Friday, December 10, 2010


My second layout of Zubaydahh's photos just after purchase. When I started on the her other layout I happened to look at the journaling paper. The back was so pretty but the journaling paper just kept begging me to us it. December arrives and I see the ACOT's Sketch Challenge for this month. I've been wondering how to do the next five photos. I'm a person who likes a single photo layout. But I looked at the sketch and looked at that journaling paper. I played with the photos. Through it to the side. Came back the next day and tried again. Through it to the side....why do I have trouble with multiple photos? Picked it up again on Monday....and it fell together by midnight in my on the table. Everything I need but the ribbon. I'll find it in the morning. I inked the edges of the photo and went to bed. Then next day my creation!

As I posted this layout to my Facebook page and started to write the caption I thought about how much trouble I have had trying to get my mother to understand what journaling is on a layout. I may have found the solution because she doesn't get it when I say there is a story behind every photo or series of photo. It's not just a who and when thing. It dawned on me. My mother has always written detailed instructions. Called overboard on folding the clothes or linen napkins after ironing along with the instructions on ironing. I laugh now even thinking about it. Whether it was our chores after school if she wasn't home when we arrived or how to feed each individual horse. And it always seemed there would be at least three different rations in the barn. Now I'll tell her, 'Mom write detailed instructions about Zu!' I'm laughing thinking about those instructions.

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