Monday, March 16, 2009

The Rose, The "Real" Me

I loved how GiGi presented the Word Up #47 "Real." I so love One Little Word, the inspiration is incredible. I could relate to everything GiGi wrote about. She used a commercial to describe how as a society we have pressure to present ourselves in a way that isn't ourselves.

Not every female can be 5 foot 8 inches and above with long legs, perfect skin tanned to perfection, and has the kind of physical beauty which turns the head of both sexes. The same could be said for a man on what society considers the perfect man.

I have plenty of flaws and internal struggles with my flaws physcially and emotionally. It's ok to have all those struggles, as I know my family and friends love me. The real me is a mother, gardener and rancher. I like I don't have to wear makeup everyday can get filthy dirty taking care of the cattle, horses or my garden. A shower wipes away the physical dirt, the work brings me peace and fulfillment.

So when I read the post by GiGi I could only see roses. I've always thought the rose is God's perfect flower. You look at all those wonderful roses on the front of a catalog, so perfect. But not every rose is perfect like those pictures. But what every rose is perfect unto itself. So the 'REAL ME' is like the rose, perfect unto itself.

Thank you OLW and Mother's and Daughters Creations for inspiring me to be me. I realize with this post my Scrapbooking may not always be like some of the wonderful artists out there but it is mine, belongs to me and it is great. One of those internal struggles I feel better about this morning.


Gigi said...

an absolutely beautiful post & a stunning layout...i really love how you compared a rose & it's "perfectly imperfect" beauty to your own...what a wonderful analogy! & i REALLY love how you stated it "perfect unto itself"...that is really so wonderful!

so happy you've joined us this round w/ your gorgeous layout!


Lynn said...

This is gorgeous! Love it!