Thursday, September 8, 2011

Texas Wild Fires

I suppose one might ask why I have this layout with this title. We are attending a Southwest Lowline Angus Breeders Assoc. Field Day just south of Paige Texas in 2009 at a breeder who live on Hwy 21. I finally got hold of this breeder yesterday because I had a feeling they were way to close to the Bastrop Complex fire. As the breeder told me, 'If you could see the photos I took right before we evacuated, you would not understand how our house didn't burn.' Fortunately her cattle are ok, too. As of yesterday they are still not allowed back in to care for the cattle. Yet she has a friend who is allowed access and is feeding and watering her cattle for her.

This past weekend I watched as fires popped up around us. I fear this will be the norm and not occasional occurrence through October. It's stressful! Texas Forest gives daily updates HERE. The map showing current fires is HERE. The closest fire to me is the Limestone 481 and is 95% contained with 3000 acres burned for the past two days. It started due to an electrical line malfunction due to high winds on Sept. 4th. We decided to try to start a green space around barn and home. I just hope the soil temperature has gone down enough for seed to sprout. As of this morning I am also watching my neighbors house as he's in the hospital after having six bypasses.

I ask a favor from you should you read this post. Please pray for our state. At the same time I have sent prayers this morning for those being affected by more floods in the NE and wish you will do the same.

As for the inspiration on this layout. This was the layout I created in April as part of my application to My Scraps and More Design Team back in April. This was the first design team I applied for and I just love the community. I didn't make the team, but I look forward to applying to be on more design teams.

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Lana Bisson said...

Kim..I have been worried about you. Everything ok? I hope the fires arent too close to you. hubby has been on standby as a medic for two weeks on ft hood for all the fires got bad here..thankfully not as bad as south of us. He is retired firefighter so he doesnt get to fight the fires..Im glad about that.. I know he wishes he could help more.

We at acot were all wondering if your ok..

Take care.. let me know..


aka: firemanswife7