Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Need a bumper sticker?

My bumper is free to hold a bumper sticker and I decided I needed this bumper sticker. Today it is free for registering at Humane Watch! So you might now be asking, what is Humane Watch? If you have followed my blog for very long you know I am not in favor of "Animal Rights" groups. I find them to produce spin which makes them appear to be animal welfare groups, coin terms that become common terminology, and basically turn unsuspecting Americans against Animal Agriculture Producers like me. Over time I have been called an animal abuser, factory farmer and just plain demonized. A visit to the ranch would show I am not an abuser of our cattle. We work very hard to provide an environment beneficial to both the cattle and wildlife. Then there is those cattle I have an emotional attachment to who are very special to me: Peyton and May are two. If we overstock our cattle then the wildlife can not thrive. If I manage for wildlife then my cattle thrive. Come join me and learn just how "Animal Rights" groups are slowly chipping away at your right to own an animal as a pet, in livestock production or your ability to hunt at Humane Watch or HumaneWatch on facebook.

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