Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lucky Girl - The Family Farm

I have the opportunity to record what I do on our ranch everyday via my blog and my scrapbooking layouts. I get to share what I do with others. I've found a community of scrappers where there are a few of us on family farms or grew up on family farms. There are a few who are reliving childhood moments while visiting grandparent's farms through a post I write. It's a joy to connect those with where their food comes from. Yesterday it was Jenna who connected me to the family farm through her layout titled "Lucky Girl."

How can one just not sigh to see Father and Daughter sharing a portion of the day together harvesting corn. This is America's Bread Basket. This is what makes America Great. Thank you Jenna for sharing a day on the farm with me. It is my desire we never loose the values and lifestyle provide on the Family Farm Experience and move towards larger corporate farms. We are the backbone of America!

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Kat_RN said...

Love the layout and the sentiment.
Happy Halloween,