Tuesday, October 14, 2008

OLW - "Create"

wow...this word can be so large in how you really search within yourself to wonder how you put a LO together to tell others about a deeper meaning within you.

I've completed my first word with OLW today using Pink Sketches #9 Sketch. This word was "keep." Since Pencil Lines and OLW have teamed up this week I need another word thus I've decided to use "Create." I had the choice of 36 other words to choose from to work with and I loved this one.

I first thought of my scrapbooking when it came to "create." But as I read the Blog "little gi" on what "keep" (this week's OLW word) meant to Gigi, I realized just what create meant to me. We have the ability to "create" so many things. Yet "create" to me means a couple of things. I've always wanted to be creative, I'm not & I never will be to my liking. It is why I took drafting in high school, back when you did the drawing instead of using a computer. I especially loved Architecture, it allows for artistic expression. I love clean lines, my scraping reflects that.... Yet when I sit and really think about create....it becomes an expression of who I am when it comes to Agriculture. There is nothing more thrilling then a bale of hay coming out of a baler that you and God's hand had a part in getting to that point. Or a foal or calf born which you have agonized over who to breed the dam to. That calf is your creation. Plant a rose take care of it, nuture it and watch as God gives you the most breathtaking flower in the world. Or at least the rose is my favorite flower.

I've also come to realize I've made the next step in my scrapbooking. For one who isn't creative I'm getting there one baby step at a time. Oh, how I wish I was like so many others who are so very creative! I've made the step to working on my own sketches, I've done two. Now I'll look at the challenge blogs I frequent and sometimes never look at the sketch a second time. Six months ago it would have driven me nuts to have a LO not look like the sketch. Now I'm slowly moving towards what a sketch is, a guideline to inspire.

.....one baby step at a time where my LO's become my creation...

So stay tuned to see my OLW "Create" in a few days.


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