Monday, January 21, 2008

Hillary for President - NOT

This morning as I was about to sign in, a blog scrolled by on the Blogger Home Page. I thought for sure it would be a Blog against Hillary by it's title. I am reminded not to make assumptions. The title of the blog is Little-Known Facts About Hillary Clinton. I'm so impressed with this blog. Nance is well written, passionate and a loyal supporter of Hillary. For the first time I can really appreciate why an individual can so support a candidate. Nance is real, knowledgeable, and likable as a person. She presents her passion for a candidate in a way I wish I could. Nance reminds me we really are a great nation, we can speak openly and honestly about our opinions. There is no other nation in the world that can do so. I hope you will read her blog no matter your opinion on Hillary or any other candidate. I hope you will derive the passion for a candidate in this election that she has. I haven't yet, I hope I do after the Conventions. I truly look forward to continuing to visit her blog.

Little-know Facts About Hillary Clinton

As I said, I've not been passionate about a presidential candidate. I see individuals wanting to get elected. I don't see change coming about. I do know one thing, I do not want Hillary for President. In fact I am passionate about that. Why? I find Hillary dangerous. She is too power hungry. If there is one thing women do not like is another woman who is power hungry. Gentlemen, women are far more competitive then men, they are devious, and vicious. Maybe these qualities are directly related to the research which proves a woman is more likely to survive in a crisis situation then a man. I am reminded by a friend (a female) who worked for TDCJ in the '80's who said men are clean, women are sadistic when they attack each other. I've had other friends, to many to count, who worked for TDCJ say the same thing. I don't believe Hillary is sadistic, she will do whatever it takes to be President. If it means destroying an individual along the way, she will.

I dislike Hillary for other reasons. She is never consistent on any issue, she blows the way the wind blows. She has yet to learn we do not want socialized medicine. What needs to be fixed when it comes to rising costs of medicine is the insurance industry. Just look at Canada, they pay $1200 per citizen in Quebec a year in tax for socialized medicine. Employers in Quebec pay 3.22% to the government for socialized care. Then they wait and wait and wait for health care. You say it's cheaper then what I pay now, think again. I'm an Employer, I raise my prices to cover the 3.22%. Then look at how badly Medicare is managed, so you really want the bureaucracy. I'm from Texas, I don't like Hillary's stand on illegal aliens. I'm befuddled as to how individuals just skew the definition of illegal in Webster's Dictionary. I'm really afraid of Hillary's views on foreign policy. In fact all of the Dem's and Republicans view on foreign policy. Have we become afraid of the tyrants of this world. I personally think so. Hillary's recent New Hampshire crying incident has left her vulnerable in the eyes of world leaders. Her husband already proved how vulnerable he made the US over 9/11.

The subject of 9/11 weighs heavily on my mind. I freely admit to being a security Mom. I'm not ashamed of being a security Mom. My daughter was in 8th grade my son in 7th grade. Both were extremely traumatize by 9/11. It is forever etched in their minds. I find them still thinking, "Could it happen again." As young adults they haven't forgotten. I completely understand now how my grandparents viewed Pearl Harbor. They were fortunate to not see the images on live TV. I personally think everyone should read Dereliction of Duty: The Eyewitness Account of How President Bill Clinton Endangered America's Long-Term National Security by Col. Robert Patterson. From 1996 to 1998, Lt. Col. Robert "Buzz" Patterson was the Senior Military Aide to President Bill Clinton. During that time he was responsible for the President’s Emergency Satchel, otherwise known as the “Nuclear Football. He points out in the book about the President's disregard for the Nuclear Codes, a sexual incident with a Air Force 1 Steward that if it had been any other man would have been tried for a crime, and Hillary's ravings. Most importantly he pointed out Bill Clinton's disregard for giving the order to kill Osama Bin Laden because the PGA tournament he was attending was more important to him then our National Security. It was very clear after reading the book that we had co-presidents, not a President. I do not wish that to happen again. I blame our 9/11 and our current state of foreign policy directly on President Clinton. I really don't want them back in the White House.

So where am I on my political views. At this point if the election were held today I would hope it would be between Huckabee and Edwards. There would be a real possibility I would vote a Democrat for President for the first time. I did vote for independent in 1992 for Ross Perot. Social issues are not a first criteria for me in an election. I want to know that the individual I'm voting for is a fiscal conservative. Funny thing, I don't see a single candidate a fiscal conservative. I routinely voted in the 80's for both Republicans and Democrats based on their fiscal beliefs. I find the Democratic party polarized by the far left. I find the Republicans polarized by the far right. What happened to moderates? Believe it or not this Pro Life Born Again Evangelical Christian does NOT want to see Roe vs. Wade overturned. The decision on this case is not 100% about abortion but about the rights guaranteed by the 14th amendment. I believe what the Constitution says what it says and don't read anything into it. The 14th amendment guarantees my right to privacy and my right of choice within the law. Thus Row vs. Wade has to remain in effect.



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