Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lloyd Doggett Doesn't Get It - US Rep from Texas District 25

Lloyd Doggett is the Representative from District 25 in Texas. What a shame I didn't know he was going to host a town hall meeting in Austin last Saturday. Larry and I so would have been there since we were in Austin that day. No he doesn't represent us, we are represented by Chet Edwards (Dem) and Ron Paul (Rep). Why two representatives, we have homes. Larry is registered in Brazoria County and I'm registered in Limestone County.

I have found in being around town, Groesbeck, for meals the subject of conversations is the Health Care Bill as well as the Cap and Trade Bill. As the weeks have gone by the anger in the voices at these conversations just keeps getting worse. Am I angry, I've been angry at Congress since the early 90's. These dimwits both Republican and Democrats are selling us out. They truly have surrounded themselves with Special Interest Groups. They have forgotten that it is me and you they work for.

So last night I saw this on both the local Waco news and National ABC News. I went to You Tube this morning and found this video, the very same one they took a clip from for the news services.

I almost died when I saw the response by Rep. Doggett. Did he forget Senator Cornyn got a huge boo on the steps of our great state's capital in Austin at the July 4th Tea Party. Rep. Doggett this is not a Republican thing going on, it is some very angry independent voters, Republicans, and Democrats like me who do not want socialism or an increase in our growing 9 trillion dollar debt. Why can you not understand to stop spending money we do not have. I have not received one email from an organizer and neither have my friends. Your response was so out of line that it was Republicans organizing this! WAKE UP SIR!

If you don't think Doggett didn't get it watch these videos. The video above the photographer says he did not represent the Republican Party so as you watch these realize that Rep. Doggett is flat out lying.

Yes, the Republican Party put out the second video, unfortunate to add their spin as they are as guilty as Democrats with their own spin. But listen to his response to MSNBC, he really doesn't get it.

Here is a couple of other things these dimwits who represent us from Texas. We are an oil and gas rich state. We have an Oil and Gas Transportation Co. Quote from what we are hearing as rigs both offshore and land are being stacked. "We won't do anything until we get rid of Obama and the current Congress,' is what we are hearing from our customers. This is both the large and small companies we service in the Oil and Gas fields. Our income is severely down. It is now down 80%. If these corporations won't do anything then neither will other corporations. So are we out of the recession, NOPE! Better think very carefully how you vote mid term and again in 2012. . Ok, that's enough of my soap box.

I'm chuckling his job is on the line. Is it such a novel concept to start with an entire clean slate in Washington? I would love that to happen!

Just my two cents!

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