Wednesday, May 29, 2013

King's High Ranch - Part 2

Living in a rural area where there are few choices to eat one usually gets to be treated to the local restaurant. Such was the case when we visited.  Two meals and good conversation over dinner and breakfast at Galvan's Restaurant with some awesome homemade sweet rolls in the morning.  They serve everything from great Texas favorites to Mexican food.  Across the street allowed me to take a picture of one of Bob Wills original tour bus and what a gas station would look like long ago.  Bob Wills is from Turkey, Texas.

Then in Texas some towns you do not say the name until you hear it.  In our county such is the name Mexia. The press gets it wrong every time and pronounces it Mex-ia.  Across the state the pronunciation is Ma-hay-ah.  But locals pronounce it Ma-hare.  Both are right and Mex-ia brings laughter and fun loving admonishment.  The little town of Quitaque on the town's Chamber of Commerce website shows the pronunciation as Kitty-quay!  Still the locals pronounce it slightly different, maybe just speak it faster.  LOL, I'm just not sure.  There is a great mural in town celebrating they are the gateway to Caprock Canyons State Park.

A trip back is definitely in order to visit the state park!  There is also a Trailway leading into the Park extending 100 to the south.  Part of the Trailway extends onto another of King's High Ranch properties.  On the site of an old railroad bed this is a great trail for biking, hiking or horseback.  So if your into any of those activities you definitely need to look into a great vacation idea utilizing the trailway.  But I encourage you to read the reviews.

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