Monday, January 12, 2009

Winter Out My Front Door

I love winter out my front door....well maybe! When visited by this cow, chewing on my round bales of hay in the yard, not. As she munches, it makes it really difficult to move the Hay. This gal has figured out how to go through the fence of our neighbors across the street. She is so tired of being chased out I couldn't get the picture taken in time before she decided the best choice is to leave. So I'm watching her back end as she mossies out the gate. She really has a nice profile and is an excellent example of a great commerical production cow. She leaves her three month old behind in the pasture and returns the same way as she got out. Calf never comes with her. I really think she just likes to visit at this point because she isn't hungry. She's in better shape then some of our cows.

Why did I call it Winter out my Front Door? Well on those rare occasions I buy Creating Keepsakes. Want to join 365? That's 365 pictures in a year. There was an article in Creating Keepsakes this month on ideas for a picture a day. They listed 365 ideas to take pictures. One was "Winter out your front door." So here is my Winter Out the Front Door picture, Visiting Charlois Cow in the "GOTTA GO NOW SO I'M NOT CHASED OUT!"

My daily routine in Winter of 2009. LOL!!!!


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