Thursday, October 16, 2008

4H & FFA

Larry and I were both members of FFA. Our kids were both members of FFA. For agriculture these are definitely the two best organizations for kids. I've watched trouble kids become well adjusted adults via both organizations. I've watched the leaders tomorrow not just in agriculture but in all areas of the economy. I've seen young adults involved in both desire and are giving back to those currently involved in the organizations.

I love RFD-TV! It's all about what I love so much, agriculture! I watched the show Virginia Farming the other night. They had a segment about a young man in 4-H who entered the Eat Local Video Contest sponsored by the Virginia Dept of Agriculture. They showed the video on that segment of Virginia Farming then interviewed him about his video. His entire family was involved in the video. I hope you'll enjoy the video, too.

There is a growing movement all across the US on "Grow Local, Eat Local." So how did this movement start. Farmers and ranchers trying to get a decent price for the products they raise. When was the last time you visited the local farmers market. There you will find all sorts of products. Some fall under naturally grown, some organic, some not labeled either. But either way you will find some of the best vegetables and fruits you have eaten. There is no shipping via a truck for thousands of miles. The fruits and vegetables have been picked in the last 12 hours as a general rule. Texas Department of Agriculture has a website which lists local farmers markets. Check you state's agriculture department to see if they have a list. There are many other places to buy your state's agriculture products and support the farmers and ranchers of your state. Even Rhode Island has a small thriving community of farmers and are well supported by their agriculture department.

Texas Farmers Markets

Local Harvest - a website supporting Grow Local, Eat Local.

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