Friday, November 6, 2009


Muffy took me back 25 plus years. You see Muffy is a sorority sister of mine. I love her dearly for introducing me to my sisters. I could sit and listen for hours to Muffy. We would laugh have a great time. I found her blog this evening via Facebook. Rated R. I found myself sitting with a bunch of sisters enjoying a lazy afternoon shooting the bull. So I gave away our age. Somewhere the slang of yesteryear no longer is!

I just enjoyed the reading and relating it to my life. Thanks for not letting me feel so alone in being almost 50 Muffy!

In you and I,
Your sis!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lucky Girl - The Family Farm

I have the opportunity to record what I do on our ranch everyday via my blog and my scrapbooking layouts. I get to share what I do with others. I've found a community of scrappers where there are a few of us on family farms or grew up on family farms. There are a few who are reliving childhood moments while visiting grandparent's farms through a post I write. It's a joy to connect those with where their food comes from. Yesterday it was Jenna who connected me to the family farm through her layout titled "Lucky Girl."

How can one just not sigh to see Father and Daughter sharing a portion of the day together harvesting corn. This is America's Bread Basket. This is what makes America Great. Thank you Jenna for sharing a day on the farm with me. It is my desire we never loose the values and lifestyle provide on the Family Farm Experience and move towards larger corporate farms. We are the backbone of America!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Flying J&L Lowline Bulls

I've spent too much time not writing. I've been so very frustrated with writing and listening to both sides of issues. So I stopped writing.

So now back with a different attitude to write about life, to hope my stories of the ranch and our lifestyle will be one bright part of my day.

Yesterday I spent taking photos for our website and a renewed interest in keeping up to date. My first photo is of the ranch, above, and one of our Star 5 weanlings. She is by far the best of last fall's calf crop of Star 5. She is an awesome heifer and one who will go on to be bred for a 3/4 Santa Gertrudis. She is due to be bred in late April of 2010 to one of our Lowline Bulls.

Speaking of the bulls I thought I'd spend the rest of this post on our Lowline Bulls.

LTL Peyton (LTL Dillion x Miss Jet's Raphael 258K). Peyton has done well in the show ring with 2 Division Championships and 1 Reserve Division Championship (against English and Exotic Breeds). His sire Dillion is a National Champion Bull and his dam is considered one of the greats in the breed. He's long, deep and a very complete bull. His first calf was born to EZ Tillie (EZ Houdini x Miss Panmure L361). A heifer that is really starting to come into her own. She is a very feminine heifer. She will be shown along side her mother at the Houston Livestock Show and in her own class.

EZ Undercover Agent was purchased this summer at the 3rd Annual Discover Lowline Weekend Sale held by Effertz EZ Ranch. It was hard to believe to see everyone bundled up because of snow. I was happy to be home in Texas and watching via Internet. Agent is a very powerful bull who has been shown and we will show him at Houston Livestock Show this coming March. It will be his last show. We are very pleased with him and he will breed some of our heifers this fall.

At this fall's Legends of Riverwood we purchased our newest bull, a fullblood, Riverwood Cadallic (Brambletye Transam x Riverwood Abby). Brambletye Transam is a half brother to Brambletye Tequila the sire of some of the most famous show cattle in Lowlines. Abby is sired by the renowned Bar J Sparks and out of the famous Bar J Nellie line. He also goes back to Brambletye Tequila through his dam. His pedigree is a who's who of famous Lowlines. He just turned a year old. A very well balanced bull with incredible extension through his stifle. Depth and length is all through this bull. He is exceptional! He should be a taller individual with his mother being 48" in height. Since his purchase we have sold 75% of Cadillac and the partnership will offer semen by this spring.

Our final fullblood bull is EZ 12S aka Murphy. He has been sent here to be sold. A mature three year old bull with loads of muscle mass and very high feed efficiency. He is an exceptional bull for a Grass Fed Operation.

Our only Percentage Lowline Bull is Flying J&L Diablo 11 W01 (JJ Bruzer 3S x PX 20L). Both sire and dam are 1/2 blood Lowlines with his dam tracing to a Gelbvieh cow and his sire's dam tracing to a Shorthorn. Diablo is a true composite bull with that look at me attitude. JJ Bruzer has some of the great bulls in his pedigree to include Admiral, Kaptain Planet, and Bell Brae Borus. His dam is an own daughter of the Great Quartermaster. One can't ask for a better pedigree. His conformation is perfect for the show ring with a club calf look. His first show will be the Houston Livestock Show. He's available for sale as a guaranteed low birth weight heifer bull. At birth Diablo weighed in at 53 lbs.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I needed to relax in the worse way and stay away from politics right now. It's driving me nuts!

So best way to relax when it is over 100 degrees outside is to scrap. I'm moving pretty slow for the most part. This was for ACOT's 52 Challenges...Week 7. We had to take a picture of what we considered to be art in our world. What is considered normal and maybe you might just walk by. I thought to myself what in the world on a ranch can be considered art. I don't have an old barn any more, it was falling down and not worth fixing. Then it dawned on me....the fences, the right picture taken and it becomes art. It's also something I check every week to make sure there are no holes. That is two hours of work.
This was also the LO for 52 Sketches...52 Weeks #31.

Then a LO I started six weeks ago and finished two weeks ago because I had mental block on the title. It's hard sometimes to think this is a 7x7 LO. I had so much fun with the LO using my revolution to do all the work except for the background paper. I took so many pictures of my Tahition Sunset that I just couldn't title it with the name of the rose. It was just such a fun LO to do! This layout was for 52 Sketches...52 Weeks Week #25 entry.

When you have a chance visit both sites!

So I'm back of to do some more scrapping....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lloyd Doggett Doesn't Get It - US Rep from Texas District 25

Lloyd Doggett is the Representative from District 25 in Texas. What a shame I didn't know he was going to host a town hall meeting in Austin last Saturday. Larry and I so would have been there since we were in Austin that day. No he doesn't represent us, we are represented by Chet Edwards (Dem) and Ron Paul (Rep). Why two representatives, we have homes. Larry is registered in Brazoria County and I'm registered in Limestone County.

I have found in being around town, Groesbeck, for meals the subject of conversations is the Health Care Bill as well as the Cap and Trade Bill. As the weeks have gone by the anger in the voices at these conversations just keeps getting worse. Am I angry, I've been angry at Congress since the early 90's. These dimwits both Republican and Democrats are selling us out. They truly have surrounded themselves with Special Interest Groups. They have forgotten that it is me and you they work for.

So last night I saw this on both the local Waco news and National ABC News. I went to You Tube this morning and found this video, the very same one they took a clip from for the news services.

I almost died when I saw the response by Rep. Doggett. Did he forget Senator Cornyn got a huge boo on the steps of our great state's capital in Austin at the July 4th Tea Party. Rep. Doggett this is not a Republican thing going on, it is some very angry independent voters, Republicans, and Democrats like me who do not want socialism or an increase in our growing 9 trillion dollar debt. Why can you not understand to stop spending money we do not have. I have not received one email from an organizer and neither have my friends. Your response was so out of line that it was Republicans organizing this! WAKE UP SIR!

If you don't think Doggett didn't get it watch these videos. The video above the photographer says he did not represent the Republican Party so as you watch these realize that Rep. Doggett is flat out lying.

Yes, the Republican Party put out the second video, unfortunate to add their spin as they are as guilty as Democrats with their own spin. But listen to his response to MSNBC, he really doesn't get it.

Here is a couple of other things these dimwits who represent us from Texas. We are an oil and gas rich state. We have an Oil and Gas Transportation Co. Quote from what we are hearing as rigs both offshore and land are being stacked. "We won't do anything until we get rid of Obama and the current Congress,' is what we are hearing from our customers. This is both the large and small companies we service in the Oil and Gas fields. Our income is severely down. It is now down 80%. If these corporations won't do anything then neither will other corporations. So are we out of the recession, NOPE! Better think very carefully how you vote mid term and again in 2012. . Ok, that's enough of my soap box.

I'm chuckling his job is on the line. Is it such a novel concept to start with an entire clean slate in Washington? I would love that to happen!

Just my two cents!

Austin Farmers Markets

Larry and I headed of for Austin on Friday night. We were excited if for no other reason then to have our 1959 Airstream Camper behind us. It's almost done being refurbished! It just needs a buff, Larry wants a shine and I want a buff shine.

Our mission to attend the Farmers Markets in Austin. We started at Sunset Valley Farmers Market which is ranked in the Top Ten in America. Wonderful time and I was struck that it was pet friendly. Then of to Austin Farmers Market in downtown. Another great Farmers Market. What did we purchase. Some Free Trade Katz coffee, two half pints of Texas Blueberries and a loaf of Sour Dough Bread. But that isn't why we went. We want to control the price of our beef, it was to see how vendors selling meat set up to sell their beef, lamb, pork and poultry. From my reading on the web there is a vaccum for grain fed beef at the markets. We have only seen grass fed beef. Consumers at the market are concerned with how their beef is grown. We have always fed our calves out on pasture and grain at the same time. They finish beautifully that way. In 2010 we will have our first large calf crop and need a way to sell our steers and heifers not able to go into purebred operations as breeding animals. We don't want to accept the prices feedlots are willing to pay. So lets skip the middle man and go straight to the consumer. Consumers at the markets are concerned about Gentically Modified (GM) Grains in their diets, so we will find a source for GM Free Grains.

It is an adventure to look forward to. I love Farmers Markets! Find one near you and get to know your local Farmers!

Monday, July 20, 2009

ACOT - Scrap It Forward

I've been a member of A Cherry on Top Community for about three months. I decided to participate in Scrap It Forward Challenge. This is my entry for the challenge.

I promised to edit the photo, but I've been so busy that I've not had time.

I took this photo last summer after picking up around the house for "Dolly." Hurricane Dolly went in at south Texas. This was the pasture our Arabian Gelding called home. The Upper Gulf Coast of Texas has the most gorgeous live oak trees. I just found the setting sun and the amount of humidity just hanging in the air just gorgeous! The road was not wet but it sure looks like it in the picture, just the shimmer of the amount of water hangin' in the air.

Little did we know Hurricane Ike would make us a visit later in Sept. It is hard to see the barn in the picture, it's behind the tree to the left. Ike damaged the barn so badly it has been torn down. I moved our gelding to the ranch 11 days before Ike arrived. Whew as it also took the fence down.


ACOT - Scrap It Forward

Friday, July 17, 2009

EEE Causes Death of Two Horses in East Texas

I just thought I would share the this particular email I received from Carla Everett. Carla does mass emails to agriculture animal producers throughout the state of Texas from Texas Animal Health Commission. If you own horses in Louisiana, Florida, Missouri or Mississippi then please read. Thank you Carla, your work is so appreciated by those of us who are animal producers in our great state.

Texas Animal Health Commission
Box l2966 * Austin, Texas 78711 * (800) 550-8242 * FAX (512) 719-0719
Bob Hillman, DVM * Executive Director
For info, contact Carla Everett, information officer, at 1-800-550-8242, ext. 710, or

Two Horses in East Texas Die from Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE);
Vaccinate Your Horses and Protect Against Mosquito Exposure!

Two horses, one in Jasper County and the other in Newton County, in East Texas have died from Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE). Humans also are susceptible to EEE, which causes inflammation of the brain. The disease is spread by mosquitoes, and measures should be taken to prevent human and animal exposure to the biting pests.

“As part of their routine health care, horses in all parts of the state should be vaccinated to protect against dangerous mosquito-borne diseases, including West Nile Virus, and Eastern and Western Equine Encephalitis (EEE and WEE),” said Dr. Bob Hillman, Texas’ state veterinarian and head of the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC), the state’s livestock and poultry health regulatory agency.

“It takes a week to 10 days after vaccination for the animal to develop protective antibodies, and booster shots must be administered as directed by the vaccine manufacturer to maintain the highest level of protection,” he said. “As effective as vaccines are, however, they are not foolproof, and rare instances of disease can occur. Therefore, it is essential that you protect yourself and your horses against mosquito exposure with a repellent containing DEET.”

Dr. Hillman also said other preventive measures should include draining stagnant water, where mosquitoes can breed, and using approved products that kill mosquito larvae in desired water sources, such as troughs, ponds and fountains. Avoid being outside at night or at dawn, when mosquitoes are most active, wear long sleeves when possible, and consider sheltering horses at night.

“Contact your veterinarian immediately, if your horse acts erratically, is confused, staggers or collapses. These are clinical signs of an encephalitic, or brain inflammation, condition, and a blood test is needed to confirm the diagnosis. With appropriate supportive care, about half of infected horses may survive. An infected horse will not spread the West Nile Virus, EEE or WEE to humans,” said Dr. Hillman. Although they are not regulatory diseases, these mosquito-spread infections are reportable to the TAHC, due to their potential to cause human illness. In 2009, a horse in Washington County, also in East Texas, has been confirmed to have West Nile Virus.

EEE also has been reported in July in horses in Florida, Louisiana, Missouri and Virginia.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Thank you to Troy and Stacy, Advocates for Agriculture, for another great find to read. The OpEd written by Megan Daum is a must read if you live in a urban area or are just removed from agriculture. Megan writes as a columnist for the LA Times and her column for today, Animal rights, writ to large? Well written but ultimately I agree with Troy she falls short on understanding the big picture. My response is to add she fell just short of doing her research on Animal Rights Lobby Groups like HSUS & PETA. Like any politician, Wayne Pacelle is good at just leaving out information when asked by the press. She even drew the wrong conclusion of HSUS being a 'The Humane Society is a mainstream anti-cruelty and animal-shelter organization.' Wrong they are a lobbying group only. I don't have to add any more as she got an ear full in the comments to her blog. The comment left by dogmom is the best:

'Your statement that HSUS is a "mainstream" and "animal shelter organization is totally incorrect but it is what Wayne Pacelle wants everyone to believe. HSUS does not own or operate a single shelter on its own and does not regularly give money to local animal shelters. In contrast, the ASPCA in New York operates a state of the art shelter and low cost animal hospital and helps local shelters all over the US. I know, because I am on the board of an East Coast shelter that is getting $ and expertise from ASPCA. HSUS charged us $6,000 for a "consultation" that produced a nothing but boilerplate report. Worthless, just like HSUS!'
Submitted by: dogmom
6:25 AM PDT, July 16, 2009

'Nuff said'


Thursday, July 9, 2009


My other post for today "Shame in the Horse Show Ring" made me think of the most wonderful Quarter Horse I ever rode. I was working as a Livestock Supervisor for Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice. I watched for three years this horse being ridden by another individual doing what one does with cattle: checking cattle daily, penning cattle for working, and checking fence. His name was Shortie. A fire orange sorrel gelding built like a little bulldog standing just 14.1 hands. The time came when his rider left the ranch. I was able to pick him up. Why that rider loved to have this horse's nose in the air was beyond me. I was drawn to Shortie because he loved his job and had a real gutsy attitude. He just knew he could do anything the bigger horses could, and he could.

Well that rough nose in the air gate had to go. Patience was the rule every day I stepped onto his back. After three weeks of a get to know you period I set up a series of cavaletti for Shortie. We would work about five minutes everyday at a walk and trot across them. At first it was like a fish out of water. This powerhouse athletic gelding couldn't even walk across them with out almost falling down. It took two weeks for him to begin to look down at the ground. It was the beginning for him to realize he didn't have to stick his nose in the air. Slowly over the next year he began to drop his head, learned to cadence his gait. We could head across open ground at an extended trot and I could sit and ride with ease. His jog was exquisite and balanced. His lope like a gentle rocking chair, easy and free lead changes with just a shift of the opposite leg by me. His neck level and collected at all gaits. All I had to do was lift my hand and he would stop. A year and half later other employees took notice, the gutsy little gelding was the envy of the ranch. Time and again I would hear someone say, I can't believe Shortie is the same horse. Can I ride him, the answer was always some other time.

Then one day as I climbed on his back, something was amiss. After twenty minutes I got off and check the girth, the pad, the saddle, the bridle, the bit.....I mean I checked everything. He was off, he wouldn't collect, wouldn't cadence any gait. After two hours I felt beaten to death like when I first started to ride him. On top of that I'd felt I was fighting him all morning. He wasn't tossing his head, he wasn't felt like a test. He didn't accept a single cue I gave him. I was trying to get a cadenced jog when I finally had enough. I didn't raise my hand to stop as I just stepped off of him. Roping horses are trained to stop when the rider comes off. He wasn't collected like he should have been. The result taught him a simple lesson he would never forget. He stumbled, scrambling to stop, and his knees hit the ground followed by his nose. He picked himself up as quickly as he fell. Stunned he stood there eyeing me.....I touched his neck lightly stroking him. 'Shortie,' I said, 'I hope that taught you a lesson.' I mounted and my wonderful gelding moved off at a walk, no soreness. I gently asked for a jog, and my gutsy little gelding was in fine form, collected and cadenced. He never again tested me. I never asked Shortie to drop his head so low he couldn't collect himself. I never forced him into an unnatural gait. I asked him to be on the bit and drive off his hindquarter. He was a horse I will never forget. A gutsy little guy that had one of the biggest hearts I've ever seen in a horse.

Some of the best horses I've ever mounted were ranch horses or PRCA Ropers. Working animals with hearts of fire and the patience to go all day long, day after day.


Blog - Shame in the Horse Show Ring

I found the blog Shame in the Horse Show Ring today. An interesting blog to say the least. A subject put forth which for years I was showing our Arabians aggravated me to no end. As all horse owners believe, their favorite breed is the best. For me it is Arabians, but let me stress an excellent horse of any breed is IMHO a joy to behold. I also am a believer that all horses regardless of what they look like should be treated with honor and respect!

Pictured in my LO is one of our family's three Arabians. This is Ibn Zubaydahh (Tammen x Zubaydahh) a Straight Egyptian we bred. In fact the last one we bred. He's a dream, well behaved with a fun loving streak. He isn't for the faint of heart. His mind like all Tammen babies is quick and devious at times. He isn't for a beginner. He will test and test you just for the fun of it. His forever home now resides at the ranch. His companion is Asia TA an El Hadayhh daughter. She has been at the ranch for 10 months as a refuge of Ike. She finally gets to return to her Mother, my Mom next Monday. The third I've yet to meet and shame on me for forgetting his name. Mom just adopted him. A very sweet gentleman in his aged years she says. I will meet him in a couple of weeks. The fourth equine we own is a donkey by the name of "Donkey" who pulls double duty at the ranch as a guard animal and halter breaks our show calves for us. To me the three I know well are so special to me. They never are abused but respected loving members of our family.

As I wrote "Shame in the Horse Show Ring" is a terrific blog! It points out the abuses that go on in the show world. A good friend near our Houston home was telling me about a the Arabian English (Saddle Seat) Horses. I was appalled to hear of them being shoe with stacked shoes, if that is even the correct terminology. I thought in the late eighties we solved that problem from ever beginning to occur. Arabians aren't AHS or Walkers. They are a desert horse: smart, brave, beautiful, and sensitive. WHY!!!!? would the people involved in Arabians do this. I've been away from the show scene since the early '90's because of money back then. Our kids got involved with livestock and that is the direction we have taken. I could never go back with this treatment of a breed as wonderful as the Arabian.

As I sat and read several posts today on "Shame in the Horse Show Ring." The post dated April 28, 2009, Model Citizens of the Horse World, is a post after my own heart. It talks about horse owners with an "ego." Something that would grate on me with several trainers in the show world. An truth be told I see it to some extent and much less in the cattle show world. For the most part it is from those who have moved or are showing horses, too. I shy away from them.

Speaking of which....abuse of horses just doesn't occur in the show world, it occurs outside of it, too. I happened to have my daughter tell me about a man who was chiropractor when she had an appointment the other day. This man had his horse literally dance on his back, run wide open around the ring several times then headed down a calf chute. Read between the lines....he did something to that horse to cause it. I have no sympathy. The nurse at the doctor's said he was always in for something relating to his horses (that was to me as I took my daughter to her appointment)....again read between the lines......I have no sympathy! I've been riding since I was nine and started with English Hunt Seat lessons on a Welsh cross horse. I've only ever had one horse in my entire life buck with me. It was a quarter horse who had a bad accident with another rider working on a ranch I worked on. A cow turned on her and she went to pitching. I road her out, more afraid of the cow then the mare bucking. She took three huge pitches, I kept kicking her forward until she took off at a run. About a hundred yards later I was able to slow her into an easy lope and then to an easy trot and finally to a jog. I never punished her or hit her. Her accident was she had been flipped when her legs got tangled in a rope after the rider roped the cow. In forty years of riding, I've been unseated by a horse shying at something or stumbling. I've never had one buck in training a youngster to saddle.

I've become a follower of "Shame in the Horse Show Ring," if for nothing else then to make a statement that abuse of any animal is abhorrent to me and my sensibilities!

For those animal rights activists who sit and read my blog....I don't tolerate animal abuse! Here at the ranch my husband laughs as he watches "my kids", the show calves, following me around their pasture. Somewhere along the line I would like animal rights activists to give me the freedom to do what I love and that is to contribute to the food supply of my country and to the world. I AM NOT A FACTORY FARM!


Monday, July 6, 2009

Rep. Peterson Flip Flops on Cap and Trade

Have you asked why Cap and Trade was allowed to pass the House of Representatives?

VIEWPOINT: Peterson does flip-flop on cap and trade

Apparently in Congress, Midwestern sensibility only takes you so far. Tuesday night, Rep. Collin Peterson, D-Minn., struck a deal with Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., to guarantee the votes to pass the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill.

By: Pat Anderson, St. Paul

ST. PAUL — Apparently in Congress, Midwestern sensibility only takes you so far.

Tuesday night, Rep. Collin Peterson, D-Minn., struck a deal with Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., to guarantee the votes to pass the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill. Peterson, chairman of the House Agriculture committee, under pressure from the White House and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, compromised with Waxman.

Politico, a D.C.-based news organization, highlights the terms of the compromise:

“Under the deal they announced Tuesday evening, the U.S. Department of Agriculture will oversee the offset program for farmers, and the House will seek further guidance from the Obama administration about the appropriate role for the Environmental Protection Agency.

“And Waxman has agreed to ask the EPA to roll back its new requirements that farmers offset rural land developed in other countries. Both were major sticking points for rural members and the many agriculture associations opposed to the bill.”

The controversial Waxman-Markey bill, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050, has had plenty of opposition from farm state and rust belt lawmakers. Crippling to industry and agriculture, the bill may indeed prove very controversial for Peterson’s constituents. His western Minnesota district’s economy is based heavily on agriculture, and if Peterson’s compromise does not adequately shield farmers from the provisions in the bill, it could have disastrous effects on the district’s economy.

Anderson is president of the Minnesota Free Market Institute. Read more....

I was thinking about a conversation relayed to me by my husband with our neighbor across the street from us. Our neighbor owns a broiler (chicken) farm at another property he owns. He has made little or no profit in the last two years with the increase in cost of electricity. He recently had his lawyer review his contract, most likely Sanderson Farms. They have found a provision for him to shut his broiler farm down. He is also concerned over the Cap and Trade bill. Should it pass the Senate he will shut it down. How many other broiler chicken farmers do the same? What will this do to the cost to you the consumer on the chicken you buy in the grocery store? Shorter supply, higher prices is the result. You should be concerned about this! I encourage you to read the entire article. Then call or email your senator. I already have.

On the personal level Rep. Peterson sold out the American Farmer and Rancher. He comes from the family farm. He shouldn't have sent a message to us, we aren't considered important in his eyes. He sent a message to the American Consumer he wants to see their taxes go up and the cost of their food to rise. If the damage the EPA will do to the farmer, may even cause a greater number of our population to go hungry. The way I read the article, the compromise only dictates the promise to do something to ease farmers burden on the carbon tax, not set in the law. The promise to ask President Obama what the role for the EPA will be. There is nothing set in stone to keep the EPA from setting standards which will force farms to go out of business.

Just my two cents.....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day at the Ranch, May 19, 2009

Yesterday, Larry and I spent the morning trying to get our new donkey, "Donkey" to either get caught or go out the gate so we could move him down the road to home. Yep, he visited the horses next door. He's now keeping our new senior bull Premier company until we get him gelded. Larry left for our Angleton home and work. I sat to cool off from the miles I walked behind "Donkey." Yep, his name is Donkey when we purchased him, so the name sticks. Thank you Natasha for such a rascal.

Then I dashed out the door to go see the cattle out back. Purpose other then to check and make sure everyone was there was to get a picture of "my" new bull calf. I claim one cow on the farm. PX 20L is my cow. I found her in the 2008 Get Back to Grass Sale Catalog and marked a big red star as the first one to look at. The picture was not of a cow of a particular great animal. Pictures are not what you will see in person. I marked her because she was a daughter of the great Lowline Bull Quartermaster. I'd been bugging Larry for Quartermaster semen for two years last fall. All falling on deaf ears. When I arrived at the sale, I headed in the barn looking for PX 45. I stood there looking at a seven year old cow, in the prime of her reproductive capacity. There was a lot to like about her and some I didn't. But then again I could pick apart any animal. I liked what I saw and had visions of her being bred to Tequila, Peyton, and Machine. I could probably think of a few other Lowline Bulls I could breed her to. I said to Larry I wanted that cow. He said there are better and she's older. "I want that cow!" He said I don't think we need her. "I want that cow." I think of the on going remarks prior to the sale about that cow. My reply kept being "I want that cow." Larry asked Lynn about that cow. She was positive. Then I happen to be in a group of individuals and asked Neil where Quartermaster worked the best in the breed. He said on the half-bloods and listed the whys. I happened to go outside about two cows before she was to sell. When I came back in she was selling. Then I spotted Larry and I saw his hand wave. I could barely contain my excitement. He was bidding on the cow I wanted. Of course you know the story, she came home with me.

She was exposed to two different bulls. I was excited when I looked at when she was palpated, Wow maybe she'll give me an Absolut calf. Yet when she calved and I took one look at my new bull calf it was obvious she was a Bruzer son. Mr. FJL11 V01 is a half blood lowline, a quarter Gelbvieh, a quarter shorthorn. He's been the best of the three percentage calves born on the farm this year. I had no doubt he would be. He's better then the Absolut heifer he had last year and she was a show quality 3/4 Lowline heifer. I'll see how he does when we wean him on his weight. Right now he's advertised for sale as a show steer or bull. He should easily make the lightweight class for a steer. Needless to say my husband is very pleased with my now eight year old cow.....who goes by the name of "Your cow."

I took alot of pictures this day and put two of my other favorites up on this post. The one at the top of the post is of the massive bloom all of the Prickly Pears are having. It's a larger bloom then I've ever seen before. All of the Prickly Pear large and small are blooming with a passion. Then there is the yard art to the left of this paragraph. I couldn't resist this shot after the photos I took of my calf. There was Chili Pepper
and my loyal "cow dog" Paige who is currently warming my feet. She long ago realized the safest place for her when the herd was around was in the mule. The cows don't pay any attention to her, she's just part of the crew to them. Paige loves to be in the mule while I'm wondering among the cattle. She's sooo cute watching her "Mommy".

May your day be as peaceful as mine! Kim

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Michigan Farm Bureau - Close Up on Farm Animal Welfare

How do I feel when I watch before my eyes the one thing I love second only to my family being attacked? What emotions do I feel? Anger, Extreme Sadness and Fear. We bought the ranch to sustain us through our retirement. It won't provide a great income but one we feel we can live on. How would you feel if someone threatened your right of choice on any matter? Any matter at all. I think HSUS is after ME and other animal livestock producers. This is what I wrote on another site about my feelings for what I love, my ranch. It's not just the livestock it everything which occurs around me at the ranch.

In this country, the greatest on earth we have so much freedom to choose which side we are on in any discussion. We truly are blessed. I choose to be a rancher, I choose a much smaller income when we sell our business on the coast. I do so because I love walking outside and seeing the cows with calves grazing. A blue bird landing on a fence post nearby. Sitting in our mule (motorized) watching my husband on the dozer clearing mesquite trees and having a 12 week old skunk walk by me within arms reach. I enjoy watching a pair of turkey buzzards raising a pair of chicks....did you know they are ground layers. I didn't until Larry found the nest. We have our second nest this spring on the ranch since we have purchased our property. I love walking quietly up to one of the stock tanks to see the turtles sunning themselves. I enjoy watching the interactions of the cows in the herd. And they have taught me so much about life just as my horses have. I love being covered with dirt, hot and sweaty. A shower and cool glass of tea on the porch in the evening is my reward for a wonderful day.

On occasion I spend time online searching for something that will alleviate the fear I have of someone taking my right to choose my rural ranching lifestyle away from me. As I was searching the web I ended up on Michigan Farm Bureau. I was thrilled to see a six part video announced to be added to You Tube this week. Videos that show researchers, farmers, and the truth about what farmers do. The title of this six part series is titled, Close Up on Farm Animal Welfare. I love the whole series, but I thought I'd leave you with a touch of what is talked about.

I love the introduction to each segment by Ernie Birchmeier but especially his introduction for Segment 3. He talks about the evolution of our confinement systems to be able to feed a hungry nation. He says this segment will show, 'How we do, Why we do, What we Do.' No truer words can be spoken. Listen closely to the President of Michigan Pork Producers and his experience of raising hogs outdoors. That would have been back when he was growing up. They talk in soft tones of Why we got to where we are. Sows eat, squash, and step on their babies causing death and injury. Inclement weather can take even more death loss. Pigs are happy when given a little to eat and their body is clean. They really hate being dirty. They roll in mud because they can not sweat, it keeps them cool and the bugs off.

Segment 6 starts by giving the statistics about where we were and where we are today as far as the number of people each farmer contributes to feeding meat to the consumer. Imagine taking my ability to feed 143 people away from me. 143 citizens of my country will not have the food I produce, will they be hungry. What if one plant farmer quit. 143 plus people will go hungry. No meat no plant food equals a minimum of 143 hungry people. Could you be one of those people? Why would an organization want that to happen to their fellow citizens? I have the ability to produce a minimum of 40,000 lbs of beef on the hoof each year right now. That equates to approximately almost 21,000 lbs of beef to the consumer. If you do the math I can contribute 1.5 lbs of beef per household of four 365 days a year for 38 families. That is 153 people. I have the capacity to produce more meat then the average family needs in a year.

My favorite Segment is number six, but if your unfamiliar with the discussions of the previous three you might not understand what is being said if you don't know about farming and ranching. I love hearing the personal understanding of the importance of agriculture to this country. Please hear the stories we tell, the love we have for our profession, and the dedication. If you learn about us, you will side with the producer who desires to provide the consumer with the safest, cheapest, and most abundant food in the world.

The half truths and downright lies of a lobbying organization declaring they are for animal rights. Versus the organizations who are for animal welfare and are doing front line work for the benefit of animals. Don't believe HSUS or PETA or AFL. These groups are dangerous to my lifestyle and yours. Don't give to them, your money is being used to lobby unjustly about my job, my life, and what I choose to do which under the Constitiution and the Declaration of Independance is a God given right of the American people.

The printed article can be found at the Michigan Farm Bureau their online You Tube page is at Michigan Farm Bureau


Friday, May 15, 2009

Atlanta Channel 2 News Reports on HSUS

I found it so refreshing to see this video on You Tube. Atlanta Channel 2 News reports on HSUS and their misconceptions in how they raise money. I'm delighted! All I can say is watch this video for yourself to see what this group is up to. They should be investigated by the US Congress instead of listening to their lobbyists! The piece was balanced towards pet welfare and what HSUS stands for. Wish they included the beliefs HSUS has about animal producers in agriculture. I'm so tired of being called a factory farm when I know of no "factory farm" anywhere in the US.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hunger in America

We say not me! I'm won't go through that! Hunger only occurs with the homeless, and I won't be there! Really, you really think that way! Please, I've been homeless and couldn't put food on the table and now my income level is at what most people only dream of it being. I won't go hungry again, I can grow my own food on the land I own outright. That's a good thing. But what about you? Do you even know how to grow your own food. This is the picture we see on TV and the streets of what hunger looks like in America. You say they don't look hungry. Eventually it gets to looking like this.
Is it really what you want to see? I'm seeing the first signs! People with backpacks walking along the road in the rain and cold. I'm seeing the first signs with passage of Prop 2 in California. HSUS has gone into Ohio, Missouri, and North Carolina to try to pass similiar measures.

I had someone tell me today it would never happen, no one could stop the production of meat. Another wrote yesterday how stopping meat production could cause an increase in pollution. No leather for your baseball gloves or footballs they become vinyl. Vinyl is synthetic produced in a chemical plant. The result goes even further into our lifestyle then you think.

If you think it can't happen, guess again. Agriculture operates on a very small margin, people are only willing to pay a certain amount for chicken, pork and beef. These are the three meats that Americans eat the most. If the price goes up restraunts and manufactures will go out of business and grocery stores will carry less. Those who can't afford it won't buy the meat. If meat prices rise so high there will be a demand for more plant food production and we don't have enough land to feed our country on plant production alone never mind helping to feed the 6.7 billion and growing human population of the world. The number one cause of social and political instability in the world is hunger. Learn about Agriculture and your food systems in this country. Don't let hunger in this country become our legacy of my generation for not stopping left wing animal rights groups.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

NSD '09 ... ACOT

NSD or National Scrapbooking Day is really celebrated around the world. To be honest I think we need to change it to National Scrapbooking Weekend. There are all sorts of functions going on across the country in LSS, consultants with Creative Memories and other home businesses, and online. My cropping group this year will celebrate next Saturday with our monthly crop. This weekend though I spent time at A Cherry on Top or ACOT! They hosted a very fun online crop! This was a first for me and I am so HOOKED! Here are some of the pictures pulled from my picture library and projects I completed over the weekend. I would have gotten more done had it not been for doing some work around the ranch. The pictures and other items are in desending order.

I fell in love with Challenge #11! We had to list all of the STUFF in our bag (purse) on the thread. Then go back and read the rest of the post. Common items we choose to carry were matched with a product. Here's what I wrote with parenthesis the matching product I was allowed to use in our LO's. Cash (pattern paper), Debit Card (cardstock), receipts (die-cut), lipstick (glitter), coupons (stamp), hair brush (paper clip), car keys (flowers), mints (brads), cell phone (buttons). I also had business cards listed and since it wasn't given on the list I was allowed to choose an additional product and I chose alphas. I chose to do LO that reflected our lifestyle and work on the ranch.

Delta Zeta's rose, Killarney! How I love this rose! Used on the thread asking how we chose our nic on ACOT's message board. My nick killarney_rose!

My darling Paige asking my son James for some sprinklins'!
Posted this photo of my precious girl spending time with her James. The thread asked us to tell which breed of dog they would buy. Of course I would have another Cavalier. Small dog averaging twelve pounds bred to be a lap and foot warmer during the middle ages. Wonderful temperment not yappy and a real joy to have. Paige is currently warming my feet.

Talk about a scrap space during crop! We were asked for a photo of a messy scrap space. Mine was relatively clean compared to some, LOL!

Fast Scrap 13 was so fantastic! I didn't think I could do it but I did! I'm so excited! The challenge was to make an altered item or a card holder to hold a hand made card. I thought this was a neat way to dress up a present! I so love my Creative Memories Pattern. I could stick with a star theme with a star on the card I made. Then on top of it all I WON the challenge and received a $5 gift certificate to ACOT's store. So excited!

My Fast Scrap 12 entry for the birthday card. Thanks for getting me to move with lightening speed! Done in 10 minutes. Uploading it with a site I'm not familiar with was another story!!!!! LOL!

Me on the porch of our house at the ranch during ACOT NSD Crop! The thread asked for a picture of us during the crop. Well I love showing how I think when it comes to the ranch. I love using the cattle to mow our two acre lawn! A thread for a picture the morning after our first night. The crop was a 50 hour extravaganza!

There is nothing more fun then spending time sharing family, our stories and having a blast producing a item for others to enjoy! I AM ADDICTED TO SCRAPPING!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Brothers

I looked at a tutorial about using a whole punch to form a title. I was so excited about it I went to punching holes. When done I understood why the tutorial said to use two different sizes of hole punches. Aghh well, another tool to purchase.... with a smile on my face.

My brothers much younger. For my "About Me" album. I've chosen photos of us when we were young because those are always my first thoughts about my brothers. They both are wonderful adults with wonderful families of their own. They been so supportive of our mother since Dad's passing. They have been more like big brothers to me then I could ever hope for in recent years. So hats of to MY BROTHERS! Hey guys, who spit the seeds the furthest that day?

Thank you to Pink Sketches for their wonderful inspiration for this LO with Sketch # 30. The collage is all about what my brothers love.


...on my Journey

I probably have written this before, I love being a mother. Some time back I did a LO of James titled Embrace and wrote a post about it. The picture was a self-portrait of James. Lynn did a self portrait of herself. I knew like with James' LO I would be given a word to describe where my children are as young adults. It is why I so love One Little Word. The inspiration of just one word can send you forward. I also used 52 Sketches...52 Weeks #17 to put the LO together. Thank you to both sites. The other inspiration came from tutorials on technique on both sites. Using paint on your LO's. Since we had so much rain this week I could take the time to paint and let it dry.

Larry and I have always told the children to look and explore the world around them. Both of us would say or do something when they were growing up and then tell them to see if what we were telling them was true. I think my favorite thing I told the kids was about piercings and tattoos. Lynn was allowed to pierce her ears for earrings. Other then that both were told no tattoos or piercings until they were over the age of 18. I told them to look around them. The most successful people in the world who were not in sports or entertainment did not have tattoos or piercings or at lteast they couldn't be seen. As they got older they really did begin to look. Lynn has gotten a tattoo but it is well hidden. She pierced her nose, but I think she's beginning to get tired of it from the way she talks. It's forever getting infected. Kind of why I rarely wear earrings any more. My ears are infected within 36 hours. We also talked openly about drugs and sex with them. We showed them examples in their lives and ours. They now have seen cousins wind up in jail over drugs. They shake their heads and both have said, 'how stupid!'

Lynn was about 8 years old when she decided to set a plan for her life. It started with going to college at Texas A&M. She wanted to be a lawyer for a while. Then there was probably half a dozen other things she wanted to be. Where is she, of course a Senior at Texas A&M majoring in Agriculture Science (what they call Agriculture Education). She was a PAL (Peer Assistance Leadership) in High School. A select organization to be a peer mentor. She found she loved helping others. I just think it is ingrained in my daughter to help others. So many adults helped her down her journey she started to set for herself at age 8. There were teachers, coaches, and friends to guide her through swimming then softball, her rabbitry and on to her pig and cattle. Teachers leading by example to her. I'm grateful to all of those positive experiences Lynn received. She has allowed herself to let her journey to evolve and grow. I so look forward to where her journey will lead her from here. She'll continue as she always has, placing one foot in front of the other to reach her goals. We love you Lynn!


Pork Prices

I had two courses in college where we had $10,000 dollars on paper and had to invest the money (on paper) in the Futures Market in Agriculture Commodities. At the end of the six weeks we had to let the class know how much we made. Both times I made just over $1,000,000. The closest anyone else came was a good friend when we took one of the classes together. He also made over a million but was slightly under me. The next closest student in both classes was $250,000. The friend and I worked together on reading information on the agriculture markets and then made trades based on our discussions together. The one thing I understood was how the speculators entered the market and exited the market. I understood how emotions could drive the market, too. Back then we didn't have instant communication as we do now. We had to do all of our trades based on a one day delay via the Wall Street Journal. I loved this particular exercise in these classes.

Pork prices are down. How is it determined. First the Futures Markets for Agriculture Commodities for the most part are traded on the CBOT and CME. From my classes I stayed clear of Pork Bellies. This was the only way back in the '80's that Pork was traded. Pork Bellies were just too volatile for me. Since then Lean Hogs have been added.

Pork Bellies is the way to trade Bacon. Yeah, funny name to me. Lean Hogs is the other instrument to trade Live Hogs. Late last night I took a look at the prices. Hog producers were already reeling from the high grain prices of last year. The outlook for prices and making money for this year was dismal at best. Now enter the current flu virus. Pork prices have tumbled severely. This is such a blow to the producers. If I had the money late last week when the virus hit the news, I would have sold contracts in one or both of the instruments to market hogs. This morning I would have purchased contracts to exit the market and made a boat load of money.

On April 23, Pork Bellies closed about $83 dollars from the charts I read. Yesterday they closed at 75.875. Lean Hogs on April 24 closed at just under $74 from the charts. Yesterday it closed at 69.17 and currently are trading at 10:50 am at 68.300. Some of this is speculation and institutional driven. But, it is based on the falling purchases by consumers of pork in the grocery store. On a Lean Hogs contract that is a profit of almost $2000 per contract in five days.

If you want to help producers please buy pork. You will not get the flu from eating pork!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

HSUS President & CEO Pacelle on Swine Flu

I have never in my life seen such a blatant outright piece written with half-truths and down right lies in my entire life. Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of HSUS, blog post dated April 27, 2009, A Possible Connection: Swine Flu and Factory Farms, is the source for all of his half-truths and down right lies. This man is blaming everyone involved in animal agriculture production for Swine Flu and other diseases and pathogens. He is responsible for two of the most egregious forms of asking for donations and getting huge amount of dollars only to spend a fraction on what was raised. Katrina, HSUS receives 37 million and only spends 4 million on animal victims of Katrina. The most recent is the Micheal Vic, where they raise money only to say, 'Put the dogs down.'

HSUS as reported by Micheal Johnson of the Charlotte Observer quoted: “The Humane Society of the United States is trying to help out from the top down,” said David Miller, executive director of one of those dog-and-cat shelters, the Humane Society of Charlotte. “That's confusing for people sometimes.” And yet this is what was said by Victoria on the Facebook Group Stop the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) :

'HSUS infuriates me to no end! I am a shelter director and I can tell you for a fact that we get people all the time assuming if the give to HSUS we will be helped. We have never seen ONE RED DIME from them. We are in a county with an 11.5% un-employment rate and I can't even get them to send us a donation to help us continue our spay/neuter certificate program. You would think after all their yapping about that, they would be willing to help shelters continue their programs when they are financially incapable of continuing!!! Tells you that they really don't care about those of us actually working with the pets that they supposedly hold so near and dear to their hearts. HSUS does not operate one single shelter in the US and are nothing more that a massive lobbying organization I will never support them after what they did to horses in this country. We have a small hog business and farm on a small scale and this group will be the end to all of us if we do not stop them now.'

Victoria's post was dated March 11,2009. Obviously they would rather put her small farm out of business then help the shelter she is head of. Pacelle would say she is running a Factory Farm without even knowing her. I guarantee her pigs are treated with the utmost respect and care!

Pacelle uses in the first paragraph the H1N1 influenza virus is what humans are contracting. Further down Dr. Micheal Greger, a senior staff member of HSUS, writes about H1N1 as a swine influenza virus. The influenza virus humans are contacting is not H1N1! It is a combination of swine, avian, and human virus. Time and again research has shown the virus mutates. This is a totally new virus. Pacelle says it has been traced to a major area of pig farms in Mexico. Mexico does not have the built in safety system the U.S. has for their food supply. We have the safest food system in the world. A local restaurant owner in the Clear Lake (NASA) area is a immigrant from Lebanon. In the Middle East if you want chicken for dinner you go to the local market tell the merchant you want 'that chicken.' The chicken is alive when you pick it out, the merchant carries it in back of the shop, harvests the chicken for you and brings it out to you. No USDA inspection like we have here. Where would you like to purchase your chicken? Pacelle refuses to acknowledge the safety systems in our Agriculture products.

Dr. Paconna interviewed on ABC Early Morning National News is quoted as saying, 'You can't get the flu from eating pork.' Don't let Pacelle say you can as he implies in his blog post. I've heard the same statement all day long on every news program I've watched. I've been watching as we received rain all day.

By the time you finish this post you are sure you are going to get influenza and it is all of the pig producers fault in this country. Even the picture he shows is misleading. There is no dirty floor the pigs are standing on. In fact they look pretty happy pigs to me. Pigs are very curious, intelligent and expressive animals. Happy pigs have the kind of face you see on these pigs. The slats of wood are the cover over an automated flush system to remove manure. Pacelle has once again shown a false statement of how our pork producers are concerned with the welfare of their animals to bring a very safe product to market for the consumer.

Again, Pacelle has shown what HSUS is all about. He and the rest of HSUS wants to get rid of Animal Production Agriculture as quoted in his March 30, 2009 blog post. Notice I highlighted Policy of HSUS on wanting to eventually do away with Animal Production Agriculture.

We believe in the Three R'sreducing the consumption of meat and other animal-based foods; refining the diet by eating products only from methods of production, transport, and slaughter that minimize pain and distress; and replacing meat and other animal-based foods in the diet with plant-based foods.

I'm just exposing the man for what he is, head of a deceitful lobbying organization!


Edited on 4/30/09: In an above paragraph I stated H1N1 is not a human virus. Yesterday, even the President uses H1N1 virus as the name of the flu currently infecting humans. So I apologize. Now my question is who is wrong? If swine do have H1N1 virus affect them as a stated in Pacelle's blog and known as swine flu then what is the name of the current virus affecting us. It obviously evolved, mutated, changed, converted, or changed to be able to affect us as proved by the US Center for Disease Control as being of Swine, Avian, and Human origin. My point of HSUS trying to instill fear hasn't changed!

On top of that please understand you can not get the flu from eating pork.

Monday, April 27, 2009

HSUS lobbying in North Carolina

Troy and Stacy had some wonderful comments on various topics today! HSUS in North Carolina really seem to hit home for me. While in college (working on my BS as I have two degrees) I spent my three summers in North Carolina. Two of those summers I worked for the North Carolina State Government Horticulture Crops Research Station. When I went in to see if they had any jobs open the end of May 1980, I was surprised they were excited to have an Agriculture Major requesting a job. They even offered to set me up with Sam Houston State for me to receive an internship. I never pursued it. Essentially, I was an intern though. I couldn't believe there were no NCSU Horticulture majors working at the Station. Only Aggies ever were able to get positions on Texas Research Stations. Their primary crop was and still is blueberries. I did every conceivable thing one can do to a blueberry. No computers to run the statistical analysis and I ran them all by a calculator. Lots of time in the green houses watering the plants and reporting on any problems or fixing the irrigation system when it went down. The list of what I did during those two summers is long. Yet, I learned so much about research and production agriculture. I think the most interesting experiment was a group of Grad Students and two professors had a test plots for new varieties of carrots. They were grown at this research station as the soils were very close to soils in Central Africa. When the carrots were ready for harvest, we spent the morning with the Grad students pulling carrots. Very back breaking work. They had been taking weights, measurements, etc. Just like I would do with the blueberries each week a test plot was picked. I came down a row with a full bucket of carrots from one plot after we had been harvesting for two hours. The Grad Student I set it down by looked at me and said I would get to taste a carrot from that bucket. I asked, 'Your not weighing first?' The reply, 'Nope!' So I walked over to a facet, washed a carrot off turned around and took a big bite, and nearly choked to death. That was the most GOD AWFUL CARROT I had ever tasted! I remember him laughing at me. I'd spit that thing out and ran back to the facet to rinse my mouth. He then told me every plot had been that way. Dejected the team returned to Raleigh to start completely over. There is one thing the research work made me realize, I didn't want to do it for a career. At least for Horticulture it was slow as molasses. By the start of my second summer I knew I was going to stay in school for a Masters and by the end of my summer I was positive I'd rather not do a Thesis. So I have a terminal degree. I can say again, I loved the work though. I really enjoyed the statistical analysis the most. I suppose it is why I have my degrees in Agriculture Economics. Crunching numbers for trends or to find a way to save money on the ranch is intriguing to me.

I have family in North Carolina and Larry's ancestry traces to Pender County. Along with those two things and the two summers meeting so many professors in the Horticulture Department at NCSU drew me to the article Troy found in the Charlotte Observer, Bill stirs battle - over dogs, or meat? I urge you to read the post. I found for the most part the author Mark Johnson attempted to show both sides of the issue. Better then most articles, but he too, fell a little short. I'd point it out but I think I have in other posts on my blog. What I did find out was what seemed to be the HSUS owned sanctuaries. Mr. Johnson used the term "operated" instead of owned. I'd always heard HSUS didn't own any shelters or sanctuaries. The one that disturbed me the most was one in Texas. So I set out to find out who actually owned the ranch. As I began my search I found out some interesting things. The Black Beauty Ranch outside of Athens, Texas was founded by Cleveland Amory a children's author. The Black Beauty Ranch's Partners according to the website is The Fund for Animals and HSUS. The Fund for Animals according to Wikipedia at the link for Cleveland Amory founded The Fund for Animals. In 2005 HSUS formed a "Corporate Combination" with The Fund for Animals. What the heck was that? You'd think I could pull it from the recesses of my mind since I have a minor in General Business. So searched yet again. I found this on the web and I'll let you read it at All Business. So the end result is I'm still not sure who owns Black Beauty Ranch. I do know one thing, I will not go to the ranch and will not give dollars to the ranch and will do everything I can to keep others from giving to the ranch directly.

Now I'm off to email Mark Johnson to correct him on some points in his article. I'm also going to email my aunt and uncle in Greensboro to encourage my aunt and uncle to call their state representative and senator of the North Carolina Legislature.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Out My Window

Living on a ranch there is never a dull day. Just looking around you see a world open before you full of wonder. This morning Larry comes out from his morning shower and asks me to come back to the bedroom. He points out the window to a brown mass in the trees along the fence line. There in the tree is a swarm of bees. He tells me to be careful if I go out to get a picture. I tell him not to worry. I've no desire to disturb this group of one of the most wonderful insects in the world! Kim

Friday, April 24, 2009

Aggie Ring Day & Scrapbook Layouts

I've enjoyed the last two days working on two layouts. I think the biggest reason I enjoyed it so much is because I've been in and out with family things to do. The most fun we had was last weekend in College Station, Texas A&M Univ. Parent's Weekend. We started Friday afternoon with the rain falling walking to the William Clayton Alumni Center for Ring Day. All I can say is, 'WHAT A ZOO'! The seniors were having a ball, celebrations started, pictures being taken everywhere. My favorite is this one to the right. Everyone was damp from the rain. May have dampened the body but certainly not the Aggie

Spirit! The picture at left is Lynn proudly showing off the Gig-'Em Aggie while making sure her coveted Aggie Ring is there for all to see. Now just one more thing to do to the ring. She will wait until Natasha gets hers next semester and then they will Perform a Ring Dunk! Another Aggie Tradition.

When I arrived back at the ranch on Wednesday I started in the evening with the two LO's I needed to accomplish before Saturday. Both were using Sketches from 52 Sketches...52 Weeks. Because of the busy week between the ranch and our home in Angleton I didn't complete Week #15. I decided on a companion page to my "Real" layout I did a while back. Another view of my Tahitian Sunset Rose from a different position. The picture is below.

My entry for this week's 52 Sketches...52 Weeks, Week 16 is a pictures of a Killdee and her nest. I loved working with this sketch for the LO. My favorite was the tag. I had fun working with my Ranger Perfect Pearls. You can't see the shimmer but it is a really fun medium to work with. I used a butterfly stamp. Larry happen to find the nest and came in to tell me about the nest. I've seen several Killdee nests on the coast. I've always found it amazing the color of the eggs is not always the same. The color directly depends on the color surrounding the nest. Somehow when I took the picture the eggs came out darker then what they really were. As I worked I remember my feelings to see this hen's nest. Her nest was along the side of our county road. The chances of the nest surviving would be next to 'nil. All of the other nests I'd seen had two or three eggs. This gal was prolific, she had four. The picture was taken last June. As I finished up the layout I thought how could I attract a Killdee and keep her nest relatively safe. Every nest I've seen has been in gravel. Our road is the wrong place. But our garden is a great place. I just need to get some gravel back there so maybe next year we can attract a pair to build a nest. The pair would help with bugs for the babies.

Texans have fond memories from the '90's about Killdee's. Seems it is the in thing for Candidates running for governor to get out with the press in tow and have a hunting trip. It is always during Upland Game Bird Season. It's the only way to show one of our state's favorite passions before the actual election. Deer Season and Duck/Geese season start on or just after the election. 1994 Election between Ann Richards and George H.W. Bush was a very hot election. It was important for both to be seen as true sportsman or woman as the case may be. Open day of Quail Season Ann & George headed out to the field, separately of course. At the end of the day both reported success and a good day of hunting. Ann Richards had to be the one to hang her head though. She killed a Killdee, a protected species, and was levied a fine. She handled it like the honorable Texan she was. So her day of hunting brought more press coverage then Bush's. I guess it can be said some bad press can be good press.

As for the spelling of the Killdee's name. They are also known as Killdeer and both spellings are correct.

I leave you with one more though: Why can't I use the symbol "&" in the Labels? I tried to write Texas A&M Univ. That is the correct way to write the name of the University. I had to settle for TAMU. Oh well, rules of the blog post.

Keep our elected officials in your prayers. They sure need some good thoughts sent their way.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tea Party - Lake Jackson, Texas

Most of my online scrapbooking friends know I have two homes. We hope by the end of the year it will just be the one in Groesbeck, TX. I had to go home Monday evening to Angleton for a dental appointment on Tuesday. I'm such a wimp when it comes to the dentist it wears my nerves to a frazzle. I always stay an extra night. My bags packed and ready for me to go. I'm about to call Larry and let him know I'm leaving. He calls when I'm within minutes of calling him. Would I go to the Lake Jackson Tea Party with him. I hate to tell Larry no when he asks so nicely. Plus I'm curious about what these are really all about since I don't get news that isn't skewed at least a little to the liberal side. Larry arrives home, and James wants to go. His two best friends are going. He is waiting for a call on when he can go for a job interview. He can't leave until 5:00pm. We decide to wait.

While we wait we all sit in front of TV watching Glen Beck in San Antonio in front of the Alamo at the Tea Party. As Texans we can so relate to the things Glen Beck and his guests relate about Texas History and what the Alamo means to Texans. Larry had told me at least seven days before the Tea Parties he really wish we could have been at the San Antonio Tea Party. We finally get to leave. I would estimate a minimum of 500 people. We saw so many friends and enjoyed saying hello. A past owner-operator who leased his truck with our terminal came up to say hi. And as I look back and I think what Nancy Pelosi said, made me realize this individual who worked under a lease agreement was just disgusted. He'd been unable to find work, as he had sold his truck and lost his job since he left working for us. He was 30 days to being homeless because of foreclosure. I think what Nancy Pelosi said about the Tea Parties being about the wealthy rich paying individuals to attend and I think about the individuals I've seen walking along Texas Highways with backpacks in the last 72 hours. These aren't individuals that look like alcoholics or drug addicts. These are people who have had their world turn upside down by the Recession. It is just horrible the far left wants to put a spin on what occurred on April 15th.

James did the above video of the Lake Jackson Tea Party. I'm proud of him for becoming active in his freedoms! Keep it up James!

Larry had gone to bed and I began to think about all of the posts I'd written about attacks on Agriculture and the hidden agenda of HSUS and PETA.

Here's what I think the Tea Parties were about. As I said we saw many friends there. Some are like me a economic conservative and just left of the middle on social issues. Friends who were die-hard Democrats, friends who were Republicans and those who consider themselves Independents. Why can't the far left can't respect our wishes to make our voices heard. Everything in me from my economics training tells me the way our government has chosen to handle this recession is going to send us into a place none of us wants to go. I can't fathom what will happen if they don't stop spending. It isn't just Bush and Obama. Most of the blame needs to be blamed on Congress. Barney Frank needs a good stiff kick in the back side. Why is he blaming the Republicans when he and the Democrats had control of the House? He was in charge of over site on the Finance Committee. Why didn't he pursue it? Why does he blame everyone else when the buck stops with him? Who knows.

As I dived more deeply into why I went I found it really had to do with my love of Agriculture. As I saw three individuals in the last 72 hours on Texas State Highways. A couple walking south on State Hwy 35. A man not ten years older then me on State Hwy 6 this afternoon. It hurt to the bone. It made me think of the tent cities I've seen in California on the news. It made me think about hunger in this country. Here we are the most blessed nation in the world with not only the land, climate, and soils to grow enough food to feed our nation and a huge portion of the rest of the world we have hunger and homeless due to the recession. We have had both without the recession, but now it is getting worse by the day.

I so believe in the humane treatment of animals. My mother and my brother-in-law are animal control officers. My mom is a member of Second Chance Pets, a rescue organization for dogs and cats. I look at our own cattle. They all have names. Some given names, others their brand numbers but none the less we all know who each individual is. I can tell you from a distance which animal is which. There are just over 80 on the ranch. Calves born receive a herd number, they have to have one so they can be registered with the respected registry. Some are double registered so the numbers have to match the requirements of both registries. They go buy their herd numbers until they receive given names. Some never get a given name, but their name is their number. In our eyes it is a name. I think the one cow who we purchased as a 21 month old heifer has the registered name of Corporran Acres 590. We call her 590. When she had a problem with foot rot, she was up in the pasture with the show cattle so I could care for her. I've grown very fond of her. She loves being a Mom and is a good Mom.

So why does HSUS and PETA keep their agendas hidden? Why won't those who support them listen to the argument I have about the ability to feed our population at an inexpensive cost? Why won't they listen that we don't have the land to grow enough plant food products to replace meat if we did away with it? Why won't they acknowledge we are loosing quality farm land to urban development that could be used for growing plant food products to feed our nation and the rest of the world? Why will they not see that forcing their so called humane ideas on animal housing or what agriculture calls confinement systems is dangerous not only to the animals health but the health of humans? Why most people in this country can be tolerant to those who choose a diet based on partial or total vegetarian diets but in return not respect those who desire to enjoy meat? I'm not saying all of those who enjoy a vegetarian diet are like this.

Next time, you want to blast me for being a "factory farm" remember I'm willing to let your post stand, but you don't let mine stand. Who is the tolerant one.

I just leave you with one you consider humans more important or our friends the animals?

My answer is my fellow citizens of this great country of ours first, then my fellow citizens of the planet we call home, Earth.

Please, think of the hunger in this world....remember a huge portion of the land not suitable to growing crops, vegetables and fruits is used for the production of meat. Please speak to a farmer, attend a livestock or crop symposium, and learn about the intricacies of producing food in the quantity we do in this country. When you do you just might change your mind about how you look at Agriculture.

I enjoy the quality of life in my home state of Texas, part of the greatest country in the World simply due to others like me who raise the grain crops, vegetables, fruits, and meat. Thank you to the Farmers and Ranchers of this country!

The Tea Parties were about our freedoms we enjoy under the Constitution of the United States of America. It's not about right or left, it's about a voice of a people who feel isn't being listened to. I'M PROUD TO SAY I'M ONE OF THOSE! I'm not a right wing terrorist!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rush is supporting the Liberal HSUS!

I'm so stunned by Rush Limbaugh it is unbelievable. I can't understand for the life of me why he would ever be allowed to be snowed by a far left wing group HSUS. This group wants to destroy our Agriculture systems and the ability feed our population and contribute to feed the 6.7 billion residents of a planet we know as Earth.

Now you have listened to one of the two PSA's Rush gave on his April 14, 2009 radio show. All you have to do is read the post during the last month on my Blog to know HSUS primary goal is the destruction of farmers and ranchers in this country. You might say, "Your crazy, not the farmers!" I'm not crazy. I'm telling the truth. Without the ranchers, hog farmers, and chicken farmers the farmers who grow our grains will be placed out of business not to mention all of the support industries that contribute to the growing of food. Please think, it is because the farmers and ranchers you have the safest food system in the world and the cheapest.

I thought I would point you to the blog post from Wayne Pacelle. It is his actual intentions of the HSUS in the last paragraph. He wants to do away with all forms of meat production in our country. Stand up to their tactics!

As food for thought please read the following blog post from Lene Johansen, titled OMFG! Rush has lost it! Thank you, Lene for telling the truth about HSUS!

Send Rush an email and tell him how much you love the meat the American Farmer and Rancher raises!