Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mom Loves You!

Going from no children to one child was a change in my life like no other change I'd ever undergone. For individuals who make the choice to not have children they have no idea what it is like to have a child. I laugh now, but at the age of 18 and even up until I met Larry I didn't want children. Then I fell in love with Larry and that all changed.

I was so blessed to have God give me exactly what I asked for. With Lynn I asked for a healthy baby. With James I asked for a healthy baby and that he/she would look like his sister. Yep, I was one of those who didn't want to know the sex of the baby before birth. Friends thought I was nuts, I thought I was sane. I grew up with one of my two brothers obviously my brother. Poor Doug and I, we always had to look at people funny when they would ask if we were really brother and sister after we'd already just said that we were. It really bothered me. And Lynn and James look enough alike to tell they are brother and sister.

I'm glad they were 18 months apart. They are super close. But I also think the clue to having siblings close is not to interfere in their arguments. As they got to about 7 or 8 years, I'd send them off to their rooms so they could finish the argument. Doug and I still argue as Mom was always trying to solve them. It dawned on me she did so because she was an only child. I just made sure my two didn't hit each other when they argued.

Then there are the joys. As babies it was milestones: rolling over, sitting up, crawling, first smile, first word, walking, etc. When they get to high school you wonder where time went. I couldn't wait for mine to be teenagers. Other parents thought I was crazy. I had wonderful teenagers. Yes, they experienced all of the emotions I did as a teenager, the same apprehensions, the ups and downs of trying to be an adult and not there. The clue to teenagers to not expect them to be bad, to LISTEN to them. I mean really listen to them. Lynn and James were never given curfews. They never abused the fact they didn't have a curfew. They weren't ones to run the streets. We still expect them to be considerate. If your living in the house with someone let us know where your going. We don't care where they are going, it so we know where to start if something happens. Common manners. I still tell my mother where I am since we have two homes or if I'm going somewhere for a weekend, like the yearly Ward family reunion.

Right now I get onto Lynn for texting while driving. I've threatened to shut her texting off if she doesn't stop. She glares at me and I remind her we are the ones with the money. I hate to even talk on my cell phone while driving. I hate phones anyway! And believe it or not, it's James that is the better more responsible driver....I know unheard of!

I loved the picture of Lynn and James together in the living room. At the end of each semester I so enjoy having them both together again.

I absolutely loved the designer for this week on Pencil Lines. You can find a link to her blog on mine. She is a wonderful designer, her name Birgit Knoopsen. I've so enjoyed seeking her designs on chipboard albums. Next time your going to Europe you really should see if you can take a class from her, LOL. Yep I know your leaving next month!

Take a small bit of time and visit Pencil Lines Sketch #128. I had so much fun with this sketch. From the moment I saw the sketch and Brigit's layout for the sketch it was always in the back of my mind how I would but the sketch together. I thought it really deserved for me to use my favorite lines of Paper, Basic Grey! I LOVE BASIC GREY! I would probably only use Basic Grey if I wasn't so head strong and determined to try new things in my scrapping. On this layout there was nothing really new I tried. I did for the first time adhere the metal swirls without a brad. I just love my Creative Memories Precision Point Adhesive Pen! Thank you, Pencil Lines for having Birgit and I hope in the near future you will have her back as a guest designer.

I close with saying, I SO LOVE BEING A MOTHER!

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Birgit said...

Kim, I'm so glad you so much enjoyed my sketch!! Love your take on it and I also love being a mom!!
Thank you for all your sweet words!