Saturday, August 4, 2012

before and after....

Yesterday, Larry and I took the long way to the ranch through Waelder.  We had an appointment to go look at Red Kumamoto Wagyu Cattle.  They are so much nicer then the black Wagyu.  And taste of the Red Kumamoto?  Without a doubt the very best beef I have ever tasted!!!  So good we decided to purchase semen.  Seeing them in person, very nice structure on the profile.  Would give them some more width looking from front to back.  Good footed and bone.  Another five years to get this beef to the Farmers' Market.  So just stay tuned.

Today though it was good to be back at the ranch!!!  But typical summer heat pushing 100 and we hid.  Enjoyed Olympics and of course playing with paper.  Today's creation!  Of course Nuts About Sketches Week #224 Sketch!     Another layout sometime in the future since I have ugly courthouse photos of Leon County during it's restoration.

Off to scrap while I can because I have more work to do in Houston this week!

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