Wednesday, January 21, 2009

OLW - Word Up "EMBRACE" & Pencil Lines #118 Sketch

As I've stated I love OLW (one little word) challenge. These words are great titles for my inner being and my "About Me" album. I teamed the Pencil Lines Sketch 118 for this week with One Little Word. I loved working on this LO!

I chose a self portrait of my young adult son who will finally be transfering to a four year university at the end of this semester or next. As a young adult he has come into his own in the last year. It's been great to finally what my son bloom. Yes, he would hate that description I've given, "Mom, Bloom!" He has though, he's become himself, embraced his passions, knows finally he is accepted by others for who he is, and has become a very self confidient individual. From the time he was in grade school he felt out of place and misunderstood by all around him including his parents. He was a receipe for a troubled teen. Yet he never acted out, did drugs, or looked to get into trouble. For that I was blessed. I used to try and reach him, to tell him things would not always be the way he saw the world. No he didn't finish school, dropped out Feb of his senior year with parental blessings. When I spent time talking with James, almost begging him to leave school in tears I told him how horrible high school was for me. I promised him he would love the learning environment of college as I did. That summer he went straight into Junior College. Apples don't fall far from the tree....From 5th grade on I had the same feelings about myself as James did. I found myself into some things I shouldn't have. I found myself in college just as James would do.

It has truly been a joy to see James begin to "Embrace Life!" The picture is a self portrait of James just before he began to bloom into the wonderful young man he is today. He took this picture about 5 months after his 18th birthday. Now at 20 he embraces who he is, where he's going and keeps his family and friends close in his heart. I'm so proud of him!

Meet my wonderful son!

, James!


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Lynn said...

This is awesome! Love it!