Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kings High Ranch - Part 1

This past weekend Larry and I travel towards the Panhandle for Memorial Day Weekend.  Texas is known for it's wonderful hospitality!  Our friend and owner of Kings High Ranch certainly provided the most wonderful hospitality anyone could wish for.  We were the first to stay in their wonderful new 1 bedroom/1 bath guest house.  And here are a few of the photos of the interior.  Classic western decor.

Darling kitchen, the porch table kept inside due to the ever blowing wind.  We did move it outside to enjoy the beautiful sunsets.

Kings High Ranch makes up several different properties in four counties just below the Cap Rock.  A few photos of what I found interesting on the property where the guest house is located.

Some triticale King's High is growing.

Cap Rock in the distance.  Through the gate is the bank of the Pease River.

Traveling from one of Kings High properties we passed what George called the "Red Neck" Windmill.

I've seen these wind generators on the web before but can not find it now.  George told us the story behind it.  Some still operate, but very noisy as are the big wind generators of today.

The above picture is another property of George's he has leased out and will eventually fill with his own cattle.  This field was filled with Thistles with beautiful blooms making a striking contrast to the black calves.  We have a different species of Thistles, Musk or Nodding Thistle on our ranch with beautiful purple blooms that look like purple cotton balls.

I have more photos for tomorrow.

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