Thursday, March 14, 2013

Upcycling with Washi Tape

I just had to share a couple of ideas Brandy aka blbabe1234 shared on how to store Washi Tape on the ACOT message board and the other thread here.

The first is from her husband!  Oh, I just knew their were husband's out there who could come up with some ideas for storage solutions!!!  This is a perfect solution and then one could add to the second solution!!!

And of course here's how it looks afterwards!

Then Brandy found yet another idea on storage of Washi Tape!

Now to find out how to make these little jewels visit the post on Scrapbook and Cards Today Blog post!

My thought right after seeing the second idea was to combine the two!  I would cut the paper rolls down some more then adhere them to store the individual tape dispensers.  I also like the idea of using one's scraps to cover the paper towel rolls!  Or decorate the rolls some other way!  I could even think about making a base to house the rolls by upcycling my boxes by building a base to house the rolls.  The thoughts are just endless when you think about it a bit!

Tell me what you think?

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