Wednesday, February 25, 2009

EZ Sassafras - cattle pictures can be difficult

Cattlemen and women in Texas take their first look at the Lowline Angus and think we are nuts to raise a so called specialty breed. Women especially think the Lowline is cute. Even my husband will only acknowledge to me that they are. But really both of us believe with all our souls they are the future of the cattle industry in the US. This breed is a true Angus just smaller. To give you an idea how big they are I'd like you to think about the length of your inseam when you buy a pair of jeans. Sassy measures about 38 inches. Peyton our Junior Bull measures 44 inches at 2 1/2 years and we will probably get him another inch by the time he is three. Nova our Senior Bull measures about 47-48 inches.

I tell people we don't eat the legs of cattle. I always get a cocked head as they process that statement then always get, 'Ya know your right!' Peyton at 44 inches weighed in at the beginning of the month at 922 lbs and still not quite at full weight. He should reach 1000-1050 by the time he walks in the ring at Houston Livestock Show in Mid March.

The picture of Peyton was taken in May '08, the spring grasses just before going to seed. They would come up just above my knee. Gives a real idea of just what the size of a 18 month old bull. He's about 38 inches in this photo. You might ask why there is a ring in his nose. All bulls shown over the age of nine months must have a ring for control. Peyton hates the ring. The only time he has a line attached to the ring is when we enter the show grounds as he loves arrival and gets excited. The other time is when he is actually in the show ring per the rules. Oh and don't pull on that line, he'll go nuts. He literally gets angry. Lynn is a master of not pulling on his ring when she has a line attached. He just instinctively knows if he behaves it won't hurt. He really hates being angry, too. He'll tell you real quick he's a lover not a fighter.

I have two months a year to take really nice photos of the cattle, when the grass is green and lush, April and May. About 5% are worthy of using in advertising or on the website. I've never had a great picture of Peyton, and so hope this year at Houston we'll get a good show picture. If nothing else I use the pictures for identification purposes as Lowline Angus as a breed are not branded. They tattoo the ears instead. Should they get stolen I need the photos. Also Lowlines are DNA Tested for parentage so there is a way other then pictures and tattoos to identify a stolen animal.

As pictures go I couldn't get Sassy (Sassafras) in a position for a great shot. But I did get two right together that reminded me just a silly noise from the human will bring both ears forward. So Sassy, thank you for paying attention.

Even with the difficulty taking her picture I remind myself at times she lives up to her name, Sassy. Remember we give direction to kids for photos and they don't always do what we want. Try working with a child who has always been told to smile for a photo graph, then you tell him/her you don't want them to smile. Yeah, had that happen recently with a great-nephew and great-niece. I really got some strange, 'Are you NUTS!' looks from both. They loved the pictures in the camera when I showed them. Cattle are worse....LOL. I want to thank Pencil Lines for their Sketch this week, Sketch 123. I think that is why I chose to use a pink background. Sassy you can be cute when she wants to, Miss Prissy!

I really enjoy our Lowline Cattle.


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Coach J said...

You're right, they are kinda cute! :) Keep up the awesome writing.