Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Summertime at Flying J&L Ranch is a slow time of year for us.  The Texas heat turns on and we spend the day hiding in AC from the heat.  It's the perfect time for me to scrap!

As a child I spent my days at the neighborhood pool.  Wake up at 6:00 am, eat a light breakfast and I would dive into the pool for an hour long swim practice.  At noon we were back at the pool to play for the afternoon.  Don't follow the rules of the pool and the lifeguard would pick up the phone and call your Mom.  So we all followed the rules because Mom's would come down to the pool and drag you home.

The best time though was getting to go to Papa Red's and Dee-Dee's or Papa and Nana's houses.  When we lived in Delaware in 1968 and 1969 my parents would drive the family down to Washington DC.  We would arrive for me to take a mid-morning flight to Papa Red's and Dee-Dee's.  I remember feeling so grown up to fly all by myself.  The stewardesses always put me in the front row.  I would get treated to go up to the cockpit and get to sit in the Navigator's seat for about 10 minutes.  What fun I had!  Then my parents and brother's would spend the rest of the day on the mall in DC.  A week later they would drive down spend another three or four days.

These photos were from my grandmother's collection.  This was summer 1969 and some of the fun they had at our grandparent's house.  They lived on the Intercoastal Waterway outside of  Wilmington, NC.  There was lots of room to roam and run and play.....

For this layout I chose to complete it for Nuts About Sketches #257.  This two page sketch is unlike any sketch I have seen.  I just loved it from the moment I received the sketch!  I had some pictures of Zuby to do a double page layout.  Sometimes owning two homes and always traveling with your scrapping supplies you forget something.  Well I forgot the photos this past weekend.  I had to rethink and these photos just spoke to me along with Echo Park's first line Summertime.  So a single page layout using the left side was perfect fun for the photos used!

I hope you will consider playing with this sketch and linking your creation over at Nuts About Sketches Blog!

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