Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Family & Friends

I love loved Nuts About Sketches #238 and Nuts About Sketches # 241!



Shawn will let the design team use one or both sides of a double page sketch as our example to submit!  I really like that.  For the layouts below I decided I wanted them side by side in my wedding album.  A different take on using two sketches.  At the time I posted the layout to be used on the website I needed to get with Mom and my brothers to make sure I had the names right for my journaling.  Especially since my younger brother, Doug's girlfriend was in one of the photos.  I did this as we gather Thanksgiving.

I loved loved working with this sketch!  I had never seen an element like the top (diamond on it's side)!  I was intrigued and so happy with my results!  Awesome sketch Shawn!

I chose the left side to work with to complete my altered double page spread!  Shawn just produces the most awesome sketches!  Be sure to come join us on our creative journey at Nuts About Sketches!

I also have to give a great big shout out once again to Basic Grey for the Cappella line as it is THE PERFECT LINE to use for my great-grandmother's wedding dress I was so blessed to be able to wear!

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