Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Our Website & Santa Gertrudis National Show

Our website is a constant work in progress. We are currently separating our rabbits, German Shorthair Pointers and Family stuff into a separate site. We are patiently waiting for spring to arrive to take this year's pictures. Winter and Summer in Texas is not a good time to take pictures. I like early to mid April pictures where we can catch the cattle lush grass and maybe some Bluebonnets to add to the picture. You can visit our website at:

Flying J&L Ranch

Santa Gertrudis Nationals was held at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo over the weekend of January 12th & 13th. On the evening of the 12th we attended the "Cowtown Elite", a Sale of Elite Santa Gertrudis Cattle. The sale was held at the renowned Fort Worth Zoo in the Portraits of the Wild Gallery. This Gallery is closed to the public and only special events are held there. We had a wonderful Texas barbeque dinner to start the evening. This was the nicest collection of cattle I've seen in a Santa Gertrudis cattle sale. It was a Video Sale. The cattle were shown via video on a large screen. For some lots the bidding was fast and furious. The high selling lot was Lot 21 for $20,000. Jewel 6/98 has some incredible EPD's with her TMAT score of 22 in the top 1% of the breed. She and 4 of her embryos were auctioned. The bidding was very furious until she reached $15,000. Then it slowed. An incredible amount for a 10 year old cow. Lynn picked out a very nice heifer she wanted. We were fortunate to be the winning bidder. She is an excellent choice for our herd. She went as Lot 30 and is from Corporron Acres. Her genetics are Wendt on top and D-J on the bottom. Lynn was thrilled! When we picked her up, we were even more impressed. She is better in real life. If your interested in seeing the sale catalog go to:

Cowtown Elite

Sunday the 13th was the show. Both our heifers Flying J&L Angelica JL03 and Flying J&L Jillian JL02 are in the same class so I got to show one. We were in Class 2. The class was absolutely loaded with 21 top quality heifers from top to bottom. The judge had a huge difficult job choosing his placings. The total time in the ring for this one class was an hour. The longest I'd personally been in a class. I showed Jillian and Lynn showed Angelica. I was honored to place 6th. Angelica placed at the top of the bottom 3rd of the class. Lynn was delighted as she too, was amazed at the superior quality of the class. It was just a great weekend for us. Pictured above is Jillian last year during Memorial Weekend. She just looks so pretty and alert.

Sunday we leave for the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo to once again enjoy a couple of days with good friends and great competition in the show ring.

Until next time, Kim

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