Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Throckmorton Texas Here We Come!

Whoop!  I am so excited about leaving for Throckmorton today.  Lynn will be holding down the ranch and James the Houston area house.  It's a huge busy time for us the rest of the week.  Larry and I are attending this sale at the RA Brown Ranch on Thursday only as we are interested in some Red Angus cattle to be the base for building our Red Wagyu bulls in the future.  To view the sale catalog is pure eye candy for this rancher!  Yesterday bored with the same ole news about Congress I caught this week's American Rancher on RFD which was about the RA Brown Ranch Sale.  More eye candy on some gorgeous bulls, cows and weanling Quarter Horses.  The weanling Quarter Horses reminded me of the wonderful Quarter Horses of my youth!  Consistent quality throughout the offering at the sale!  WOW!!!  When Bogart needs a companion I just might have to go out to RA Brown to pick a weanling out.  But not this trip!  Two horses are enough for right now.

The first photograph I take upon arriving in Throckmorton (the town) will be the Throckmorton County Courthouse!!!  I will not be marking Throckmorton County off my list of courthouses photographed!  They have started restoration on the Courthouse Complex.  Yet another trip will be needed once the renovations are done!  I'm sure in another couple of years we will again visit our friends at King's High Ranch and I'll get more photos then.  If your interested you can see the Facebook Page.  I hope Larry will let me pick up some more photos of Courthouses along the way!

This coming weekend is the Get Back to Grass Sale and Field Day at Pitchford Genetics Sale Facility in Athens, Texas selling 75 lots of Lowline Cattle.  Sale starts at 1pm and can be viewed on Live Auctions TV.  The best in Lowline Genetics will be represented at this sale!

Be back next week!  Until next time!

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