Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mother's and Daughter's Creations Weekly Scrapbooking Challenge

This week Julie had a sponsor for her weekly drawing. Mother's and Daughter's Creations Store. There is also a great Blog associated with the Store. Check out their Blog by clicking on the Post Title (It's the link to the Blog).

I decided to participate in their challenge as it would be a good way to thank them for their kind support of my favorite Sketch Challenge Blog or now I should say Community.

The challenge was to choose any sketch over the last 55 weeks and put together a LO never entered in Julie's Challenge. There were a host of sketches I had not found time to do a LO for so I picked 2008 Week 52. Here's the entry and results.

You'll notice no journaling....sniff. I'm drawing a total blank. As I thought about starting my "About Me" Album I had a desire to tell the world about me. I want everything I wrote about to be profound. I'm not good with words. With the very first LO, I realized how do I possibly write about my maternal grandmother, Dee-Dee. Only one LO is planned for the album of her. I still am at a loss of what to write, the LO is done.

I've had the very same block with other LO's I've done for the album. Sometimes in the strangest place and at the strangest time the thought jumps in my head....and I put down what I'm doing and write what I want on the page. I want something profound for this LO of one of the two breeds of rabbits we show. So I wait through the block.

The American Sable, some consider it to be the first American breed of rabbit, others consider it to be the Chinchilla. I guess I will pick the Sable. A breed developed to meet the fur trade in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Sable pelts where expensive. Rabbit pelts less expensive. Breeders of rabbits wanted to provide to the general population a pelt that resembled in color and feel of the Sable. The result was the American Sable rabbit. A secondary characteristic around the same time period was the need for the rabbit to also be a size that could provide meat. As a country we ate much more rabbit prior to the invention of the Easter Bunny. By the way rabbit is healthier then chicken.

I love the texture and feel of the Sable coat. To stroke one in prime condition is a wonder! Soft and velvet feel to your hands after stroking a Sable Rabbit is incredible. There sweet gentle dispositions as a breed make for handling this 8 lb rabbit a joy. They have an incredible sense of humor at times, too.

Enjoy the picture of the American Sable Rabbit in this picture. Lynn took a series of photos of this Sable to use in a presentation she would be giving on conformation in rabbits and an example of a prime coat in an American Sable. When judging the American Sable 45 points is given to the coat alone, 50 points to conformation and 5 points to conditioning. Coat is so important and that wonderful prime coat very difficult to achieve. You have about two weeks out of every six months to have that unbelievable coat.


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Tam said...

What a sweet page - thanks so much for playing along with MDC :) I really love your trim work and the floral around the journal block. Don't let journaling intimidate you - what you wrote in your write up is pretty good... it would make great journaling for your page!