Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I definitely have been in a progressive state of of MIA!  That terrible process of thinking I need to blog today....I'll do it tomorrow thing going on.  So today as it's 11:30pm CST on the 23rd and I'm doing at least one post for early tomorrow morning.  I have so much I wish to share in one post!

Some wonderful things going on in various places I visit!  Imaginisce and The Twinery have teamed up this week on their blogs to showcase some awesome projects their design teams have created via a blog hop!  Two great prizes to be awarded so definitely check this Blog Hop out.

Yesterday (4/23/12) Prima launched a new Ustream video 1+1 with Frank and Liz doing a mixed media album cover which I viewed.  Totally Awesome and you just have to watch!  I have more ideas in my mind for a mixed media mini album I'll be making for my mother this summer for her birthday in November.  Not to worry my mother is terrible at navigating the web and has no idea I blog or even what a blog is.  Thank you Frank & Liz!

I have been more scrappy though since my last post and wanted to share with you one of my new favorite layout with Belle as the subject!  I used my Paper Bakery Kit from March and just fell head over heals with the layout when I was done.  I also used Nuts About Sketches # 260 to do the layout.

I just love March's Kit!  It's colorful fun and so inspiring.  Unfortunately it has sold out.  Paper Bakery teamed up one week in March with Elle's Studio via their blogs and had some pure awesomeness going on.  This month's kit has also sold out!  If you hop over to take a look be sure to find the Exclusive Elle's Studio Flairs Sarah Designed and I used one this layout!  They are so much fun!

I had one of those moments where I didn't attach the photo of this layout to my email....dumb I know....and it's not on the Nuts About Sketches blog.  I was so busy I didn't go back and check my email either until after the layouts were posted to the blog!  Honestly, it started to thunder and the computers at the ranch and my scrapbook room are in the same separate building.  I hate being outside when a storm is coming in as I've almost been struck twice in the past.  That hair raising thing is a terrible  feeling!  So I was hurrying to move to the house.

Until next time and I hope it's a much shorter time period between posts enjoy your day to it's fullest!

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