Monday, February 23, 2009

Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher

Last spring while taking pictures of the cattle and moving on to the next pasture a Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher flew to the fence we driving along. STOP! I think I scared Larry to death. Need to take the picture of that Scissor-Tail.

My maternal grandmother, Dee-Dee, had a great love of song birds. She fed the birds twice a day, year round for as long as she could. She then insisted her care takers do the same which they gladly did for her. It was a chore I loved while at her house. She purchased bird food by the 25 lb. bags only because she couldn't lift anything larger. When I was at the house she would get 50 lb bags. She taught me all she knew about birds. She had several favorite stories. I think the one she loved the most was on a trip to Houston in the late '40's while Equipment Editor for American Home Magazine she made the point to get to the Port Aransas area to see her first Whooping Cranes. The trip must have been winter because they are only in Texas during the winter. I've lived in Texas 39 years and still haven't been to see them. She told me she had seen Sandhill Cranes, too. I also loved how she told me you could tell a crane in flight. There necks would be outstretched. 'Only cranes fly that way, all others fly with their head tucked,' referring to shore birds.

When me moved to Texas I loved this long tailed bird. Friends told me it was the Scissor-tail. They are fun to watch. Meet the Scissor-tail whose picture I took last spring.

Thank you to Pink Sketches for supplying the sketch I used to do this LO. Sketch #22, do check it out. I rotated the sketch and went straight to my favorite manufacturer, Basic Grey. I also used some buttons I purchased at Hobby Lobby which came in a grab bag. Finally the ribbon and Lace is from the Laundry Line of MME. I love how it all turned out. Now if I can only get either a Nikon or Cannon Rebel to capture a better picture. I'd love to get one of a blue bird, too!

Have a blessed day!


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Sophia said...

Hey Kim!
That's a great take on the sketch!! Lovely use of BG papers! Thanks for playing along with us over at Pink Sketches!