Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ronald Reagan Rose

The color of red. What words do you use to describe red? I use love, desire, anger, laughter, and oh yes passion. Didn't I just do a LO titled "Passion". Sure did....for Pink Sketches #20. This is another LO for Pink Sketches. Sketch #16. I love sketches that give one a lot of layering. I think this one did. I've kept up with the blog for since it started and I can honestly say the sketches are getting better and better. So if you have never checked out this great Sketch all means do.

The LO is in a 7x7 format, the old small album format for Creative Memories. I have two more albums in that format and then I so look to adding the 15 more square inches when I go to the new 8x8 format. It is amazing how room you have when you add an inch on two sides of the LO. I use the smaller albums as a journal of my love of gardening. My favorite plant to garden with is roses. As I talked about in "The Cottage" I loved my grandfather's flower beds. He had a couple of rose beds. I'm all of a sudden sitting here wondering why I love roses so much. I remember getting a few single roses or corsages from boyfriends in high school. Yet, I remember how touched I was when my first love, George gave me a bouquet. I fell in love with roses right then and there. It's funny, I don't like getting a bouquet now. Give me a rose plant, but make sure you know the cultivar.

Roses really are easy to grow. In all gardening one has to give a little time to the garden. The most time is spent in building a bed and then taking the time to pull the weed you spot as you walk by, watering and fertilizing the plants. The second biggest amount of time you need to take is to prune your roses in the spring. You need food so do the plants in a garden. They need your protection from insects and disease. Takes a few seconds to diagnois and another 15 minutes to treat. If you have never had luck with roses, your not loving them. Roses love to be talked to. To grow roses is a labor of love. The reward is their wonderful flowers.

Meet the rose Jackson Perkins named Ronald Reagan. The picture taken in Spring of 08. These were the first blooms after planting the rose. Apparently President Reagan had a great sense of humor and this rose is the red of laughter.

Info on the Ronald Reagan. Hybridized by Jackson & Perkins in 2004, a double bloom hybrid tea, grows to four to six feet, and the color is a red blend. The rose will grow to Zone 7a, to 0 degrees. Known to grow per Dave's Garden in New York and Ohio. Dave's Garden? The largest garden site on the web. Need info on any plant, it is on that site. Meet Ronald Reagan Rose:

I'd like to again thank Pink Sketches for the inspiration!

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