Thursday, September 19, 2013

Food Advertising

I must admit I'm NOT a huge Huffington Post fan.  On occasion I do find something I like.  I'd like to thank Jan Hoadley for passing this along to me.  Jan is a great agvocate who can be found on Facebook, Blogging and Twitter.  She is the owner of Slow Money Farm.  She understands agriculture and the why behind how producers choose the production systems they do.  She and I both support all forms of Agriculture production.

Chipotle Grill wants you to believe through their advertising that some food is better then others.  But in the background they also lead you to believe some farmers are bad people.  First I don't know a single bad farmer.  Are there some, yes, bad apples exist in every part of our economy.  I think what you choose to feed your family is a personal choice. Don't let advertising guilt you into changing your choices.  Here's their newest campaign bashing farmers by Chipotle Grill!  Farmers like me who give cattle need them on occasion!  Insinuating I give steroids which I don't unless the vet authorizes me to do so for injuries or illness.  Insinuating my animals are in confinement which they are not unless they need to be for a number of reasons.  My customers have access to that knowledge if I sell beef from those individuals who do receive my vet's prescribed treatment.  The health and welfare of our cattle come before anything else in our lives, that is a good farmer/rancher!  So I find Chipotle's new app based game and 3 minute film very unappetizing!

Then my hats off to Carey Polis for writing a very good opinion on the parody.  Thank you.

I also thought I would take this blog post one step further about advertising and so called ethical foods.  This piece by the New York Times Herald Tribune wrote this article.  Good read and food for thought!

Do I eat a Chipotle?  Nope!  Has nothing to do with their advertising pitting one farmer against another or the consumer against a one group of hard working American Farmers.  I don't eat at Chipotle Grill because there is a restaurant that makes a better burrito, Freebirds!  Love me a Freebirds burrito!

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