Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Mother's Love

Since I'm a mother myself, I often translate being a mother onto the cows in the herd. Each cow is slightly different in the way they handle motherhood. Some very protective, some not so much. Yet relationships in the herd develope. Those cows who have full grown daughters in the herd maintain very close relationships with their daughters. There is also a relationship between the placement in the pecking order and where a daughter will be in that order, too. Very close relationships develope between unrelated cows and those relationships are directly affected by breed. Our Santa Gertrudis are very close with no close friendships between the Lowlines. It is the same with the Lowlines. Boss cow is Wendt 7855 aka Angel. She is the alpha female. A quiet leader she is the one who decides where and when the herd will move. On occasion her eldest daughter Lexie can be found elsewhere with a small group of cattle. Lexie is #2. Lexie would make an awful Boss Cow. She is a tyrant for the most part. I think she uses her mother's position to throw her weight around. With the Lowlines, Cimmaron is top gal, yet she is beneath both Angel and Lexie. If Lexie moves off with her group of friends, Cimmaron stays with Angel. On occasion when Cimmaron is with her own group in a separate pasture she is Boss Cow.

Angel is also a very prolific cow. Like clock work she has a calf every year and two weeks. She has only had daughters, 4 total with the last born week before last. Last May I happened to catch in cow terms a very tender moment between Mother and Daughter. So I took the picture. Here's the LO.

I want to thank 52 Sketches...52 Weeks for a great sketch to work with. The LO is better in person. Somewhere I lost something in the colors I chose.... Anytime I do that I just move on.


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