Monday, February 22, 2010


This is Texas! This is ranching. Snow?! Wishing it wasn't to be. A Winter Storm Watch went up at 2:30pm yesterday. Forecast for Tuesday is 80% chance of snow to the tune of 4"-7". Ughhh! We are in the middle of calving. There is so much to do today for freezing temperatures over 36 hours. Water Troughs completely full then waterlines drained, go to the feed store to make sure I have enough feed. Bottled water for me because I don't trust the utilities! I started on the water troughs last night. Last Friday they were predicting a chance of snow so I started to let the larger troughs be emptied. I have two more to rinse and clean today. There is hay to put out today. I'm just thankful we won't have three days of below freezing weather.

Two days ago I opened the gate to the three cattle we have in the front pasture to allow them to eat the four inches grass underneath the mesquite trees on the lawn. Happy cows.

Texas weather is to guaranteed to change at a moments notice and sometimes drastically. Like yesterday when the Winter Storm Watch went up it was 75 degrees on the porch. By dark thirty when I got done at the barn the north wind was blowing at 15-20 and it felt like 45. I went out to the porch at 8 pm to find a 51 degree temperature. Wind still hollowing I was glad the porch faces south.

The photos I took yesterday. Warm and pretty still at 5 pm. This morning cloudy and cold! I love my life!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Greatest Fear

I love my land and the fact I produce a product all Americans need. A protein source. If you don't like beef or your a vegetarian or vegan that is ok. There are other excellent protein sources.

I wish I was eloquent with words. I wish I could paint a picture of my feelings for the land and my cattle. I care for each and every cow. I spend hours with my animals or for my animals. It is what I do and love to feed my family and the country.

So what is my fear....that someone who will not give my children the same right I have to choose how I make a living and raise cattle. I read a wonderful analogy about the Auto Industry and Agriculture. Our imports of food are increasing, we have organizations who wish to stifle agriculture on all sides of our sector of the economy. The press paints us as evil whether in grain, fruit, vegetable, or animal production. Hollywood has picked up on the theme with recent documentaries. I am fearful for my children and the ranch I so love.

Enjoy this great read by Mike Rowe, the Cable TV personality of World's Dirtiest Jobs. A wonderful analogy on the Auto Industry and Agriculture. He hits the nail on the head with the current state of the economy. Thank you, Mike, for supporting American Agriculture!

What is in America's Future? by Mike Rowe (from his blog)

I always believe in HOPE FOR THE FUTURE!