Monday, August 27, 2012

Family Farm

I love I kiss a family farmer!  I have often blogged about family farms and how we are a family farm.  I am directly involved in the work here at the ranch and since last posting about the farm our daughter has graduated Texas A&M and joined us on the farm.  We pay her a salary and pay for most of her living expenses such as water and electricity.  She will pay for groceries when Mom and/or Dad are at our other home.  We are so proud of her with a Masters in Agriculture Leadership, Education and Technology.  I've also written about how we are incorporated.  We are a business just like any other business.  I wanted to share a blog post written by another farmer's wife which describes my sentiments exactly.  I also love the photos from this West Texas Farmer!

But let's not forget to share a photo from May on the birth of a very special little heifer on our farm!!!  Meet Miss FJL Texas Red Pearl 17 a fullblood red Lowline Heifer with a very rare pedigree!

And of course the day wouldn't be a happy day without seeing a layout I did of my son's show heifer way back when named Scout!

I laugh with a brahma in the photo and Holstein cow paper from Studio Calico!  And the cat squashed the flower which I have since fixed....have to love tissue paper flowers!  And I know my daughter showed her instead of son!
Have a blessed day!

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