Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Brothers

I looked at a tutorial about using a whole punch to form a title. I was so excited about it I went to punching holes. When done I understood why the tutorial said to use two different sizes of hole punches. Aghh well, another tool to purchase.... with a smile on my face.

My brothers much younger. For my "About Me" album. I've chosen photos of us when we were young because those are always my first thoughts about my brothers. They both are wonderful adults with wonderful families of their own. They been so supportive of our mother since Dad's passing. They have been more like big brothers to me then I could ever hope for in recent years. So hats of to MY BROTHERS! Hey guys, who spit the seeds the furthest that day?

Thank you to Pink Sketches for their wonderful inspiration for this LO with Sketch # 30. The collage is all about what my brothers love.


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