Friday, January 18, 2008

Flying J & L Ranch

Named after our children and our love of hunting upland game birds, Flying J&L Ranch specializes in Santa Gertrudis, Lowline Angus, and Star 5 Composite Cross. Our goal is to reduce the size of cattle in the Star 5 cross without losing any of the performance of the cattle in their reproductive longevity and feed efficiency conversions. Currently with the increase in cost of feed products, the need to have more feed efficient cattle is of paramount importance. We are involved in all of the reproductive technologies for seed stock producers from flushing our donor cows and implanting the embryos, to selling the embryos. We collect, freeze and sell the semen from our bulls. We utilize artificial insemination each breeding season to bring in only the very best genetics outside our herd. We utilize gain testing, ultrasound and Bovigen GeneStar Testing on our animals. We are a young ranch but combined agriculture experience in the family is well over fifty years.

My roll in the ranch is from the economic side of the ranch. I keep track of all the record keeping, advertising, and trends in the beef industry. Larry specializes in the marketing end of our operation and works with our daughter Lynn on choosing matings and purchasing animals. Lynn is currently a junior at Texas A&M majoring in Agriculture Science and plans on teaching at the High School level when she graduates. She also is the one who shows our cattle at shows.

The picture above is of Mr. Double T 31. 31 is shown as a very young two year old bull in early 2007. He is a Santa Gertrudis purchased from Double T Ranch in Rossier, Texas. His oldest heifer is a member of our 2008 show string. We are very pleased with the arrival of his first calf crop last year. We are looking forward to the arrival of his calves starting in February.

Until next time. Kim

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