Friday, October 17, 2008

OLW - Keep

Another word to keep me thinking, KEEP! I read the current challenge on One Little Word, and really had a tough time so off I went to the dictionary. One definition was "livestock keep" meaning one who keeps livestock or an area to house livestock. As a child I remember my grandmother talking about livestock keeps, as in noun. Now I had the perfect pictures for the perfect story in my head.

I had no idea how to use OLW for over a year as I would read through the posts. I'd been wanting to have an album which described me and deep down who I am. Then reading Word #33, FAITH, it dawned on me. Of course I had plans to tell others about my love for God and his son, my savior Jesus. I now had the route and the album to have all of these words to describe who I am. Yet, I found a stumbling block and spent time working on pages about my family for my album. It wasn't until the word "KEEP" which unblocked some of the problems I was still having in describing myself.

I started on the LO the day "KEEP" was posted on One Little Word. I scrolled through the LO's but didn't "read between the lines." With the LO undone I headed to the ranch on Friday. Monday I head to Pencil Lines to see the LO. Whoops, I'd already done "Keep" using Pencil Lines Sketch #105.'s my Pencil Lines Sketch #106 Entry using the OLW Wordup #19 "CREATE."

The journaling on this LO, my entry to Pencil Lines is my first attempt at computer journaling my words.

'What a joy to have a hand in God's Creations. A breeder striving to produce the perfect horse, cow or rabbit. The joy of planting a new rose, Pope John Paul II."

I loved the top picture of my Pope John Paul II as it had been in the ground one week when I took this picture. It shows some of my spring cleaning of our rabbit barn. Rabbit manure. No need to compost since it doesn't burn. It's the love you give a rose when taking care of it that brings such beautiful roses.

The bottom picture taken by Lynn is of Zuby in his pasture. The picture taken before his colic surgery. It's amazing how he looks now then just a year before his surgery. Little did Lynn or I know at the time that a time bomb was ticking inside of him. Something that caused attachment of his small intestine to his abdominal wall. Ibn Zubaydahh (Tammen x Zubaydahh), aka Zuby in my humble opinion was the best horse we ever bred. A champion in halter, a friend, and companion he loves to once again fly accross the pasture. This past weekend at the ranch I watched him run silhouted by the setting sun and it was if I was watching the movie, The Black Stallion all over again. He was just beautiful in his joy of living.

I'm off to print pictures now as I'm down to one picture left to scrap.....

Thank you for the Word Up OLW.



Sharmaine said...

I am glad you 'found' One Little Word and that it is prompting you to create. I admire you for going back and playing catch up! Well done on these 2 pages!

Lynn said...

so glad your playing along! Great layouts!


Lorie said...

Great LOs! I haven't scrapped in so long! I need to find the time!