Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What's in the Shoe! ahhh Boot!

As a rancher of beef cattle what is in the footwear one wears. The first thought is a rancher wears boots. I smile as women want to marry the rancher but buy their food from a farmer. Even before I was high school graduate, I was a Wranglers and T-shirt gal. Hasn't change even after marriage. I love my Wranglers and t-shirts. I am even back to wearing men's Wranglers. Why, well I could go into all the economic gobbledygook about why, but lets just say I can't find my size anymore. I was blessed with a short waist and longer then long legs with needing a 36 inch inseam jeans. And as you can imagine I do not own a dress pair of slacks with needing that inseam. But boots....even getting me to ride with boots on unless I was in the show ring was not happening. More then likely you would find me barefoot as a teenager cleaning horse stalls and slip the tennis shoes on to ride. Sigh.....the joys of teenage rebellion. Tennis shoes even when riding until I went to work were State of Texas regulations required me to ride with boots on. Yep, my supervisor pulled that one on me. But if I didn't have a supervisor around on my weekend I had to work once a month, back in the tennis shoes horseback. Now happily turning 50 this year I look back and realize I have some real problems with my knees and ankles having worked with livestock my whole life. So now when I'm in the barn I look for a shoe which gives my ankles more support. Still no boots, but yep I have a pair for when I go to a cattle show. They are a pair of Ariat Lace Up. They are so uncomfortable and yet again finding my size was an issue, I wear a 7 1/2 C. It's that darn C width. Next pair of boots I'm going back to Justins! My work in the barn shoes are my US Polo Muckers. Oh My Gosh they are so comfortable! And then if it rains I'm back in what I call my work tennis shoes. So once again, I dispel the myth of all cattlewomen walking around in western clothes and boots like any of those old western movies. This gal loves her muckers and tennies in that order!!!

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