Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Austin Farmers Markets

Larry and I headed of for Austin on Friday night. We were excited if for no other reason then to have our 1959 Airstream Camper behind us. It's almost done being refurbished! It just needs a buff, Larry wants a shine and I want a buff shine.

Our mission to attend the Farmers Markets in Austin. We started at Sunset Valley Farmers Market which is ranked in the Top Ten in America. Wonderful time and I was struck that it was pet friendly. Then of to Austin Farmers Market in downtown. Another great Farmers Market. What did we purchase. Some Free Trade Katz coffee, two half pints of Texas Blueberries and a loaf of Sour Dough Bread. But that isn't why we went. We want to control the price of our beef, it was to see how vendors selling meat set up to sell their beef, lamb, pork and poultry. From my reading on the web there is a vaccum for grain fed beef at the markets. We have only seen grass fed beef. Consumers at the market are concerned with how their beef is grown. We have always fed our calves out on pasture and grain at the same time. They finish beautifully that way. In 2010 we will have our first large calf crop and need a way to sell our steers and heifers not able to go into purebred operations as breeding animals. We don't want to accept the prices feedlots are willing to pay. So lets skip the middle man and go straight to the consumer. Consumers at the markets are concerned about Gentically Modified (GM) Grains in their diets, so we will find a source for GM Free Grains.

It is an adventure to look forward to. I love Farmers Markets! Find one near you and get to know your local Farmers!

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