Friday, December 20, 2013

Chickaniddy Crafts

Never put me on a computer when I HAVE to call my SIL to find out where to send my brother's family's Christmas Present.  They moved last year and I still don't have their new address.  She's a working Mom so I may need to send to her work addy!  There are a couple of things to completely finish it, too!

LOL!!!  In the back of my mind all week as I have been finishing up four mini albums has been CHA early next month!  Not Christmas!  And this morning I find a brand new paper crafting company, Chickaniddy Crafts!  Well sort of new, they became a business seven months ago and released their first line this week!  OMG!  I'll let you decide!  Don't forget to stop by their blog for a giveaway!

There are definitely must haves for me!  And yes after 27 years of marriage Larry and I go on dates still!  Literally, he'll ask me out on a 'date!'  Love my husband!  Now to talk A Cherry On Top into carrying this new company!

By the way stay tuned next week for the release of  Twirly Girl!  Love the colors of this line even more!

And stay tuned to see my mini!!!  Probably next week!

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Heidi Sonboul said...

Thanks so much for the support Kim.
PS you are the winner of my book giveaway. Checkout my blog for the details :)