Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2009 HLSR Santa Gertrudis Show

First part of our 2009 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is now over. Lynn did a great job caring for the girls all by herself. Angelica's calf went in not halter broke after six weeks of trying my best to get him halter broke. By the time I arrived he was halter broke. Get home and he's determined to revert....silly 'Lil Man.'

We had a good time visiting with friends and talking cattle. Lynn, Natasha and Chase showed the girls as both were in the same class. I'm now off to get on a soap box. I respect judges beyond belief. Their knowledge of the animals they judge is astounding to me. I love showing animals. As a show mom, I now enjoy watching my daughter show more then me being in the ring. I always respect the judges decision if they are consistent in what they like. I don't care where my cattle place as long as they are consistent. We had a very inconsistent judge, Jim Reeves. You watched your first class and you think you knew what he like and the next class was placed all kinds of different. It was tough to even sit in the stands and watch him work. I can live with our girls at the bottom of the class...it's just tough to see a heifer at the bottom of the class when she placed sixth in a class of 52 at Nationals and she's better now. It's tough to have a judge say, 'She looks like a bull." Every other judge she has been in front of has been consistent in saying, 'She was one of the most feminine heifers they have seen in the Santa Gertrudis breed.' You know it could be me getting pretty upset at the judge, but when every exhibitor in the barn is complaining about it....your not so off. So my hope is we don't have to show under this judge again.

The positive comment though was on 'Lil Man.' He said he was the best calf in the class. Actually everyone who watched 'Lil Man' walk took a double take. He was the best Santa Gertrudis calf at the show by a long shot. I didn't see the judge take his double take at him, but Lynn did. That made her feel good. I really need to get a picture of 'Lil Man.' He will get a new name at some point. I'll register the calves in another two to three months and by then Lynn will know what to name him. I think his barn name will stay what it is right now.

I made sure to stop on my way in to take a look at Gunner stalled at Pitchford Genetics. Oh, Lynn was right he didn't look as good as he had when he won his Yearling National Championship, but nice nice bull and I immediately see where Gunner stamped his son. Even Darrell told Lynn how nice he was and make sure to feed him well. Darrell isn't one to give out a compliments on a routine basis. That compliment alone made Lynn feel really good.

I'm looking forward to this weekend with the Lowlines.


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