Friday, January 1, 2010

I'm so HAPPY IT IS 2010!

I spent my New Year's Eve scraping and this is what I came up with of a young bull we raised a couple of years ago, now in a commercial herd. A safe New Year's Eve so we didn't have to deal with people drinking and driving.

I'm excited it is 2010, mid-term elections are around the corner! Hopefully you don't forget how those on both sides of the isle are idiots. With the idea of remaining safe, we at times get to see just how safe our Congress keeps us or actually the lack there of. To be balanced I have included one from each side of the isle. By chance did these idiots, knuckleheads or whatever adjective you would like to use to describe them drive home on these days......or did someone step up and play designated driver. Montana (D) Senator Baucus' excuse was he was tired. I don't know what Ohio (R) Rep. Boehner's excuse was. Last time I checked I would get fired if I showed up to work drunk when I was an employee! If one of my employees showed up drunk to work, we'd fire him/her. Yet you should read some of the comments by Americans who left them. That in itself is scary!

Mr. Senator, you need to be fired!

Mr. Representative, you need to be fired!

I'm SO HAPPY IT IS 2010!!!!

Happy New Year's Everyone!


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