Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I kind of laugh at this layout! This is a layout I totally dislike, not one thing to I like about it. In my opinion I used "ugly" paper to build on. Taken in the front of my Houston area home. My neighbor John was moving to a retirement community in Arizona. Pictures were needed of Amigo to allow for her to move with her best friend. Yes, I typed it right. Amigo is a she and not a he. I know, I know John gave her a male name. I asked John when we had been neighbors about a year. He replied, 'I know!' I smiled. These pictures were then emailed. Laurie is shown with her dog Angel. And one of our dogs Cis-quo was sitting next to me while I took the picture.

I received eight comments on this all of my work can be seen in ACOT's gallery. I still don't know why?????

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Raechelle said...

I actually like the overall look of the layout... the colors and design and elements work so well together. It's funny how something we dislike ourselves can be so liked by others. That is what makes this a great hobby. :)