Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nuts About Sketches #250

I want to congratulate Shawn on reaching 250 sketches on her blog!  Totally Awesome!  Come check out Nuts About Sketches!

When I see Shawn's sketches I'm building the layout in my head with a photo(s) I have in mind.  This one totally befuddled me!!!!  Sometimes one just needs a little stress to get the creativity going when you are leaving in 48 hours for Denver to the National Western Livestock Show!  You also know you will be way to tired when returning on Saturday to get the layout done.  As I went through every photo I have printed out I had this sudden light bulb moment when I got to these photos.  Perfect!  I was clueless on what to do with wood grain papers until I thought of the cattle!  Now I'm hooked on them.  Since it was Miss Clout 390M and her 2009 calf Miss FJL Valencia I knew just the papers I wanted to use.  I pulled out my Paper Bakery Kits for October and went to work!  Two hours later I was done.

The papers in this kits are so stunning.  They come from the American Crafts Dear Lizzy 5th and Frolic as well as the American Crafts Amy Tangerine Ready Set Go!  Miss Clout is pictured in the lower right photo and Val is captured in the other four photos.  Val has since been sold to Rocking B Farms in Needville, TX. I get to see her all of the time as I'm at Rocking B monthly or Charlie, Sandy and Mr. Bill are at our farm!  Great friends and partners in raising Lowline Cattle.  We own bulls in partnership, flush cows at the same time to save costs, and in selling our meat via Farmer's Markets.  Val is now a mother herself with the birth of her first bull calf last spring.  I have to laugh as Miss Clout is one of those cows who I claim as "MY Cow"!  I make all of the decisions on who we breed her to.

The sketch is definite Eye Candy!!!!

Please come visit Nuts About Sketches for some terrific inspiration!

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