Sunday, March 15, 2009

LTL Peyton aka Pey Pey

Thank you to Pink Sketches for a great sketch to work on pictures of my favorite bull on our ranch. LTL Peyton is a Lowline Angus Bull. Actually we bought him to be a show bull and then a herd bull for our Lowlines. From the moment I met Peyton at Lone Tree Lowlines in Colorado he was one who just loved attention. Scratches should be his middle name. Those back scratches are his favorites. He was seven months when we bought him home, he wasn't even as tall as my waste. These pictures were taken in May of 2008, then just at my waste. Now he is about 44 inches tall weighs in at 1000 lbs. I did this page to reflect my affection for him. He's my big little baby. He has a ton of nicknames. Lynn gave him the nickname Pey Pey. Larry calls him Mr. Studly. I call him Pey Pey, Lil Moo, Lil Bull. Now at 2 1/2 I loaded him on the trailer yesterday for the Houston Livestock Show. Chances are it will be his last show. I'm nervous as all get out....I so want him to do well. As soon as I post this I'm out of here for the show. So meet my Pey Pey, the Big Lil Bull.

I've found myself in the last five sketches realizing I'm about to be done with my last album that is under Creative Memories old format for my family albums. Since I am I've been almost in a "OH MY GOSH" state of mind. I really need to use the papers that fit the old format, so I've been doing a lot of pages using those papers. I have one more album in the old format. I need to review the pictures I'm putting in that album, all 8x10's of my grandmother's career as a editor for American Home Magazine way back when. I then need to check my supplies and see if I have to more pages to go in another album. If I do I'll order one more album in the old format. I've already ordered the new Wishes and Dreams Creative Memories album. It is beautiful. If you haven't seen it check it out at my Creative Memories site since I'm a consultant.

The other nice thing is I'm done with doing the Spring 2008 pictures of the cattle.....I was starting to get tired of doing a lot of cattle LO's.


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