Friday, May 30, 2014

Weather, Weather, and Glorous Bad Weather,

For many who are on CKCB Design Team and participate they have read my undying passion for Bad Weather on my May 2 post!  Love it and the adrenaline rush I get!  Heck I've always been an adrenaline junkie since I can remember.  Barrel Racing with my first two horses as a teenager, swimming on a swim team as a child and teenager, showing our Arabians, and I get the same rush when I walk in the show ring showing our cattle although no speed to it....nice and slow.  But what really sets me off into a huge adrenaline rush is bad weather.  At the same time I need to know I am as safe as I can be at that moment.  Like you will find me running for shelter as soon as I hear thunder because of almost being struck twice.  My husband shakes his head when I'm following chasers live,  Chaser TV.

I promised to get some photos I got as Larry and I drove into a severe storm just north of Calvert in March.  I'm sorry I didn't get the PL Page done on this one but will eventually.  Only four pictures worth printing and one is pretty blurry but thought I would share a great wall cloud with no rotation in it.  They are taken with my iPhone and we didn't stop the pickup so they show bleary.

Great wall cloud!

Looking north hard to see structure but wall cloud to right of the photo.

Really blurry but the wall cloud itself from middle to right was pretty awesome.

Finally underneath the cloud deck with the wall cloud headed northeast and away from us it now looks to have developed a hail core in the storm.

Then I thought I would share day before yesterday some photos online I found which are awesome of a warm air funnel in the Manvel/Alvin area of Houston.  A short hop from our Houston area home of 20 miles and no I didn't see it but this funnel was absolutely gorgeous with the way the light was hitting it.  Saw one of the photos on the Weather Channel yesterday of this funnel and another coming out of the same wall cloud.  A warm air funnel is the land version of water spout.  This storm was never tornado warned.  No damage occurred.

And a close up:

So cool and so pretty!

The next two photos of about 17 or 18 are a storm I chased in April 2011.  The first photo from my porch at the ranch in Central Texas.  Just awesome structure to the storm and just had to run down the highway to see what the storm would produce. You can see in the haze of the second photo the tornado.  Had to pull the tornado out of the photo by enlarging it then cropping.  The tornado touched down briefly in Coolidge about 15 miles north of where I took the photo.

Final photo to share with you is an awesome photo taken last August by James as we raced home so we wouldn't be rained on.  I have other pictures as we waited for our take out order from Chili's at our Houston area home but not as awesome as this one!  By the time we were a couple of miles from the house this thing was meaning business.  Great structure and rotation in the storm but no funnel emerged.

Hope you enjoyed the trip through just some of the wonderful photos in my collection of weather!

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