Saturday, July 16, 2011

Praying for Rain & Cooler Weather

It's mid July and the heat and drought is on and today will make 16 days in a row above 100 and over 30 days above 100 for this year. If only the high pressure would break over Texas! I pray for rain right now. Dreaming of fall right now makes the hot horrid temperatures seems to allow each day to drag on and on. I thought this writing this post might make me at least feel cooler. Winter....I love the cooler temperatures, I just don't like February in Central Texas. We get our worst weather during this month. I love the clear blue skies so representative of a blue norther coming through. The air crisp and clean! At night living a rural life allows one to see the Milky Way in no other way one can see it in an urban life. I love these photos, they represent what we need to do during the summer as cattle producers to take our cattle through the winter. The other picture looks up the hill from my neighbors ranch to ours. The tree line in the distance is a lease pasture we have which borders our ranch. I wouldn't trade living right where I am for anything in the world. I repeat that sentence over and over and over. I will not ever stop either!


Kat_RN said...

Nice page.
The sentiment you express about where you live is an important point. Home is so much more than just the good, cozy place we live. Home is a place you can love even when it is uncomfortable!
Glad you have a place like that. Hope you get that rain.

Lana Bisson said...

Thank you for stopping by my post. I love love your scrapbook layout about winter. Boy can I relate living in texas also. I enjoyed your journaling about it too. No one can really understand unless they live here how challenging the weather can be. I love the crisp hues of your beautiful layout. btw- arent you on acot too?
Lana Bisson:) aka firemanswife7

Tina Perriguey said...

Hi Kim! Tina (Save USA Farmers) here. I started that blog back in 2009. Can you call it starting a blog if it's one post? Probably not. Ended up doing a lot of ghostwriting for farmers and ranchers right after you wrote your comment. I just ran across it a couple hours ago - and I've been enjoying your Texas Cattlewoman/ scrapbooking blog! I'd really like to get to know you better. I recently co-founded a nonprofit dedicated to protecting current and future generations of working dogs from the animal rights movement. I need to compile accurate statistics on the economic impact of herding dogs and LGDs. Any chance you could steer me toward some ranchers who might help me with information? It's fine if they're cute cowboys. I'm on Facebook - Tina Perriguey. Take care. Hope you get rain soon! :-) or