Friday, February 6, 2015

Winter Time is Indoor Scrap Time!

What a dreary day in our neck of the woods.  Seems the norm for this winter.  On the bright side we are but eight days away until Valentines day!  Valentines Day along the Upper Texas Coast is the day you Spring prune your roses.  I absolutely love my roses and the year round flowers.  Although they are not happy campers this winter as we have had too much rain.  Only my miniature roses are happy campers as they are under the eave of my home thus slightly less water.  My other spring chores for this spring is to go through the entire storage spaces and purge like crazy!  I start this coming week with our closets.  Larry wants to start on building the house at the ranch.  We just haven't cleared out the I do not need this stuff in 10 years.  James took care of the garage last year purging stuff!

I have been busy busy working on the display for the Lowline Booth for the International Room at HLSR.  Making sure Larry stays on a low low low fat diet.  What spare time I have had I have been scrapping for SBC Scrapbook Challenges.

Sketch #426 totally threw me for a loop!

Then Brynn gave me clue, she's an 8 1/2x 11 scrapper.  So I deconstructed the sketch and came up with this.  No journaling as this layout gores in my son's scrapbook for him to journal.  Totally didn't like it but it is ok if one doesn't like what one creates.

Next Challenge from SBC!

I absolutely loved  James' wonderful picture of our cat 'Q'!  When we adopted her from Second Chance Pets she came with the name "Q-Tip."  Yuck!  So promptly shortened!  So I needed a quote, well it's a never ending chore vacuuming behind "Q's" never ending huge amount of fur she leaves behind.

'No amount of time can erase the memory of a good cat and no amount of masking tape can ever remove his fur from your couch.'  ~ Leo Dworken

Until Next Time!

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