Studios Blog, 'This collection will be perfect for 4th of July, Fathers Day and Fall.' Before I even scrolled down, I thought "Now this should be something to see!" They were right, it could be used for all three and one could even use the red pages for Christmas if you like the traditional red of Christmas.

This is my favorite paper in the collection, but all of the others come in a close second. I so love this collection and it is another MUST HAVE! I so see dollars flowing out of my pocket, GCD is enabling me in my scrapping addiction to the max! I so can not wait until they arrive in my favorite stores! I'm so hoping there are embellishments in the wings!!!


Friday, January 1, 2010

GCD Studios

I am not much to get super excited about a line of papers and embellishments. The first one was this past summer, Lemonade by Basic Grey. My favorite message board has been down now 72 hours and having major scrap talk withdraws I turned to the blogs I follow to keep from hitting "bottom" so to speak, LOL!!! I've been totally addicted on scrapbooking since September of 2006. One of my dream vacations would be to attend a CHA event.

Now I've found another line that is a must have!!!! Such a must have I'm busting at the seems. Next time I head over to my LSS in Buffalo, Texas I'm asking the owner to purchase this line. I'm so in love!

Oh you want to know the line.....well here is a little peek:

I can so see one of my photos of my Killarney Rose sitting in the middle of this page!

Still need to know the line! This is Homespun Chic Melody Ross 8x8 line. And the 12x12 is just as beautiful! This line brings back such wonderful memories of my Mom fitting clothes she lovingly sewed for me. In fact until I was 13 close to 95% of my clothes were hand made. The pinks and greens fit my sorority Delta Zeta. It is wonderful to see gingham again. Such a wonderful homey feel! Now lets get into the embellies....OH MY GOSH, what is there not to like, I WANT ALL OF THEM! My favs: the Paper Clips, Epoxy Brads, and Chipboard Accents. But my FAV EMBELLISHMENT ON THIS LINE IS THE AWESOME FLOWERS.


Oh the line that got me hooked on GCD Studios: remember this LO I won the Mother's and Daughters Challenge last year and was so excited! My first to win any judged challenge and second challenge to win! Now I think in the last year I've become and even better scrapper!!!

I'm so HAPPY IT IS 2010!

I spent my New Year's Eve scraping and this is what I came up with of a young bull we raised a couple of years ago, now in a commercial herd. A safe New Year's Eve so we didn't have to deal with people drinking and driving.

I'm excited it is 2010, mid-term elections are around the corner! Hopefully you don't forget how those on both sides of the isle are idiots. With the idea of remaining safe, we at times get to see just how safe our Congress keeps us or actually the lack there of. To be balanced I have included one from each side of the isle. By chance did these idiots, knuckleheads or whatever adjective you would like to use to describe them drive home on these days......or did someone step up and play designated driver. Montana (D) Senator Baucus' excuse was he was tired. I don't know what Ohio (R) Rep. Boehner's excuse was. Last time I checked I would get fired if I showed up to work drunk when I was an employee! If one of my employees showed up drunk to work, we'd fire him/her. Yet you should read some of the comments by Americans who left them. That in itself is scary!

Mr. Senator, you need to be fired!

Mr. Representative, you need to be fired!

I'm SO HAPPY IT IS 2010!!!!

Happy New Year's Everyone!