Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"About Me"

For about a year I wanted to start a album describing who I am. How I think, what I love and where I'm going in life. I finally started back in August. I've done about 10 LO's for the album. I'd picked the photo I wanted for my cover page yet I had no idea how I wanted the page to look. This week that all changed. I read the challenge on Mother's and Daughter's Creation Blog. Talk about a sudden burst of inspiration. PERFECT! Last night I started on the LO.

The picture is of me as a Junior at Sam Houston State University way back when. Yeah, remember the Farah Faucet hair days. A close friend, a photography major, wanted to take a picture of me. He picked a spot on campus and took no telling how many shots. This was the one he chose and had he developed an eight by ten for me. I was thrilled when he told me he got an A on the photo. Over the years and many moves the picture was slightly damage, and I have planned to get it fixed. I haven't yet due to time constraints so I scanned and had it printed in 4x6 for this album. The two best photos taken of me were in college. One a portrait for my Professional Business Fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi and the one I used on the LO.

Three things are a rarity for me in my Scrapbooking, Black and White Photos,the colors of orange, yellow & purple are tough for me, and framing my LO's. The two or three black and white photos I've done before I wasn't real pleased on how the LO's turned out. I'm really not creative and color choice is hard for me. Color choice was interesting for this LO as I chose a color I'm not comfortable working with. I find it interesting two of the three LO's I've done for Mother's and Daughters Creations Challenge are framed LO's. I think this is the third or fourth framed LO in the last year.

I knew right away my journaling would Quotes and short phrases or single words to describe me. I have some wonderful clear sticker quotes and single words. Now to pick the colors to go with the fun cardstock stickers I have. I wanted fun colors....what color to use with the color of the stickers and bring out the photo. Maybe because I'm almost a Halloween Baby and staring at this Black and White Photo I chose Black Card Stock and an orange pattern paper. Then on top of that the same placement of picture as my entry of last week. The photo placement certainly wasn't intended. It just happened in order for me to fit all of the quotes in the way I wanted them to appear. I love the circles on the paper because I'm so into the comfort of an agrarian lifestyle which provides for the circle of life and the continuity of seasons. I ran into a problem as soon as I'd picked the orange paper, the picture didn't look right. I started pulling out paper matching the stickers and it was the green that just set the picture off in the right way. The rest of the LO just fell into place. I wanted the picture a little softer so I rounded the edges but left the mat squared to draw attention. Instead of rounded corners I chose to use a scalloped edge on the orange pattern paper. The green alpha is has a metallic finish which doesn't really look as good in the picture as it does in the LO.

End result.....I'm thrilled with the LO, giving insight through quotes, single words, and short phrase what is so important in my life instead of doing a hand journaling for my list. THANK YOU, Mothers and Daughters Creations for the perfect inspiration for this page.


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Tam said...

Wow, great LO!! (I have that paper somewhere - I'll have to go find it!!) It's so cool you were able to use our challenge to complete a page you'd been looking for inspiration for for some time - I really love that! Thanks for playing along with us! :)